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  • WoW Lowlife Notes

    Ok, so I've managed to destroy my homelife in only the first week of owning/playing WoW. I'm not sure if that's a statement about the game...or about me... lol :icon25:

    First...compliment time...
    Luna, you're still the best advertisement that TG could have. Thank you for remembering an old timer...and for helping out a newbie with some quest/party/killing help and a set of very cool crafted copper armor for my warrior character. Others have been helpful as well, but the interests of a high level player don't automatically extend to a lower level one (e.g. a war party is focused on its raiding/fighting and doing his/her own experience gathering, and not on offering alms to lowbies...and properly so).

    Second...ways to help...(this applies to helping really new players, probably not to those who are bored with their level 58 whatever and can transfer money and items to try a new alt)

    Here are my thoughts on ways to help the really new players like me (more or less in my sense of priority). Feel free to contribute, BTW, all you lofty characters...
    1. Give them 2 or 3 high capacity bags/sacks/packs/pouches. It will definitely reduce schlepping back to town just to sell items.
    2. A gold piece or two. This will help buy spells, better gear, training etc. on the fast track. Early on, this is HUGE help.
    3. Advice. "How do I...(fill in the blank)"
    4. Helping to put together lower level parties of TG guild members, either "all new" players like me or with an alt character that is on the way up. This might be grouped by decade (e.g. lvl 10-20 working together). For instance, Monday evening will be 20-30 level guild parties, Wednesday evening will be level 10-20, etc. This would allow guild members to get acquainted, party together and accelerate their own characters at that level.
    5. Questing help. This is great, especially for a difficult quest, but it seems this should be used with caution since you still don't level up that much faster and then still have to wander around grinding out the points for leveling.

    FWIW, I find I am reluctant to ask for much from the high level players. I don't want be a pest, I HATE being so darned needy, and I'm trying to be sensitive to the priorities of the higher level players. I'm also somewhat inclined to think I should be earning my experience the old-fashioned way. That's partly why I don't quite know what to ask for...and really appreciate it when someone offers me something in the best of the TG tradition.

    I'm not quite sure how to do this, but here's a thought-----> is there a way to create a "bank" of items that guild members could tap into. It would probably involve having "mule" characters to keep/bank the items, but that new players or new characters (alts) could somehow request access to a standard list of packs and "hand me down" gear. After passing through the leveling process, these items could be mailed back to the mule or traded to other guild members. Maybe this could be linked with "Cashola", the guild banking character. (Say, just what IS the password and logon for Cashola...hehehehe?)

    Thanks again to all who take the time to offer help, advice or items.
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    Re: WoW Lowlife Notes

    Luna is all over that one Beep. We are ironing the bugs out of cashola for items and cash. And I would like to clarify one thing.... you are NEVER being a pest. If you ever get the feeling that someone is brushing you off when you ask for help.. then they don't belong in TG. I know you all have a lot more time in TG than I do. But, I have been here long enough that I know that isn't the spirit of the community at all. PST Anuar with anything you need. I am happy to help.


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      Re: WoW Lowlife Notes

      For some reason, I only saw this post today. Beep, you are a great addition to the guild, and I couldn't be more delighted to be playing by your side again.

      Thank you for all of the suggestions, and many of them are already in place or in the process of being put into place. Today, Lunchbox and I (and any other officers around) are scheduled to be putting together some static teams so as to organize ourselves into like-leveled teams with firm leadership. Keep your eyes peeled for a new post on this!


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        Re: WoW Lowlife Notes

        Hey Beep..I know I haven't talked to you yet, but I am more than happy to help you and any other new players who need it. Please feel free to whisper me in game for whatever you need...I certainly had help so I am more than happy to do the same.
        Celarae :)


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          Re: WoW Lowlife Notes

          Beep! Feel free to ask me for help whenever you're on.. Most of the time i'm playing I'm just wandering around aimlessly anyway, so helping you out would be a pleasure!
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            Re: WoW Lowlife Notes

            Beep if you need anything at all bags,weapons,or armor let me know. If it can be farmed i will farm it , if we dont get it there we will go buy it and as the last option we will steal it if need (well maybe not but it sounded good). I will help in any way i can. If you need potions whisper me and ill hook you up. Candrice
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              Re: WoW Lowlife Notes

              Hey there Beep.. Likewise if you see me on and i am not in a high instance .. (which i usually am not and wandering aimlessly) pst me and i will be glad to help. I also have 2 alts... Celorne a lvl 19 Hunter and one currently not in the guild Mistrider a lvl 12 Pally. For those with pally's yes there are quite a few in the guild but none at lower lvls, besides its one i havent played yet and am unfamiliar with the fighting style and capabilities. A reminder, during the week I am only on for about an hour and a half in the am and use that time to gather materials for use during the weekend.. on weekend I am usually on overnight... usually about 8 or 9pm est until around 8 or 9 am the following morning.




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