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  • Just a thought...

    We (TG of Wow) are starting to multiply nicely /cheer and we are starting to have more people ingame at the same time.. Just a thought that due to the lvl differences that when guildies group up to go run instances or aid each other in lvling/questing and plan on doing it for awhile to consider changing TS channels.. (i am guilty of being lazy and not doing this myself and this is more a reminder to myself really)..
    Apophis has been kind enough to set us up with 4 channels in Wow.. main channel and parties A, B, and C. .. not to forget that communication is key and guild that doesnt communicate falls apart eventually there is still the /g in game function... dreary and slow as it is ) enough on that..

    Sorry to ramble on and appologize in advance if anyone has been offended.. its just a thought ) please reply

    **Side Note**
    Just a reminder to the ones that "forget" or have "forgotten"
    Teamspeak IS a Requirement of being a member of Tactical Gamer
    IF you want help with something ... be on TS

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    Re: Just a thought...

    Wow... for someone who said that was his first thread, he sure catches up quick. LOL keep up the good work Eive. And come on peeps... ts.. ts...ts... ts... I hate trying to fight without positive coms.




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