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  • Zul'gurub Boss Information

    Here's a link to some helpful boss info at

    As an example, here is the information on the Boss we fought (unsuccessfully) on Sunday.

    Boss 3- Bloodlord Mandokir

    Mandokir is the third boss located in the Zul Gurrub Instance. His aspect is that of the "raptor" and his area is just past that of Venoxis, and up a large series of stairs.

    Mobs Surrounding Mandokir

    There are two different types of special MOBs in the room of Mandokir, raptors and troll Blooddrinkers. The raptors are easy mobs to handle and much like any other mob in the zone, they need to be tanked an brought down with standard DPS.

    The Blooddrinkers pose a bit more of a problem, as they have a special AoE attack that deals 200-400 damage to all those in 20 yard range. The thing to worry about this AoE attack, is that it heals the Blooddrinker for all the damage done! It is essential to keep just the main tank within the 20 yard range, or you will be fighting this mob for quite some time.

    There is also an ambassador in this room at the base of the temple. It is important to not aggro him or kill him until the room is cleaned. When he dies, the boss aggros from the top of the temple.

    Before attacking the ambassadour it is critical that you allow all MOB bodies in the room to decay and disapear from the floor. Once the Boss is aggroed, ghosts will appear around the edge of the room. The ghosts ressurect anyone that is dead on the ground. This is why it is critical to not have bodies on the ground. They will resurect the mobs, just as redily as you and this fight is hard enough as it is.

    Mandokir's Abilities

    Mandokir has several abilities that he uses in the fight. They are as follows:

    Enrage: Whe Mandokir's Raptor dies, Mandokir himself will become enraged and hit for large chunks of damage (2000 damage) and has his normal attack speed increased by 80%. This will last for about 10-15 seconds.

    Watching: Mandokir "watches" people, he announces this by saying "XXX I'm keeping my eye on you". While he is watching you you can not do anything (heal, attack, buff, etc) or he will break aggro and charge the person he's watching. When he does charge he attacks twice for about 2500 damage! Even worse is the fact that if the person dies when he does this he gets buffed (levels) and grows in size!

    DING: At a certain point (about 10%) he yells "DING!!!", perhaps to sybilize the start of the real fight and he hits for even more damage (I have seen over 14,000 damage!).


    First off, be sure to clear all the bodies in the room to prevent any ressurecting mobs. Next off, be sure to save the ambassador for last, as his death will aggro Mandokir. Once all these conditions are met, you are "safe" to engage.

    It is nearly impossible to keep agro on this boss as he will randomly break and charge raid member, thus deployment is important. If you get all ranged DPS and healers behind the spears in the area and have Mandokir tanked just in front of them, you will not get break charges. Make sure to kill the raptor first and then move on to Mandokir himself.

    When Mandokir starts to "watch" someone (as per his ability) they should stop doing anything and just wait for the ability to end. If a caster is hit by this "watch" attack, they will drop as the DPS is far too much to handle.

    Once Mandokir hits the 10% health mark and "DINGS", everyone in the raid needs to switch to DPS and take him down as quickly as possible. There is no way to "stand" against him in this form, and he needs to be brought down by damage ASAP! Sometimes he will "DING" depending on players dying as well and not just 10% (it seems to be random).

    With all this in mind, Mandokir should be easy enough to down. (That's easy to say...harder to do...Beep)

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    Re: Zul'gurub Boss Information

    Bloodlord=Lootlord :)

    Epic raptors ftw.

    'Fear the Suppression Rooms'


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      Re: Zul'gurub Boss Information

      We one shot this guy on a regular basis, hes a cake walk.


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        Re: Zul'gurub Boss Information

        Oh yeah, we kicked his... well, every TG´s attempt now is successful and we only need one shot to kill him :)
        Our team is awesome!
        Thank you all,



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          Re: Zul'gurub Boss Information

          That Bat lady still trips us up a little...And the only things I have seen us need help on are taking down that last bat pat (I guess when she changes forms we get eager to blow her up), and a few people need to stick and move to avoid those bombs. Warlocks got it easy cause we can "set it and forget it", but other classes need to stay on the move....even if it interrupts your cast times.

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            Re: Zul'gurub Boss Information

            Well said Sunder, in fact that bomb part still a pain.


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              Re: Zul'gurub Boss Information

              "Ding" is actually a joke put in by the developers that he will yell at random (along with some other one liners) when a player dies. Remember, when someone is killed by him he gains a level and thus attacks harder, faster, as well as grows in size.

              What do people say when they level up? Ding!

              There are some pretty interesting conversations midcombat that take place in raids if you prolong the fight long enough and leave certain mobs alive. Rend in UBRS is one example of this.

              Once upon a time we had the misfortune of having some trolls add while we were fighting him (I don't know how and I didn't care to ask). We wiped pretty hard but were treated to a cool side show.

              Mandokir yelled "Ding!" and some of the trolls yelled "Gratz!". Had us laughing over TS and made the wipe seem not so bad. Apparently just like he has a random chance to yell "Ding" when he levels (aka kills someone), other mobs have a random chance to respond.
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                Re: Zul'gurub Boss Information

                Spear trick no longer works, fyi.




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