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CT_Raid Installation Instructions- With Screenshots!

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  • CT_Raid Installation Instructions- With Screenshots!

    For those that don't know how to install add-ons...this is for you. I start by describing how to download a mod and install...then talk exclusively on CT_Raids functions...

    Start by downloading at
    Exact link is

    Next unzip using Windows default zip program or Winzip (freeware)(just google it). Use the extract feature to extract the files to your desktop.

    If you did it correctly, you will now notice a folder labeled the same as the zipped version you downloaded. Open it up and copy the folder inside. We are going to move this to a different place. For CT_Raid, the folder should be labeled "CT_Raid Assist". Move it to the below location in your WoW folder.

    Go inside the "CT_Raid Assist" folder and make sure it looks like this:

    You have just successfully installed CT_Raid. Now to using it.

    Start up WoW and go to your character login screen. Once there you'll notice the addons button in the lower left. This is where you enable/disable addons.

    Once in-game, and in a raid, go to your raid tab. You will botice another tab here for CT_Raid. They look almost the same when you open them.

    Go to options. Set up the various options like this at first:

    Make Adjustments after trying it out a bit.
    Notice that you can drag the groups on screen as needed and also the Main Tank (MT) Targets.

    Hope this helps...feel free to ask those of us that have it set up if you need help.

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    Re: CT_Raid Install

    EXCELLENT instructions, Crebis! Great work.


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      Re: CT_Raid Installation Instructions- With Screenshots!

      IMPORTANT: Having CT Raid merely installed is almost as important as being able to use it.

      CT Raids uses a set channel to communicate with itself, updating the information players see. While a warrior may not need to see other players' mana, health, or status, healers greatly appreciate seeing if folks are suffering debuffs or are getting low on mana/health. It's hard to heal or cure someone if it's not obvious they're in trouble.!!
      So many scripts, so little time!


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        Re: CT_Raid Installation Instructions- With Screenshots!

        Yeah, thanks for the time and effore you put into that. I really love useing this - and never would have been able to without someone taking the time to help me. Thanks agian!





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