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  • Druid Set Pieces

    Wildheart Set (1st Tier, blue drops)
    • Wildheart Belt - BoE, random drop in Scholomance
    • Wildheart Boots - BoP, Mother Smolderweb, LBRS
    • Wildheart Bracers - BoE, random drop in Stratholme
    • Wildheart Cowl - BoP, Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance
    • Wildheart Gloves - BoE, random drop in LBRS
    • Wildheart Kilt - BoP, Baron Rivendare, Stratholme
    • Wildheart Spaulders - BoP, Gizrul the Slavener, LBRS (spawns after you slay Halcyon)
    • Wildheart Tunic - BoP, General Drakkisath, UBRS

    Total Stats:
    Strength - 26
    Agility - 12
    Stamina - 65
    Intellect - 122
    Spirit - 110
    Armor - 978

    3 Pieces: +5 Nature Resistance
    5 Pieces: Increases Nature Damage/Effects by up to 14
    6 Pieces: Increases Arcane Damage/Effects by up to 21
    7 Pieces: Increases Healing Effects by up to 44
    8 Pieces: +17 Stamina, +17 Strength

    Overall, it's a caster set, with early bonuses favoring balance druids. The 8 piece bonus, while huge, isn't worth the sacrifice in stats that a Feral druid would suffer, especially when 3-4 pieces of gear can get similar strength/agility/stamina as the entire set with the 8 piece bonus offers. Note that some pieces are useful for their stats, such as gloves high spirit for increasing base mana regen.

    Cenarion Raiment (2nd Tier, MC Epic drops)

    Stormrage Raiment (3rd Tier, BWL Epic drops)
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    Re: Druid Set Pieces

    For those Feral druids(i.e. Me) Here is a great link for pieces to gain. I am in progress of finding where these all drop and putting them in a spreadsheet. I will let you know when I am done.


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      Re: Druid Set Pieces

      I have to point out that list is flawed, sadly. The primary method it was sorted by was AC, rather than usefulness. A key example is that the Shadowcraft Helm is probably the best blue tanking helm for druids, yet it's 8th on the list of Head items. Also, a fair number of items are epic, MC/BWL drops, revered/exhalted, and so forth are items that aren't easily collected.

      Offhand, for a bear (tank) druid, I suggest getting these blues/greens, all reasonably 'easy':
      SC Helm or Felhide Cap
      Volcanic Breastplate or Warbear Harness
      Volcanic Shoulders or Atal'ai Spaulders
      Volcanic Leggings, Wildheart Kilt or Warbear Woolies
      Slaghide Gauntlets
      Cloak of Warding

      Primary focus is on AC, but that base set allows for other slots to be used for stats. Given a choice, I believe Agility/Stamina is best for tanking (ie, damage mitigation), with Strength being tiertiary.
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        Re: Druid Set Pieces

        Just for clarification, Wildheart is not tier 1.

        Wildheart = Tier 0
        Feralheart = Tier 0.5
        Cenarion = Tier 1
        Stormrage = Tier 2
        Dreamwalker = Tier 3




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