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  • Apology

    I have been informed that i've been kinda rude on the game. I would like to apologize to everyone i've been rude to. I did not realize I was being rude. Again i'm sorry. If i'm being rude please tell me so I can do better not to be rude.

    Steven Caldwell AKA

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    Re: Apology

    rude? i haven't noticed any rude from you. but ive got diffrent thoughts on whats rude than most. but im not offended or anything. by whatever it is you did.
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      Re: Apology

      Hey there Zedd !! : P
      Saw your post and felt compelled to respond/clarify some things and I hope you, and anyone reading this, do not take it the wrong way. I think part of the "thought or perception" that you are rude in game stems from the fact that you are never in Teamspeak which takes hardly any memory to run. That being said I understand that your system is MAJORLY taxed just by running WoW and it is virtually impossible on a dead night for you to get through IF (aka Lagcity). So that being said both one of the beefs and the reason your not able to, perhaps make a sticky or there is a computer thread i think (tend to come straight to WoW forums when i do log in here), post your comp specs and i am sure someone from TG family will have some suggestions/tweaks you could work towards to help run the game better )

      2nd.. Asking and receiving help in game: I have noticed that when you ask for help (usually after midnight EST) and someone does drop what they are doing to go help... half the time you suddenly have to log either when they are just about to get there or shortly after they get there to help you.. It tends to be quite frustrating to those who do go to help due to hardly anything being accomplished other than a scenic route from the air ).. If you have limited times that you can play without being bothered by others in the house you live perhaps try getting on a little earlier and asking/receiving help where some time can be commited towards the goals you are trying to accomplish. Send me a tell in game when you feel you have some time to play and i will help out however i can...

      Lastly ... well.. message me if you are interested in the last point .. it doesnt belong in a public forum..

      Again if you would like help with something give out a request in guild chat will be glad to help if i am able )




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