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  • Add-Ons

    I've been raving lately about the add-ons, and rightly so. When my pet comes back to me instead of chasing a fleeing enemy into another waiting mob in an instance, that's worth something.

    I have a good bit of add-ons running. Check these sites if you're interested:

    They are easy to install...most just unzip into the Wow/interface/add-ons directory. (You have to create the Add-ons folder in the interface folder).

    I recommend:
    PetXpBar v4
    PandaExpress-(hit /panda and you go afk, auto follow, and chat a message saying so, all at once.)
    CombatStats-(DPS Tracker)
    Fast Quest-(speeds up when getting a quest, and allows to move quest-tracking on screen. You can drag it.)

    I also have downloaded 3 that allow me to fully customize my interface, which really helps when you need a couple buttons for different levels of healing spells...I haven't perfected it though. IF you would like to see a screenshot, go to my members image gallery:

    And as always...just ask and i'll jump in a seperate TS channel and walk you through some things...

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    Re: Add-Ons

    I'm intrigued with the potential for add-ons. How does Cosmos fit into this? Isn't Cosmos a "package" deal that adds a lot of this functionality?

    If I install Cosmos, can I still install some of the individual add-ons for things that Cosmos doesn't handle?

    I guess my overall concern (question?) is whether to go Cosmos or to tackle assembling a group of individual add-ons.

    I'd welcome any thoughts from those more knowledgeable than me on this subject.

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      Re: Add-Ons

      I installed Cosmos yesterday. It basically installs a ton of addons for you, which you can then individually turn on or off using the addons button on the character selection screen. There should be no reason why you couldn't install more addons on top of the ones Cosmos gives you.
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        Re: Add-Ons

        geekanarchy is right. The add-ons are simple to turn on/off...and Cosmos is just a bunch of them in one download.

        I've had an issue with only one of the many i downloaded...think i'm missing a save button somewhere...another story...


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          Re: Add-Ons

          I'm using "Insomniax Recompilation"
          Go to
          or and click the link to Insomniax Reccompilation to see all the things it adds .. I've had not trouble so far with this add-on.


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            Re: Add-Ons

            can i run isnomix and cosmos at the same time? cause iver tried putting in some stand alone mods and cosmos eats a few of them every once in a while. im afriad if i put both in they will go to war and my computer is already messed up enough as is.
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              Re: Add-Ons

              Take a look at Insomniax and see what it offers I don't know what all Cosmos does but was told cosmos wasn't needed if I ran Insomniax




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