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  • Speccing for end game

    These are the general specs that are recommended for endgame, I will list appropriate talents where I can, but where I list a tree I think you guys will get the point since you have all been playing your toons a long time.

    Protection: I have talked to a lot of RL friends who play warriors and they all say the same thing, protection spec is boring to play and almost useless outside a group, but it's the ONLY spec that can tank ZG and above bosses, just ask Beep. If you have any questions on the specifics of this build Beep is a wealth of knowlege on warriors and will be able to help.

    Discipline/Holy or Holy/Discipline: With the new patch coming out Holy is actually looking really nice with its portable first aid station, but until then either of these specs are acceptable. I think everyone knows that shadow priests just cant heal for the THOUSANDS of points of damage the tank will be taking in ONE hit.

    Frost/18 Arcane: This one is tricky so gotta explain myself. As most mages will be able to tell you there are a pretty much neccecary 18 points you have to put into the arcane talent tree. This is needed for counterspell pulling, and getting mana quickly in the boss fights that take up to 5 min. More arcane is okay, but the main point is Fire specced mages will only cause trouble in MC. This is because fire mages can slap on just as many debuffs as a warlock can just by casting a couple spells. This knocks off the warlock curses (which gimps the DPS of ALL casters 10-20%) and more importantly can knock off the sunder armors that warriors use to hold aggro. In MC mobs are also insanely resistant to fire, so you are doing less damage than a frost mage. People to talk to in more detail about this are Zedd and Adrielle.

    2 speccs are fine but if you are the main puller it is highly reccomended you go survival. If you are simply a DPS machine then Marksman is perfectly fine as well. Crebis tells me that after full beaststalkers is obtained then it is possible to keep pace with Marksman hunters as far as DPS with a survival build. The problem with the beastmaster build is twofold. First of all you will never do as much damage endgame as either of the other speccs. Second, the raid leader will more than likely tell you to put your pet away, since your pet competes for aggro too much (growl, intimidate, being critty). Crebis and Chair are the hunters to ask about this, though Crebis knows more about pulling since he has been our main puller for like EVER.

    Combat/Assassination: This is the spec needed simply to cause a ton of DPS on your target. With all the mages we have running around in large raids there should be enough sheeps where improved sap is not needed. Be aware however, your poisons are one of the debuffs that can knock off sunders and curses so concentrate on one thing: STABBIN'. Not much more I can say other than you guys should be concentrated on being the best single target DPS machines out there. Ricca is our resident rogue, and Shalthazar has seen some of endgame as well.

    Again, as with priests it is reccomended you go holy. After the patch I have noticed that a Holy/Protection spec is crazy good for healing and getting in the mix to use your seals and such. This spec is also fantastic for tanking, as one of your talents makes your holy damage keep the hate for days. But know that in ZG+ you are more healers and sealers than anything else. Light and Wisdom should be all that pallies use, as more debuffs=less sunders and curses (see mage section for reasons why that is bad). Kossi is the gal to ask about as far as Pallies are concerned, she has topped priests in healing charts and has tanked the baron by herself with her build. I think Lunatg and Manetherin use thier seals better though.

    The endgame specs for Druids are either restoraton or balance. Restoration helps out priests and pallies so that they have a lot less of a headache healing 40 people. Balance helps the casters crit, and adds to the dps of the raid. It is your choice where to go, but I would say that restoration is by far more helpful than balance. One talent I highly reccomend is Innervate. This talent is like rainbows dipped in sunshine for a priest out of mana. Kemotaha is our senior druid at TG and questions can go to him (watch out though, he was born feral :))

    Master Demonology/Ruin. The reasons for this are simple. Since you will have your imp out most of the time the Master Demonology Buff will keep you way low on the aggro charts, while the destruction half of this build makes your shadowbolts hit faster and harder. The reason why affliction is not reccomended is because all your DOTS will knock off the sunder armors, and even curses that dont belong to you. I love my dots, and have kept them for quite some time, but to a raid it is more important to have good cookies, good imp buffs, and have good DPS with little aggro. See Sunderland (me) if you have any lock questions. I have played every spec and will soon respec to this build (again).

    If you have any imput or suggestions let me know

    -Hold onto the pin, throw the other part

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    Re: Speccing for end game

    Warlocks, here is your endgame build:

    Summary Details Reset
    Improved Healthstone Rank 2
    Improved Imp Rank 3
    Demonic Embrace Rank 5
    Improved Voidwalker Rank 3
    Improved Succubus Rank 3
    Fel Domination Rank 1
    Master Summoner Rank 2
    Unholy Power Rank 5
    Demonic Sacrifice Rank 1
    Master Demonologist Rank 5
    Demonology Total: 30
    Improved Shadow Bolt Rank 5
    Cataclysm Rank 5
    Bane Rank 5
    Devastation Rank 5
    Ruin Rank 1
    Destruction Total: 21
    Total Points Spent: 51
    Level Required: 60


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      Re: Speccing for end game

      Protection Tanks:

      Deflection Rank 5
      Tactical Mastery Rank 5
      Anger Management Rank 1
      Arms Total: 11
      Booming Voice Rank 5
      Fury Total: 5
      Shield Specialization Rank 5
      Anticipation Rank 5
      Improved Bloodrage Rank 2
      Toughness Rank 5
      Last Stand Rank 1
      Improved Shield Block Rank 3
      Defiance Rank 5
      Improved Sunder Armor Rank 3
      Improved Taunt Rank 2
      Improved Shield Wall Rank 2
      Concussion Blow Rank 1
      Shield Slam Rank 1
      Protection Total: 35
      Total Points Spent: 51
      Level Required: 60


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        Re: Speccing for end game


        Arcane Subtlety Rank 3
        Arcane Focus Rank 5
        Improved Arcane Missiles Rank 5
        Arcane Concentration Rank 5
        Evocation Rank 1
        Improved Counterspell Rank 2
        Arcane Meditation Rank 5
        Presence of Mind Rank 1
        Arcane Mind Rank 4
        Arcane Instability Rank 3
        Arcane Power Rank 1
        Arcane Total: 35
        Improved Frostbolt Rank 5
        Permafrost Rank 5
        Winter's Chill Rank 3
        Improved Blizzard Rank 3
        Frost Total: 16
        Total Points Spent: 51
        Level Required: 60


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          Re: Speccing for end game

          The above build is the choice for the majority of the endgame mages ive psoken too. 90% of your damage comes from Arcane Missle spam, and not much more.


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            Re: Speccing for end game

            Originally posted by Ctuchik
            The above build is the choice for the majority of the endgame mages ive psoken too. 90% of your damage comes from Arcane Missle spam, and not much more.
            When in FR places, all I do is spam Arcane Missiles. In ZG and others, I use all my spells. Never thought about ignite taking the place of another debuff though. But wouldn't chilled do it as well?


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              Re: Speccing for end game

              Originally posted by ScratchMonkey
              A lot of us are on the grind up from lowbie land, so I'd like to see sister topics on good solo builds. If you have a good build for soloing, do start a topic on your class build. Like "Speccing for Druid soloing". (I just hit 24 and would love to know what order I should load my talent tree. Most people post the full tree, but not the order you load the points as you climb.)

              Of course, don't post that here. A new thread for each class, or even class/specialization, is appropriate.
              Originally posted by Adrielle
              We could probably do this, ... I'll get started on a mage one, ... unfortunately I know nothing about druids
              That is where I come in Adrielle. Scratch, I have done a bunch of research on different builds, especially because I am looking for a good end game build. I will find the good sites to list. The key to soloing with a druid though it to focus on cat form. It will get things down the fastest. You want improved stealth, you also want natures grasp built all the way up. It is used for escapes. You cast it and run and the mob gets root there while you run away. Works out well. Give me a few days or a week to get some of the sites pulled together and I will post a good Druid Soloing guide.


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                Re: Speccing for end game

                I cant edit the OP, but mages should be changes to something around what ctuchik has listed.

                Arcane heavy is the way to go, your secondary tree is a matter of play style i guess, but I would still favor frost for its rootey/snareyness. Those 2 things help tanks do their job in the event ANYONE steals aggro.

                -Hold onto the pin, throw the other part


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                  Re: Speccing for end game

                  I have a 51 mage and I’m following the instructions here. I know that a lot of mages much more experienced than me have different opinions but I must admit that the build proposed here, as an arcane/ice specced mage, is great! Thank you Sunderland/Skeet for this research!




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