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  • Knowing your role

    Im starting this post mainly because on several occasions I have heard TG members either flat out say "whatever you warlocks do." or "I'm not used to having a Warlock around." This got me thinking that it would be a good Idea to start a thread where people explain to everyone what it is that their class does. Maybe even what their spec does since sometimes talent points alter our roles in groups.

    Just doing this so everyone can express the finer points of thier char to each other, I know a lot of us have skills that go unused simply because the leader doesnt play that class is unaware of an ability. I think this knowledge will help specifically with the 5-man groups since as beep said in one post you can get away with zerging in 10 mans.

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    Re: Knowing your role

    I think most people have partied with Paladins before, and know what they are about.

    But for anyone who doesn't know yet here are things that will benefit your party.

    Paladins have Aura's:

    Aura's effect the party as a whole.
    Devotion Aura: Will can add to armor.
    Retribution Aura: makes opponents take damage when they hit us.
    Sanctity Aura: increases holy damage dealt to enemies(only Holy paladins)
    Concentration Aura: increase chance to not lose casting time when hit .
    Resistance Aura: raise either fire, arcane or frost resistance.
    Only one of these effects can be on a player at a time.

    Paladins have blessings:

    Blessing of Wisdom: Mana Regeneration.
    Blessing of Salvation: Reduces threat.
    Blessing of Kings: 10% increase on all stats (Soon to be in Protection only)
    Blessing of Might: Attack power.
    Blessing of Protection: No physical damage can hurt you, but you cannot do anything.
    Blessing of Light: Increases healing from paladins.

    What might be useful information to other players is cooldown times too.

    Lay on Hands - it is an instant cast, automatically draining all of the paladins mana to give another player (in almost every case) all of their health back. This has an hour long cooldown. Once an instance in lower lvl instances, twice in the longer ones is usually how that works out.

    Blessing of protection - as mentioned above, has a cooldown or 5 minutes.

    Divine Shield - Shields only the paladin for 12 seconds - they can cast and hit (but at a reduced speed) this also has a cooldown of 5 minutes.

    Cleanse: Which removes 1 magic, poison or disease every time it is cast. It is an instant cast, with no cooldown but it cannot remove curses.

    Those items listed above are close to standard on every paladin. (otherwise is listed) What makes us different is our build. The three trees are Holy, Protection and Retribution. As there is a patch coming out dedicated especially to us - this may change or vary a little. But paladins - as a class - make excellent off tanks, and off healers. Holy paladins specialize in being off-healers, doing good heals and a fair amount of damage. Protection is a mainly a survival build (and one i don't know too much about honestly). Retribution paladins have a focus on damage and make good off-tanks. So when recruiting a paladin to your group, know what you need more, off healing, or off tanking. But in the defense of paladins - i have seen them be main healer and main tank to many of parties.

    Paladins also have a good amount of holy damage spells. So the undead of Duskwood, Scarlet Monestary (in the graveyard) Western and Eastern plaugelands, Stratholme, and Scholomance are excellent places to bring paladins because we do quite a bit of damage. And in the new patch we will be able to do the same things we do to undead - to demons.

    Hopefully that was useful for people who have not grouped with paladins much.

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      Re: Knowing your role

      Survival Specced Hunter (Off-Tank/Ranged)

      1. Lay traps
      2. Find Targets, any targets
      3. Just enough Beast skills to manage a Pet "Tank" like a Bear, Croc, or Turtle.
      4. Expertise in Bow, Sword, Two-handed Sword, and Staff
      5. Enough Bow Mastery to lower mana costs, and improve existing skills.

      Mob Role:

      Use pet to draw aggro. Bow to deal damage, then close the deal with two-handed sword.

      Boss Role:

      Lay trap, use bow to draw boss towards the trap. Once the trap is sprung, send in pet to initiate combat, then use bow/sword (depending on range) to finish.

      Key Group Roles:

      1. If the aggro gets drawn the Priest's or caster's way, Hunter can play secondary defensive role.

      2. Slows combat via concussion arrows, traps, etc.

      3. Spots targets before they become a problem.


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        Re: Knowing your role


        Warlocks are a unique class in the way that we need shards to cast our more powerful spells. PLEASE keep this fact in mind! I know that TG doesnt really have this problem, but if everyone wants a summon then I lose the shards I would rather use DURING the instance. I suppose I will just go through what I have that is useful during instances.

        Curses and such.
        -Curse of the elements
        This curse greatly reduces enemy resistence to fire and ice (not below 0 after v1.9)
        - Curse of Shadow
        This curse greatly reduces enemy resistance to shadow and arcane
        -Curse of recklessness
        This curse lowers the defense but ups the attack power of a mob, but most importantly it stops them from running away.
        -Curse of tongues
        This curse does not work on bosses, but makes other casters take 50% longer to cast

        Quick note: It is VERY helpful if mages let me know how they are specced ahead of time. If I dont know what spec you are then I dont know what curse to cast.

        Stones and such
        We all know what this one does. Insta-do-over. I will almost always put it on a pally. PLEASE dont use it to combat rez!
        This is pretty much a health potion with two differences. It costs me a shard, and it is on a SEPERATE timer than your potions. meaning you can use one right after the other. I give these out upon request, and prefer to give to tanks and healers first

        Crowd Control
        I need the succubus out for this. It acts like sheep only it does not change thier form. Instead pink hearts appear over the targets head. Works on humanoids
        -Enslave Demon
        Kinda like mind control only i get to act as well. I take control of a demon and he acts a my pet. Costs a soul shard
        Acts like sheep but the target is invulnerable to all attacks while it is active so you cant break it :) only works on demons and elementals.

        Pet specific
        -Blood pact
        stamina buff that acts like a pally aura. Imp only
        -Fire shield
        Works like thorns or ret. aura but doesnt stack. Imp only
        -Devour Magic
        Removes one harmful buff off frienly or one helpful buff on enemy. Felhound only
        -Spell Lock
        A slightly weaker counterspell. Felhound only

        Note: The voidwalker has taunts but I dont like using him because of agro theft and his low damage. The only reason to use him in an instance is if I need to sac him for a priest like bubble.

        One last important note!: Warlocks are EXTREMELY helpful in a good amount of situations. However, it is very important that people communicate thier needs to the warlock! If you used up your Healthstone it means that they help and you should ask for another one. If Soulstone is about to expire let me know. I try to keep track myself but it helps to have 2 people keep an eye on it, after all it is your rez. Let me know what kind of cc is needed if any. Otherwise i will just sac my demon for better DPS (at 60).

        Now its time for others to post. What do you do that makes you more than a heal/cleanse bot, tank, or DPS factory?


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          Re: Knowing your role

          Erick, This is a great post. To give you an insight on what the officers are doing:

          We have been discussing this for the past week or two. We are getting ready to post a "class guide" That will help others know about each class with out having to play each to learn the outs and ins.

          You are so on top of it. Thanks



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            Re: Knowing your role

            Thanks Kemo!

            I did forget one very important thing about warlocks though that EVERY healer should know.

            Warlocks use life tap for a variety of reasons, reducing down time, gaining mana without using our potion timer, etc....

            Each warlock might have his own opinion but personally I dont feel a healer should have to keep up with the tank AND me hurting myself. Please dont heal me unless I am being directly attacked. I have 2 skills that give me life back and 300 in first aid so unless im in big trouble my life bar is my problem. If you are truly concerned for me then throw a renew my way and save some mana.

            I would have edited the above post but I dont know a forum n00b

            Hope this helps all you healers! Dont wanna make you guys mad at me!




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