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  • Class Roles in Groups - Mage

    Group Role-Mage
    by Alava

    Damage Per Second (DPS)-One of the mages primary roles is to lay down the heavy damage in order to take down mobs fast. In order to do this effectively a mage should make sure that the warrior has aggro over a mob (usually 3 to 5 sunder armors). If the warrior doesn't have aggro on a mob when the mage starts to unload, this results in the mage be coming a smear on the ground or mobs foot.

    [B}Decursing[/B]-There are a few battles in the game where the mage takes a side note to dps or even doesn't do any damage at all. Instead they just cast remove lesser curse on anyone that has a curse cast on them. This is very important to do because some curses lower resistances by 100 or more. The best way for a mage to do this is download the Decursive add-on and bind it to a convenient key.

    The 3 Trees

    Frost- Frost spec is the most used tree at end game. A mage can do almost the same amount of damage as with fire, but frost creates less aggro. There are many tricks to using frost like never and i mean never lead with a frostbolt if you have points in frostbite since it has a chance to freeze your target in place. It's better to lead off with a fireball if you are asked to pull. Even though frost is lower aggro there still is an off chance you can crit like crazy and pull the mob off the Main Tank, but if you have ice block that's okay ‘cause you can ice block and get aggro off while the tank regains it. Ice Barrier is also great to help you absorb damage from mobs. Frost spec is binary magic, which means it either does damage or does nothing. It's an all or nothing kind of magic.

    Arcane- Arcane Spec is a very mana efficient way to go. You can make it so that it's harder to get interrupted while casting arcane missile, reduce your aggro with arcane spells, and even get a chance to cast a spell with no mana cost. This is the best secondary tree to have because you can get things that are needed by end game. Some very useful abilities and i would almost say a must to have at lvl 60 are improved counterspell (which let's you silence targets) and the ability to cast any spell with a 10 second or less casting time instantly. Additionally you can get more mana and make your arcane spells have a better chance to crit.

    Fire- Fire is all about damage and nothing else. There isn't anything subtle about a fire spec mage. You can pick up increased damage, a new AoE, a HUGE fireball, better chance to crit, and my personal favorite....instant crit with any fire spell. This tree is great for lvling up because you can deal out the damage, but you have to be careful not to pull the aggro off the tank because of the huge damage potential. As for endgame this tree’s abilities aren’t as useful since mobs have a higher resistant to fire. Unlike frost, fire will still do damage if resisted. I have learned from being a fire spec mage by the time you are 60 and have your desired set, your intellect will be high enough that you are criting ever other hit so have the instant crit isn't necessary.

    How to DPS (and live)

    There are a number of ways to just unload on a mob. The first and MOST important step is to let the tank gain aggro. I can not stress this enough, if you want to reduce your repair bill then i suggest you don't take this lightly. After the tank has aggro, start off with one of your weakest spells then switch to the stronger ones where you excel. If a mob comes for you, the best thing to do is freeze them into place with frost nova and get help so the tank can take back over. Maneuverability can also play an important roll in how effective a mage is at dps.

    How to crowd control

    Another important job of the mage is crowd control by sheeping. You should ALWAYS mark which target you are going to sheep with detect magic that way the MT and all others know which target not to attack. You should always watch your target to make sure he is only unsheeped when everyone is ready. A very important thing to learn and keep in practice for any class is spatial awareness. Be aware of your surroundings so you don't unsheep your own sheep with sloppy targeting of AOE or other spells. There is nothing more embarrassing than this. Knowing where you are in relation to your surroundings also helps with not accidentally backing into mobs that you wanted to skip or to fight later.

    Vending Machine

    The worst part of being a mage is you are a human vending machine for water and bread. In order to cut down on time with this at the start of instances, it's always a good idea to be one of the first ones there and just start making water, or if you are waiting for the rest of your party or raid to be filled then you can make it while it forms. That way, once you are inside the instance you can just pass out the water as needed. It's usually best to give Priest and druids 40 to start with. Next are pallies if you have enough made. Hunters and Warlocks can survive with 20 to start with.

    Suggested Mods

    Some mods i use often are:

    Sheepwatch-it puts a bar in the middle of your screen for how long your target will remained sheeped and disappears once the target is no longer a sheep.

    Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. - (Isaac Asimov)

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    You know you'd think that since we do so much dps, we wouldn't have to be the serving wench, oh well c'est la vie.


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