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  • Class Roles in Groups - Paladin

    Paladins And the Trees They Climb
    by Manetheren

    Just for ease of use of this guide, here’s a quick breakdown of the three Paladin Talent Trees.

    Holy- Emphasis on Healing. With Talents that increase Mana, reduce mana costs, lengthen spells and improve the effectiveness of healing spells, this tree is for the ‘Caring’ Paladin that wants to pretend to be a priest.

    Protection – filled with all sorts of useful spells that Kind of allow Paladins to stay alive longer.

    Retribution – Emphasis on Damage. The spells and talents on this tree make paladins into walking examples of Proc miracles. While their DPS is still painfully low, lucky procs and crits can cause Ridiculous damage spikes. This tree enables paladins to be more effective off-tanks.

    Soloing/Leveling – Paladin

    Paladins shine at soloing and leveling. Due to their relatively high armor ratings, their abilities to heal and protect themselves, and the shallow learning curve needed to learn how to play, Paladins are one of the hardest classes to kill.

    While Leveling, most Paladins choose to put most of their talent points in the Retribution tree. This tree allows for maximum damage, helping to keep time spent in battles to a minimum. Retribution Paladins can still heal at a decent rate, providing excellent emergency heals In the event that the fight isn’t as short as the Ret pally was hoping for.

    Another viable choice for Soloing and Leveling is the Holy tree. With improved healing spells, and increased Mana, Holy Paladins are paragons of staying power. It isn’t uncommon for somebody to see a Holy Paladin in a fight with a mob a few levels higher above him. Mind you, If that player leaves, turns in a few quests, repairs, logs for fifteen minutes, logs back on and heads back, chances are the holy Paladin is STILL fighting the higher levelled mob… and all of the respawns from the area as well. Holy Paladins have DPS comparable to a warrior that’s fighting with broken weapons.

    Group Roles (Levels 1 through 50)

    Paladins are one of the most useful classes to have in a group during the 1 till 50 grind. Due to the nature of the instances in these levels, and the mobs in the outside world, a Paladin can easily play the role of the tank or the healer…even though with a shortage of Paladin abilities that steal and maintain aggro, or healing spells that do enough healing without chewing up all of the Paladins Mana.

    Retribution Paladins are generally favored in the group setting, as they are able to put out enough damage to be considered useful, and, assuming there’s a druid or priest in the group, their mediocre healing spells are generally enough to get by.

    Holy Paladins tend to be mistaken for priests in 5 man groups. Don’t be surprised if you come across a Paladin with no faith in his healing abilities. He just got out of a group with a bunch of people that expected him to be able to heal everybody non-stop. He didn’t because he isn’t designed for that role. Poor Holy Paladin, it’s not your fault, don’t feel bad, we know you tried.

    Group Roles (Levels 50 & Up)

    As soon as a Paladin is ready to enter any form of high level instance, his role changes completely. He is no longer expected to tank, nor is he expected to heal. He basically is expected to poke enemies with his sword (after aggro has been established) and to throw out heals every now and then when the priest looks a bit too busy… or dead.
    First and foremost though, the Paladin is expected to buff, and cleanse. Buff buff buff. The only reason people help Paladins get their set pieces is because A) They want to keep their buffing cleanse machines alive, and B) Because It just so happens that Paladin set pieces drop in the same places as everybody else’s set pieces drop.
    This doesn’t mean that Paladins are worthless though. Many a raid has been saved by useful talents like Divine Intervention which entails the Paladin committing suicide to protect somebody from pure and utter death, (Note: Use this ONLY on somebody that can Rez. Seriously people… DI’ing a Rogue= bad Idea.) Also, Paladins are generally the last things standing on the battlefield. Again, due to our plate armor and healing abilities (and bubbles) Paladins are hard to kill, making us the best choice to receive soulstones , and divine Interventions.

    Useful Mods

    There are two mods that make the paladin just that much easier to play.

    Decursive – gives you a button that (when struck repeatedly) scans yourself/party/raid for any magic/poisons/diseases and casts the Cleanse spell on the affected member. It uses passive party targeting, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing your target in battle

    Buff Ahoy – With just a couple minutes of set up, you can assign a different blessing to every single class. Then, 50 minutes of raid buffing becomes 5 minutes of raid buffing, as you can now buff according to class with just a single keystroke.

    Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)

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    Re: Class Roles in Groups - Paladin

    I was thinking another good role for a Pally is First Contact Healing, meaning, as a tank builds aggro, the Pally does the first two or three heals so aggro doesn't fall on the Priest. If aggro is pulled to the Pally from healing, he can take the beating and heal themself. Just a thought, would like to try that out sometime.


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      Re: Class Roles in Groups - Paladin

      Excellent thought, Lis- we should implement that on our boss fights.


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        Re: Class Roles in Groups - Paladin

        It IS a good thought, but i dunno.. I've seen some bosses do some really heavy hitting. maybe if we focused the entire pally healing laser on a tank that was getting beat on we'd be good....
        And, of course, Divine favour would be a no no.

        I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.


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          Re: Class Roles in Groups - Paladin

          I still would like to set up some of these macros and such. And I need someone to help me learn DI - it's still a foreign skill to me - which makes me kinda sad to admit.


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            Re: Class Roles in Groups - Paladin

            Mane what's the shield that sheds aggro? If a Pally pulled aggro, while doing First Contact Healing, they could throw up the shield. That would also be a sign to the main healer that the pally has done their part, take over.

            Yeah and I agree, Pallys really can't take MUCH of a beating, but a Priest can't take any. This would be a technique that would put the healer down on the hate list a we bit..theoretically


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              Re: Class Roles in Groups - Paladin

              We did this some going for Kossi's Epic mount the last room where you pull the mean hard hitting undead dudes.

              I think this will help when the mob is one of those realy hard hitters that cause the priest to do several heals before the tank has aggro .. causing the mob to turn on the priest... but like Manny says one paladin couldn't keep the tank up but could help so that the priest isn't biulding as much aggro sort of spreading it out over several toons so that the MT still has the chance to out do any one of the priest/paladin aggro.

              As a bonus if the tank gets kicked/stunned or any of those effects that cause him to lose aggro for a short time the paladin has some built up to help try to keep the mob off the priest.




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