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    TThis information is provided for those who are working characters up. It's a guide about where to go and what level works best.

    Eastern Kingdoms

    Dun Morogh - Alliance [Dwarf starting zone]
    Dwarves and Gnomes start out in the ice and snow of Coldridge Valley, which is in the southwestern section of Dun Morogh. The initial quests here should be done, as they make leveling easy. After you complete them, you will get a quest which requires you to travel through the Coldridge Pass to the town of Kharanos. On the way, you will pick up a second delivery quest for the inn in Kharanos.

    By the time you reach the end and turn in those quests, you will be in the range of level 6 and ready to start doing quests out of Kharanos and nearby Brewnall Village. They are pretty good and don't require too much travel. This will get you to level 10. Make sure you "discover" all the zones of Dun Morogh - that's free exp and it reveals the map. You can easily complete these quests and get to level 10 solo.

    Elywnn Forest - Alliance [Human starting zone]
    As a human you start your adventures in Elywnn forest. This area contains enough starting quests to get you to about level 7 or 8.

    Teldrassil - Alliance [Night Elf starting area]
    Night Elves start in Teldrassil and will spend the initial few levels (up to about 9-11 there. There are a lot of quests on the island and a whole capital city to explore. To get off of the island to the secondary zone you go through the red portal and teleport to the fishing town at the edge of the island and then either fly or take a boat to Auberdine on the main continent of Kalimdor.

    Levels - 11-20

    Eastern Kingdoms

    Loch Modan - Alliance
    Loch Modan is the likely the second area you will adventure in if you are a Dwarf or Gnome player. It contains many quests from the low teens to about level 20.

    Redridge Moutains - Alliance
    Your adventures in the Redridge zone start at around level 15 and continue through the mid twenties. In the lower level range there are a lot of quests packed into a small area in the zone. It is a very good place to adventure, especially if you have a good group. In a properly run group you can level very quickly from 18-20.

    Westfall - Alliance
    Westfall is your main adventure area for quests level 10-20. While Loch Modan has quests at the same level, Westfall has more and is more populated (making it easier to find a group). The main quest string in Westfall involves the Defias Brotherhood and will occupy you from about levels 12 - 20, possibly higher. The Defias Brotherhood starts off as the Peoples Militia quests and then turns into quests in the instance dungeon "The Deadmines" and follows you to later levels in "The Stockades" instance in Stormwind. The other main quest series in Westfall is the Murlock coastal missions.


    Darkshore - Alliance
    Once the Night Elves leave Teldrassil and make their way to Auberdine in Darkshore they will find that this area has a very high number of quests to keep them busy up to almost level 20. If you move between areas you could still be doing quests in this area until the low 20's, but likely only if soloing.


    Deadmines - Alliance
    The Deadmines are a level 15-20 instance found in Westfall. Note that While it is rated as level 15-20 many of the MOBS are actually 20ish elite so you may need a few extra levels or a very good party to handle them.

    Levels - 21-30

    Eastern Kingdoms

    Duskwood - Alliance
    The Wetlands and Duskwood are both similar levels and should likely be done switching between the two for quests in your appropriate level range. There are a ton of quests in the area to keep you busy from the mid to high 20's. You can do them at lower level if you have a good group, but you can be killed quickly if things go wrong.

    Hillsbrad Foothills - Contested
    More Info coming soon...

    Redridge Mountains - Alliance
    Your adventures in Redridge continue into the mid 20's. You may even still be in the area to the high 20's if you are attempting to solo the area, or run with only a single friend. The main quests involve Orcs and Gnolls. Some of the mobs get up to the mid 20's and elite status.

    Westfall - Alliance
    Westfall continues to play in to the low 20's due to "The Deadmines" instance. This instance can (and should) be run several times for good experience and items.

    Wetlands - Alliance
    The Wetlands and Duskwood are both similar levels and should likely be done switching between the two for quests in your appropriate level range. The wetlands have quests for levels 20-30ish. Some of the higher level quests require a strong group if you want to complete them by level 30. There are not enough quests in the zone though to just work through them to level from 20 - 30.


    Ashenvale - Alliance
    Ashenvale is just to the south of Darkshore and has quests for the 18 - 30 level range, with most of them being from 20-24. The main Alliance city in Ashenvale is Astranaar.

    Stonetalon Mountains - Contested
    More info coming soon...


    Black Fathom Deeps - Contested
    The Blackfathom Deeps are an instance mine along the northern edge of Ashenvale. There are several Alliance quests in the area and is good for players at either the mid 20's or low 20's in a group.

    Gnomeregan - Alliance
    This instance is located along the western edge of Dun Morogh and is meant for levels 24-33.

    Razorfen Kraul - Contested
    Razorfen Kraul is located in the far south of the Barrens and is an instance meant for levels 25-31.

    Shadowfang Keep - Contested
    Shadowfang Keep is located in Silverpine Forest and is meant for groups of level 20-28.

    The Stockades- Alliance
    Located in Stormwind City the Stockades are an excellent place to adventure, treasure hunt and gain experience in the mid to high 20's. There are several quests in the instance, however not enough to keep you busy for any length of time. The instance is very short, so it is fun to run through several times quickly.

    Levels - 31-40

    Eastern Kingdoms

    Arathi Highlands - Alliance
    Once you get to the mid to high 30's then the Arathi Highlands become a viable place to adventure as well. If playing on a PVP server this area is contested and has a Horde settlement in it so be warned that you may be attacked. The centaurs in Desolace are good for mid 30s cause they are non-aggro (til you anger them) and they drop lots of silk.

    The Badlands - Contested
    The Badlands start to come into play for the mid to high 30's. It is a contested zone though and most mobs are around lvl 40-45 so it only comes into play with a party.

    Southshore - Alliance
    Southshore is a viable place to adventure from low 30's with a group or high 30's solo. If playing on a PVP server this area is contested and has a Horde settlement in it so be warned that you may be attacked.

    Stranglethorn Vale - Contested
    Stranglethorn Vale is like an express highway from level 30 to level 40. So many quests, so little time. While this can be a very frustrating area, there are over 35 quests in Stranglethorn Vale in the level 30 range.

    Swamp of Sorrows - Contested
    The swamp of sorrows comes into play for the mid to hid 30's. It is a contested zone though and most mobs are around lvl 40-45 so it only comes into play with a party.


    Desolace - Alliance
    There's a good place in the Night Elf lands that are perfect for the 30-36 gap - it's called Desolace, take the boat to Auberdine (from Menethil Harbor)then head south through Ashenvale forest. Go South east and find a cave that starts Talon Deep Path. This takes you through to Stone Talon Mountains, wind Southwest through that zone, and you'll be in Desolace. Lots of kill exp in this area and quests. There's a lot of higher level stuff there too, but it is a nice buffer to fill the 30-35 gap. You could always bounce back and forth between there and Southshore, just leave yourself bound in Menethil harbor for a quick get back.

    Dustwallow Marsh - Contested
    Dustwallow Marsh starts to come into play for the mid to high 30's. It is a very good place for mid 30 level players in groups to adventure.


    Razorfen Downs - Contested
    Razorfen Downs is located in the far south of the Barrens and is an instance meant for levels 35-40.

    The Scarlet Monastery - Contested
    This instance is a cluster of 4 instances located in a Manastery in the far north region of Tirisfal Glades. It is meant for levels 30-40.

    Levels - 41-50

    Eastern Kingdoms

    The Badlands - Contested
    The badlands is really in play when you hit levels 40 and above. The quests become soloable, and the instance Uldaman comes into play. You will likely not be able to finish Uldaman though until you are level 45+ unless you are walked through with a bunch of higher level characters. The badlands is also a great mining area.

    The Blasted Lands - Contested
    The Blasted lands start to come into play for the high 40's.

    Dustwallow Marsh - Contested
    Dustwallow marsh continues to play into the low 40 level range. Most of the quests become solo-able by mid 40's and you will be gaining very little experience by that level.

    The Hinterlands - Contested
    The Hinterlands contain many quests for the 40-50 range for Alliance. MOBs average at least the low 40s though so the zone only comes into play if you are very strong for your level or with a group at the low end of the level range.

    Swamp of Sorrows - Contested
    The Swamp of Sorrows really comes into play when you hit levels 40 and above. A lot of the quests become solo-able and you do not need to worry as much about being swarmed by MOBS.

    Searing Gorge - Contested zone
    The Searing gorge is aimed at the upper range of the 40's.


    Felwood- Contested Zone
    Starting with players of at least 45th level Felwood provides decent challenge and quests all the way up to 55th level. Within the ancient and corrupt woods you will find demons, Furbolgs, & malevolent wildlife. Be sure to spend some time killing the enemies of the Timbermaw Furbolg so that you can gain reputation with them, allowing access to the tunnels that lead to Moonglade and Winterspring.

    Feralas - Contested Zone
    Feralas is a lush jungle zone that is teaming with wild life. It is hard to get around as an Alliance player in the zone coming from Thousand Needles though as the main road crosses through a Horde village! Don't attempt to just run through! Be safe and run around the village. The zone plays throughout the 40's.

    Tanaris Desert - Contested
    The Tanaris desert is home to Gagetzan. Gagetzan is a goblin city that houses a co-faction auction house. Have something you want to sell thats high end? Thing the other faction may pay a higher price? Head there to sell it. Tanaris is a great place to level through the 40's. There are MANY quests in the zone and Zul'Farrak is located there in the North-West corner.


    Maraudon - Contested
    Mauraudon is located in the south-west of Desolace and is an instance meant for levels 40-49.

    Sunken temple - Contested
    The Sunken Temple is located in the Swamp of Sorrows and is meant for levels 44-50, however I would strongly suggest a higher level! I would recommend at least an average party level of 52.

    Uldaman - Contested
    Uldaman is located along the north edge of the Badlands. Blizzard recommends if for levels 35-45 however if you want a real shot at finishing it you need to be at the very high end of that, likely the whole party being levels 44-46.

    Zul'Farrak - Contested
    Zul'Farrak is an instance located in the North-West corner of the Tanaris desert. It is the ruins of an ancient city that is currently over run with trolls. This instance plays to roughly level 45-50. You can go in as a lover level if you have a very good party, however even at the up levels many of the quests can be difficult to complete.

    Levels - 51-60

    Eastern Kingdoms

    The Blasted Lands - Contested
    The Blasted lands continue to be in play until about the mid 50's with several renewable quests that involve retrieving items off of the local wildlife in return for specialty buff items. The World Dungeon of Tainted Scar and the Raid Level Doomguard have yet to be fully implemented there. Beware the area around the Dark Portal unless you have a full raid ready to go.

    Burning Steppes - Contested
    This area abounds with level 50+ mobs and numerous quests that take you into the higher level instances.

    The Western Plaguelands- Contested
    The battleground against the Scourge takes place in the Western Plageulands as well as the adjoining Eastern Plageulands. In the Western Plageulands however there are mobs meant for combat from low 50’s all the way up to 60th level. Be sure to pick up the Argent Dawn Commission upon entering the Plaguelands so you can begin killing undead for scourgestones, which will increase your reputation with the Dawn and allow access to high end items. Lower end players should avoid the central city of Andorhal which is filled with higher end mobs meant for a 60th level party if you intend to take on the 62nd level lich guarding the city.

    The Eastern Plaguelands- Contested
    The Eastern Plaguelands is meant for high end players of at least level 55.

    Moonglade- Contested
    This Zone is currently incomplete.


    Azshara- Contested
    Azshara should be started at low 50’s and has several solo quests that can be done. With quests involving roaming highborn, Naga and an encampment of Blood Elves, Azshara has some definite character. Beware the wandering Cliff Breakers (55+ Elites) to the east however. Azshara goes up to about mid 50’s before experience gain becomes too meager to really continue.

    Silithus- Contested
    This zone is the home of the Silithid hives and is meant for a minimum of at least 55th level characters. With three different Silithid hives as well as several wandering mobs and Twilight Hammer encampments this zone has some defiantly interesting encounters. Currently the southern part of this zone, the city of Ahn'Qiraj is locked awaiting "World Event" to open it.

    The Un'Goro Crater - Contested
    Almost out of the imagination of HG Wells comes Un’Goro Crater; a 50+ level zone filled with dinosaurs, plants, elementals and even strange Insect like creatures. This zone is great for low to mid 50th level characters, however take care to avoid the wandering level 55 elite Devilsaurs that stalk the lands (unless you’re a leatherworking in search of goods). Whilst there are several “hunting” quests here you need to keep mind of the wandering oozes that make a habit of jumping into combat.

    Winterspring- Contested
    Winterspring is a zone meant for high-level characters of at the very least 55+. Accessing this zone requires passage through a tunnel out of Felwood that is inhabited by Timbermaw Furbolg who will attack unless you have gained reputation with them. This zone does maintain a neutral goblin town of Everlook that holds several rare suppliers.


    Blackrock Depths - Contested
    Blackrock Depths is located between the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes and is meant for levels 50-56.

    Blackrock Spire - Contested
    Blackrock Spire is located between the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes and is meant for levels 50-56.

    Dire Maul- Contested
    Dire Maul is located in the center of Feralas and is an instance with three-separate wings for levels 56-60. This Instance has some well-geared quests as well as some interesting loot. Also know that this Instance has a party/raid cap of only 5 players.

    Strathome - Contested
    Strathome is located in the Eastern Plaguelands and is meant for levels 55-60.

    Scholomance - Contested
    Scholomance is located in the Western Plaguelands and is meant for levels 57-60.

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