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  • Lirix Logic: The Warrior

    Our Horde guild has a fair number of these, and being as that we have next to none on the Alliance side I thought I'd throw out some basics. Maybe we'll actually have people like them once we understand how they work. ;)

    First off, let's talk about rage. It powers a warrior's special abilities, and warrior's generally don't have enough of it. Warrior's start fights without any, and get it by taking blows, and by landing non-rage based attacks(i.e. your normal swings). Of note, ranged attacks will not build rage for a warrior. This makes a warrior's melee weapon his most important piece of equipment. While you get the rage every time a swing lands, the swing generates rage based on damage done. A fast weapon will generate the same rage over time as a slow weapon with equal DPS, it just does it in a smoother manner with smaller gaps due to misses. Rage equates to damage output while soloing, threat generation and damage mitigation while in a party.

    Blizzard wasn't lying when they said that warriors are gear dependent. They rely on their weapon for rage as well as damage. They rely on armor to mitigate damage. They rely on items for healing and buffs while soloing. If your gear starts to get outdated, you WILL notice.

    The warrior has three stances. Certain abilities can only be used while in certain stances, so READ your abilities carefully. Warriors start with battle stance, a good all-around stance with everything a warrior could ask for. Hamstring to slow creeps that try to run away. Charge(only this stance) to close with creeps AND generate rage when starting a fight. Overpower(only this stance) to maintain damage against creeps that like to dodge, and rogues in PvP.

    At level 10, we can quest to gain our second stance. Defensive stance is wonderful for parties in which you will be taking most of the hits. While defensive stance costs you 10% of your offensive potential, it grants you an across the board 10% damage mitigation. This means that it effects magic damage, which we have few other ways of dealing with. We also get Taunt(this stance only) which is several seconds of "you must attack me". After taunt wears off the creep will return to his former target unless you generate sufficient threat to keep its attention.

    At level 30 we can acquire our third and final stance. Beserker stance is offensively oriented. This will probably be useful in certain soloing situations and when someone else is taking the hits in parties. Hopefully, someone who's actually used this will add more. :)

    Threat generation is a key skill for warriors in parties. While damage generates threat, our best threat generation abilities are our low damage ones. Shield bash, sunder armor, and revenge all make creeps very angry. Sunder armor can be used to generate threat even after its armor debuff has maxed out!

    It should also be mentioned that we have several shouts which can be quite effective. Battle shout increases the melee attack power of all party members near the warrior. Demoralizing shout decreases the attack power of all creeps near the warrior. Of note, all shouts are area of effect! This means they effect EVERYTHING around the warrior, including creeps that aren't fighting you. And yes, they make creeps mad. :)

    C'mon guys, don't make me write one of these for every class. Some of you know more about them than I do. :)



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