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  • Who still plays?

    Hi everyone.

    Was just curious as to who still plays WoW and where.

    I have a 60 Warlock on Illidan(PvP), Fuggwizzle. I'm fortunate to be part of a great guild, Permafrost, if it wasn't for them, i probably would have quit a long time ago. Due to lack of high end content (we just killed the new ragnaros - had old version down - and onyxia is a breeze) I have pretty much only been playing during our weekly raids. As far as the PvP system, i'm not very impressed with it (BG's are a corpse loot war, hard to find pvp outside of them now).

    I expect to play more often once more when Blackwing Lair is out (hope it's not a dissapointment).

    Post a little about the who, what, where about your wow characters.

    I love gaming, mmmmmmmm

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    Re: Who still plays?

    Heya, Polska! Many of us are still playing- our numbers have grown significantly. We have a hearty guild with around 50 people, or so, with a bunch of us in the 60 club. (I just joined tonight!) Thunderhorn is a pretty decent server, I'd say. We've met some really great people who have made the guild that much stronger.

    As for Battlegrounds, I really enjoyed Alterac Valley when there were enough players to constitute an instance. We haven't seen one on the server for a couple of weeks now, unfortunately. Warsong Gulch has been interesting, although I think I honestly prefer a Crossroads raid. Monday nights are raid night here- you're welcome to come on and offer us some suggestions.. or better yet, get your ass on Thunderhorn! It's always fun with us. :)




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