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Warrior Set Pieces - Dungeon Set 1 (Tier 0)

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  • Warrior Set Pieces - Dungeon Set 1 (Tier 0)

    One of the common goals for new level 60 players is to obtain their class set pieces. For warriors, this is the Valor set of armor. Fine, you say! Now WHERE do I get these set pieces and WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME! As you will quickly learn, the boss mob that drops each piece does not drop it every time...translation, multiple trips to "visit" the boss. Most are Bind on Pickup (BOP) so you can't buy those at the AH. Adding insult to injury, these bosses tend to be the source for every class set piece, so it is something of a random choice as to what will actually drop. As a little extra spice, if you are in a 5 man group, you are likely to be the only one who will actually wear the piece so IF it drops, you are the big winnah! In a raid, there are likely to be others in your class rolling for the same item...bummah!


    Valor Set
    Belt of Valor [BoP] from Highlord Omokk (59) - Lower Blackrock Spire
    Boots of Valor [BoP] from Kirtonos the Herald (60) - Scholomance
    Bracers of Valor [BoE] from random Upper/Lower Blackrock Spire mobs
    Breastplate of Valor [BoP] from General Drakkisath (B) - Upper Blackrock Spire
    Gauntlets of Valor [BoP] from Ramstein the Gorger (61) - Stratholme Undead
    Helm of Valor [BoP] from Darkmaster Gandling (61) - Scholomance
    Legplates of Valor [BoP] from Baron Rivendare (62) - Stratholme Undead
    Spaulders of Valor [BoP] from Warchief Rend Blackhand (B) - Upper Blackrock Spire

    What's in it for me?

    That's easy...better stats...strength, stamina, agility, etc. AND set bonuses.

    Valor set bonuses are pretty this:
    The set gives these bonuses as more pieces are worn:
    3: +50 Armor.
    5: +20 Attack Power.
    6: When struck in combat inflicts 2 Arcane damage to the attacker.
    7: Restores 5 health every 5 sec.
    8: 1% chance to stun a victim struck in combat for 1 sec.

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