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ZG tactics Part 1

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  • ZG tactics Part 1

    I have found more strategies for these bosses:

    High Priestess Jeklik

    First Boss of the instance. Easy to get to, just head right after the first bridge, then up the slope.
    Make sure you clear all the mobs in room before pulling her.

    There are two phases in the fight:

    Main tank charges,
    8 seconds later Mages Move near the tank but outside AE range.
    Healers and other Casters move to a position that will cover the Main tank with AE
    1 hunter begin mana drain with Viper sting and this is his sole purpose will take about 15 casts to drain her
    Everyone not doing anything on ranged dps

    1. Bat Form
    every 20s a pack of non-elite very nasty bats will spawn and attack the casters dropping fire bombs on them

    Avoid all this nonsense pull her far enough away from the wall past the totems
    when she trys to summon the bats by screaming she is to far away for them to help.

    If dealing with bats.
    mages first line of defense against bat swarms
    mages intercept with spam Arcane Explosion
    Anyone with an AE let loose on Bats and Priestess
    Do not run around keep the bat swarm in tight formation for maximum AE dmg
    Healers make sure mages are kept alive.
    Pallies use Devo to mitigate damage

    All ranged dps on priestess now

    50% health
    2. She heals herself for almost 30% of her life if you allow her.
    If mana drained she cant heal

    (a) if mana not drained by this point warlock aids in this now.
    Tank begins kick, shield bash, pummel.
    Mages begin counterspell rotations so there is always one available.
    You must interrupt that heal
    Continue this till she has no mana left then everyone but the 1'st hunter return to dps

    If you have her under 50% and no mana the fight is already over the tricks in winning this battle
    1) get her far enough from where bats come from
    2) begin mana drain as soon as MT has aggro
    3) No one But Main Tank goes anywhere near her.

    High Priest Venoxis

    Second Boss of the Instance. Comes with 4 adds
    Has very nasty AE holy wrath 6k-9k dmg but like all Bosses in here is triggered by numbers of players near him,
    healers should focus on the MT and everyone stay out of AE range.

    left at the first fork and up
    he is up some stairs that aren't very high.
    Set up everyone at the bottom of the stairs
    main tank charge up the stairs to the boss and drag him to the left away from the water
    to near the water and he will lose aggro and reset. Is good to know if facing a wipe pull him to the water. And go for a swim.
    The party should only wait a couple seconds after MT begins charge to follow up the stairs.
    This is where you make or break this fight. To quick up the stairs and your to close to boss and AE goes off.
    To slow and Main tank dies because of the 4 adds.

    3 adds are sheeped/hibernate
    offtank grabs the last add.
    kill the 4th add
    Now DPS's down the Boss.
    Keep the other 3 adds sheeped/hibernate till boss goes down.
    Killing them makes him stronger.

    The AE has a lingering effect appears as a green gas
    MT should pull away from the gassy area .

    55% Stop all Direct damage spells and dots only from here

    50% He changes into a snake hits around 2k crits around 4k if recieving DD spells at this point
    he's going to ignore MT go on a rampage and head for the casters and trust me takes him no time to kill them all
    and he won't stop till they are all dead. By this time Main tank should be swimming. LOL

    From here till end of fight is just a matter of
    keeping the adds sheeped/hibernate
    keeping the tank alive
    keeping everydot you can on him.

    Loot it up.
    This boss is easier than High Priestess Jeklik
    If your going to kill this boss kill High Priestess Jeklik
    If you don't this fight becomes 2x 3x harder than it has to be.
    Don't ask why. Don't know. have skipped the bat lady a few times and when we have
    lets just put it this way we wipe on this guy.

    High Priestess Mar'li

    3rd boss in the encounter.

    Have not found a strategy that is effective and easy.

    How to kill her

    There's a mob just in front of her, kill it fast it doesn't respawn.
    Send in 2 tanks on her.
    She summons spider adds, small and fragile to start with but grown in size power and regen quickly.
    Kill these spiders as soon as they spawn. mages use best burst AE
    All but tanks Stay away from the High Priestess or suffer her AE poison.
    Mana drain her to prevent her nasty Leech Life

    55% One of the tanks should now get out of AE range of her and stand between her and the casters

    50% She turns into one big, hairy, ugly spider.
    She will now use An AE web/silence combo on the Main Tank
    paladins cycle BoFreedom on the MT and see if the webbing can be prevented
    she puts MT hate on hold when MT gets webbed.
    She should now go for the secondary tank. But not always.
    If not She uses a random targeting and will single out a caster.
    Caster affected move to Secondary tank and die there.

    Winning is totally dependent on Secondary tank having built up a good position on the hate list.
    Secondary tank here should actually be the best tank you have.
    Secondary Needs to pace his attacks in first part to be just slightly under the Mains hate count.
    When Main tank gets free of web he moves to secondary tank and starts attacking.
    Secondary tank should now just move away with priestess attacking him. Priestess follows and Main beats her.
    When she turns on main again, main now starts moving away secondary starts attacking and keep up this ping pong

    Done correctly with the hate split just right MT and Secondary can stand apart and just ping pong her between them using ranged to get aggro.
    this takes practice and you need 2 experienced tanks that play together to pull it off this way.
    Everyone else should be loading on the dps as they have been doing from the start.
    Important that healers be aware of which tank has the aggro and needs the healing.

    Bloodlord Mandokir

    Fourth Boss.
    He sits at the top of some stairs, there is a mob at the bottom,
    he will aggro when you kill it. He has whirlwind attack which does a ton of damage

    1 good tank
    3-4 healers focused on tank
    Everything else ranged DPS the more of this you have the quicker he goes down.

    Kill all the mobs upto the Ambassador. On the left is a small area with a few mobs behind spears kill these as well.
    Everyone but main tank moves in behind the spears

    Main tank moves to engage Bloodlord. Pulls Bloodlord to centre of path just in front of spears.

    Everyone behind spears pull the Raptor that has spawned to them if you have enough healing power off tank this raptor and keep it alive until bloodLord is dead.

    This raptor is the Bloodlords Pet killing it sends the Bloodlord into a fit of Rage that lasts 45 seconds and this rage is something to see. The poor tank is going to need chain heals at this point. If not enough heal power just take it down. healers should all be ready on main tank as soon as raptor dies.

    Priest heal Tank from behind spears and all ranged dps let loose on Bloodlord.

    Do not move from behind spears. If Bloodlord says "Shapeshifter I am watching you" then Shapeshifter has to lay off dps for a bit.

    If Shapeshifter continues to DPS and Bloodlord turns his attention on Shapeshifter. Tank stays where he is and continues using ranged now .Everyone lays off the dps Bloodlord will come kill Shapeshifter(for being so stupid) and then return to Tank when he gets back to tank time to lay on the DPS again.

    Note the longer Shapeshifter is alive when Bloodlord turns his attention on him the more chance of a wipe. The dots will still be adding up and aggro may shift from Shapeshifter when dead to someone else if so still stand your ground and hope the next aggro will return to Tank.

    Sometimes you cant avoid getting the wrath of the bloodlord. If so best thing you can do is run to main tank and die there.

    Of course if the aggro shifts when Bloodlord nearly dead just Gang-Bang him.


    All squishies get in the spears and let some one get the raptor on evade and then kill the boss...Once the boss is dead then kill the raptor...IT IS LEGAL TO DO THIS!!!

    High Priest Thekal

    5th Boss of the Incident.
    This fight is divided in 2 completly different phases

    Phase 1
    The enemies
    The boss,
    2 zealots,
    2 tigers.

    This phase is fairly easy.
    3 tanks in this battle
    MT on Boss in middle of room
    Secondary tanks to either side of room to work the adds (zealots). The adds have to be kept seperate or they heal each other.
    First, tigers dps gone in 5 secs.
    It is very important to keep this battle broken into 3 seperate fights with DPS split accordingly. More DPS on the Boss than on Zealots.
    Try and Kill all 3 at the same time. If not they end up rezzing each other.
    Work the DPS on all mobs trying to get them to about 10%
    At 10% it is time to let loose and bring them all down.
    Do not ever have boss die before the zealots. Margin of error here is 3 seconds.
    Its really 10 seconds all 3 must die within a 10 sec time frame or they rez each other. I tell ppl 3 secs so ppl really focus on doing this.
    2% health on Boss no more DD

    Phase 2
    The enemies
    The boss, Appearing As Tony The Tiger
    Summoned tiger adds

    LMAO Well you thought the fight was over??? Not. that was the easy part.
    0% health Boss becomes a big Tiger.
    At this point his aggro table is reset so is important that casters have no DD in flight at this time.
    The Main tank needs to establish aggro again.
    Get his mana down and keep it down so he cant get his tiger buddies up
    At this point everyone should be concentrating on Mana drain and interrupting his calling up his pets.
    If failure and he gets to call up his Guardians your going to be facing 6 tiger adds.

    1 Secondary tank move to near boss and assist by running in taking a few whacks and backing out.
    This way if he uses his knockback AE 1 tank gets knocked back second then moves in on him.
    Other secondary between boss and casters (ranged on Boss) ready to intercept any Tiger adds he may call up.
    As a tiger the Boss hits real hard so Healers focus should be on MT and pallies take care of everyone else
    He has a 1000 damage AE knockback and if your looking for a laugh let him use it. This is no simple knockback
    ppl will go flying from this.

    Keep him mana under 250 and he won't be calling up his buddies. I think that takes about 400-500 mana for him.

    High Priestess Arlokk

    Full group
    Heavy Heavy on DPS

    6th Boss of the encounter.

    Panther Boss.
    Hit the gong to summon her.
    She Marks someone and Vanishes, tons of Panther adds appear and attack the marked person.
    Now this is a difficult boss these panther adds if killed instantly respawn and most likely they are now elites.
    Everyone know what a target Dummy is? in this fight at least initially, your going to use a living target dummy.
    Send in whatever tanks you have and bang the gong. One of the tanks is going to get marked.
    Your not going to Keep him alive.
    Just keep him alive long enough that the panthers do not overwhelm all the casters before they can do there damage.
    Everyone else attack the boss and no messing about. You want max damage as fast as you can get it.

    Do not I repeat Do not kill the panthers while the Boss is Visible.
    She will transform into a panther-lady-freak and then quickly stealth,
    When she goes into stealth is time to start dropping the panthers. And drop as many here as is possible.
    The key to this fight is to do as much damage as you can in as short a time as possible.
    If you have not killed her by the time she has stealthed 3 times your not going to kill her.
    In this case bail and get more dps.

    This is a Rez and loot Boss.
    By this I mean count on dying.
    Candrice 63 Warrior
    Ricca 70 Rogue
    Machelle 70 Mage
    Enya 74 Druid

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    Re: ZG tactics Part 1

    ok we found out it was between 97 to 65 percent is when the spider boss turns into a big spider..Not 50 percent
    Candrice 63 Warrior
    Ricca 70 Rogue
    Machelle 70 Mage
    Enya 74 Druid




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