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Recommended UI for World of Warcraft

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  • Recommended UI for World of Warcraft

    User Interfaces:

    Insomniax Recompilation 1.6 BETA III (Current as of 8-13-05)
    Currently out of date due to the WOW 1.8 patch- will post new links as soon as they are available.

    See for details

    Cosmos (Current as of 8-21-05)
    See for details

    Looking for a site that will allow you to search for and download specific add-ons? Try for a rather large, searchable database of World of Warcraft add-ons!
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    Re: Recommended UI for World of Warcraft

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      Re: Recommended UI for World of Warcraft

      For those of you who tried playing with cosmos and hated it, cosmos has done a total overhaul, its like 1/5 cosmos made stuff and a bunch of stuff from khaos or however its spelled. it seems to be the same stuff but it works much nicer.
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        Re: Recommended UI for World of Warcraft

        My recommendations for high level raiding:

        CTraidassist (part of CTmod)

        These are absolutely essential for MC/BWL etc, the Decursive mod is obviously for those who can decurse/dispel/cure, but are none the less a total life saver as many fights in MC etc require Mages/Pallies etc to do nothign but decurse/dispel.

        I have disabled 95% of Cosmos now as it is a big overhead to run ingame. The only other mods which I feel are essential are:

        Auctioneer - I make a fair bit of money each day by buying cheap and putting it straight back on AH with a modest mark up (but still below other competition)
        Gatherer - an essential mod for any gathering profession such as herballist, mining etc.

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          Re: Recommended UI for World of Warcraft

          Do any of you use an auto buff UI? If so which one?

          I saw some listed at but they got mixed reviews. Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I'm thinking about trying one of the auto-buff mods with my priest character. It would be nice to renew my Inner Fire and Power Word: Fortitude automatically.

          I've tried the CTMod package at, and found it to be pretty helpful. It is a compilation of a lot of popular mods to assist with a wide range of things. Also use the stancesets UI from curse-gaming site, for my warrior. I believe there is also a stancesets mod for pallies at


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            Re: Recommended UI for World of Warcraft

            My priest has had good experience with Benecast...VERY helpful for mana management (no overhealing).

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              Re: Recommended UI for World of Warcraft

              I highly recommend the CT-Mod ( version). What a great little mod!




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