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    Group Role – Warrior
    by Beep

    Main tank: A main tank’s role is to be an aggro magnet. The reason why you need a main tank is that when fighting, there is no tactic a damage-dealer can use to reduce the amount of aggro he produces except to stop attacking. Stated simply, the MT is someone who can out-aggro the other party members, with high enough armor to enable healers to keep up with the damage he takes. The MT will rarely be the highest damage dealer.

    Off-tank: An off-tank is a player that can safely and effectively tank one enemy. Depending on the situation and composition of your group, this may be a warrior, paladin, druid, rogue or hunter. Try to go for a target that isn't being attacked since it will be much easier for you to pull, and you will not need to attack it continuously to keep it locked on you. A key idea to remember is that an off-tank has an important role to intercept any mob that heads for the cloth wearers.

    How to tank

    The character that initially gets the attention of a mob gets a bonus to his or her threat levels. Thus, it’s going to be important to let warriors do the pulling. "Pulling" is a term that refers to gaining the attention of mobs so they can be pulled back to a safe area, thus letting you beat on them without having to worry about their escaping and drawing the attention of any other nearby enemies. This is usually accomplished by a warrior's charge or by a gun or other ranged weapon, which will let you grab the attention of an enemy. There are other variants on a pull. One example is to have a hunter pull with a ranged shot and then feign death by the MT who then starts the aggro gathering attacks.

    After pulling, the MT goal is to gather as much aggro as you can. Thunder clap and Demoralizing shout should be your first actions since this will gather enough threat on the mobs that you are not directly attacking so that they won't run off if someone heals you. After this you should sunder armor, tab to next target, sunder armor, etc. Repeat this until you have 1 sunder on all enemies and you are back on the original target. Sunder him 5 times to full. The main key for other party members is to hold back on damage for a few seconds so as not to pull the MT’s target aggro.

    Note that bosses or mobs that have a knock-back or stun attack may break aggro lock on the MT. If that happens, everyone should cease attacking to allow the MT to run back in and reestablish aggro lock with taunt, sunder, revenge, etc.

    If for some reason you lose a mob to another player, be it from too much healing or someone attacking the wrong mob, this is where quick thinking needs to come in. If the mob is going after a squishy (cloth wearer), the off-tank steps up to establish aggro and keep the mob engaged and away from the casters/healers. If no off-tank exists or if the OT is already engaged, the MT may run over to taunt, sunder and go back to his main target.

    A typical boss encounter may involve a boss and two elite guards. A standard tactic for this is for the MT to take on the boss, while the rest of the party uses crowd control (sheep, shackle, sap, etc.) on one of the guards, while the OT attacks the second guard. Healer keeps the MT and OT alive while all attacks focus on the OT target. When OT target goes down, all except the MT switch to the first guard. When that target goes down, everyone attacks the boss (to the great relief of the MT!).

    Other tips:

    While in the MT role, the best general posture is use one-handed weapon and shield in defensive stance. That additional armor from the shield adds significantly to the total armor and therefore the longevity of the MT under attack. While you trade DPS for durability, the healers in your party will thank you. Additionally, there is a huge bonus to threat/aggro generation when in defensive stance that works to keep the mob's attention on the MT.

    Stance-dancing – learn to shift stances from Battle to Defensive to Berserker Stance as needed to gain access to your skills. For example, Taunt is available ONLY in Defensive Stance. Its short cool down and effectiveness at capturing mob attention can be critical.

    Talent tree choices – like most classes, warriors have to choose specialties. PVP-oriented warriors will usually spec to Arms/Fury trees with minimal Protection talents. PVE emphasizes Arms and Protection Trees. While there is endless debate over this, a well-equipped and skilled warrior can MT most anything without being full protection spec…at least up until MC…but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Protection specc'd warriors have more abilities to generate and hold aggro, though this comes at a substantial reduction in DPS.

    Aggro-Generating Abilities
    Defensive stance - Very important as it raises threat of every hit. Threat bonus is 130% of normal.

    Sunder Armor - Very high threat generation plus makes physical damage more effective.

    Shield block + revenge - Revenge does little damage but generates good threat.

    Heroic Strike - High threat and damage

    Thunderclap - AOE small damage and somewhat hate generating.

    Demoralizing shout - AOE lowers attack power of enemies and somewhat grabs the attention of nearby mobs.

    Sweeping strikes and cleave - Great for trying to keep hate on multiple mobs at once. Definately should be used in tanking 2 or 3 or 4 things.

    Taunt - TEMPORARILY moves you to the top of the hatelist. Once a few seconds have passed, you fall back to where you were and the mob attacks whoever is on top of the hatelist.

    Challenging shout - AOE taunt

    Mocking blow - Taunt plus small damage. Draws mob's attention but it's unclear to me whether it generates any permanent threat(
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