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Lunch Box's Master List of Enchants

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  • Lunch Box's Master List of Enchants

    Hey gang. Let me first say how much fun it is playing with you all. You know who you are. If you don't know who you are, you probably are not who i mean. Wait... did that make sence? Anyway, without further ado, here are the enchants I can curently do.

    * 2 Handed Weapon.
    -Lesser Impact. +3 Damage (glow)
    -Lesser Spirit. +3 Spirit (no glow)

    * 1 Handed Weapon.
    -Lesser Striking. +2 Damage (no glow)

    * Shield.
    -Lesser Protection. +30 Armor
    -Lesser Spirit. +3 Spirit
    -Minor Stamina. +1 Stamina

    * Chest.
    -Lesser Absorbtion. 5% Chance for a 25 point absorb.
    -Mana. +30 to Mana
    -Minor Stats. +1 to all stats
    -Health. +25 Health

    * Cloak.
    -Lesser Fire Resist. +5 Fire Resist
    -Lesser Protection. +20 Armor

    * Bracers.
    -Lesser Intelect. +3 Int
    -Lesser Stamina. +3 Sta
    -Minor Agility. +1 Agi
    -Minor Deflect. +1 Defense
    -Minor Health. +5 Health

    * Boots.
    -Minor Agility. +1 Agi
    -Minor Stamina. +1 Sta

    -Mining. +2 Mining Skill

    Hope this helps. Let me know what you want so I can make sure to gather the reagents. I am still upping my skill so as I get reagents I tend to just burn them to raise my skill. If anyone is around me when I do it, I ask if you want it. If I start getting requests, I will start holding reagents so I can honor your requests. As always.. keep those colored items coming. Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: Lunch Box's Master List of Enchants

    Ooh ooh! I could use that +20 armor for my cloak! Thanks for the reminder about green items- I will keep them stored for ya. :)




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