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    This past weekend, I spent the majority of my time checking out the WOW battlegrounds to report back to the guild. Overall, I found the experience enjoyable, albeit confusing at first. I see Battlegrounds as offering alot of potential for the guild to gain honor points in an organized, guild-centered fashion. From gaining rank from contribution points, to rank within our own guild, to polishing off those last few levels on your way to 60 (like me!) Battlegrounds offers a way for us to accomplish all of these things.

    There are two separate Battlegrounds instances, and I will address each individually. I assume in the future that Battlegrounds will continue to expand and adapt, so this is a work in progress.

    First, there is Warsong Gulch, over on Kalimdor. You need to fly into Astranaar, and go to the south eastern portion of the map to open up the area. The objective of this instance is to capture the flag of the horde, while guarding the alliance flag. You win by returning the horde flag to the alliance base, for the best out of three rounds. This instance is divided up into decades starting at level 21. (The instances are broken up into levels as follows: 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60). Joining in a group will take longer, but it's worth it to join up with the guild members in your decade to coordinate better. Touch base with your guild advisor to coordinate your group, and to lead your respective battles as needed.

    In all likelihood, Warsong Gulch will be the location we will want to PVP on Monday nights. Group up early with your guild peers, and get into the queue early- the wait as a group can become lengthy.

    Second, there is the Alterac Valley instance. Alterac Valley is located to the North of Southshore in the Headlands, and is available to players who are level 50 and above. There is a wealth of things to do here, for both honor points and XP. You are in the instance with around 100 people, both horde and alliance, who are mutually trying to accomplish their goals. Unlike Warsong Gulch, it seems most effective to join the instance individually. Our guild can trickle in, without needing the whole match to restart for us to get in as a group. The wait can be VERY lengthy, so I strongly suggest you get in the queue before doing anything else if you intend to participate on any given evening.

    There are 3 main objectives: quests, raiding for major bosses, and a fps-like advance and secure scenario. The quests are much like any other quests- some involve collecting items, or killing specific people, or rescuing people. They are self-explanatory, for the most part. The major bosses require a minimum of 15 people to defeat them.

    Most interestingly (for me, anyhow) is the advance and secure aspect of the instance. You have one major base, and the horde have theirs. There are various graveyards and towers in between that you must secure and keep secured in order to advance and ultimately take over all of the horde territory. It reminds me of Joint Operations, to be honest. Your team cannot win without securing all disputed territories and defeating the badass horde commander holed up in the main enemy base. The closer you get to the main enemy base, the more intense the fighting becomes. The NPCs become more viscious- there are enemy archers guarding the higher bases, there are numerous named characters to slaughter, and XP to gain for killing them. Horde players are also actively trying to thwart your team and push you out of their base and into yours. Talk about intense. All players are lootable, and drop various items that you can turn in to your main base to fortify your NPC backup forces. Once a base is taken over, NPCs move in to guard it. The stronger your NPC army is, the more secure your bases remain. They of course can be killed also, though. Now, all I need is my trusty sniper rifle and a radio to call in an air strike.

    Alterac Valley can be very chaotic, without solid leadership and a focused group of people. It's not easy but it's something that I think we can be successful at, particularly if we as a guild get in there and show them how it's done.

    I hope this review is helpful. It will of course be adapted as changes are made to Battlegrounds. Overall, I have found that Battlegrounds is yet another place where the Tactical Gamer guild can shine in leadership, organization, and most importantly, having a damn good time kicking some horde ass.

    Have you killed the Horde today? :)



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