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  • Patch 1.10 Priest Spec

    Here's what I'm thinking about for Beepster. Let's compare talent builds, priests!

    My thinking is to focus on healing, healing and healing. Reduced casting time, big mana pool, bigger heals. No emphasis on damage-dealing. Looking for sustained healing and mana recovery with spirit boosts. What do you think?

    Level 60 Priest (26/25/0)

    Discipline (26 points)

    Unbreakable Will - Rank 5/5
    Increases your chance to resist Stun, Fear, and Silence effects by 15%.

    Silent Resolve - Rank 3/5
    Reduces the threat generated by your spells by 12%.

    Improved Power Word: Fortitude - Rank 2/2
    Increases the effect of your Power Word: Fortitude and Prayer of Fortitude spells by 30%.

    Improved Power Word: Shield - Rank 3/3
    Increase the damage absorbed by your Power Word: Shield by 15%.

    Inner Focus - Rank 1/1
    When activated, reduces the Mana cost of your next spell by 100% and increases its critical effect chance by 25% if it is capable of a critical effect.

    Meditation - Rank 3/3
    Allows 15% of your Mana regeneration to continue while casting.

    Improved Inner Fire - Rank 3/3
    Increases the beneficial effects of your Inner Fire spell by 30%.

    Mental Strength - Rank 5/5
    Increases your maximum Mana by 10%.

    Divine Spirit - Rank 1/1
    Holy power infuses the target, increasing their Spirit by 40 for 30 min.

    Holy (25 points)

    Healing Focus - Rank 2/2
    Gives you a 70% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting any healing spell.

    Improved Renew - Rank 3/3
    Increases the amount healed by your Renew spell by 15%.

    Divine Fury - Rank 5/5
    Reduces the casting time of your Smite, Holy Fire, Heal and Greater Heal spells by 0.5 sec.

    Holy Nova - Rank 1/1
    Causes an explosion of holy light around the caster, causing 181 to 209 Holy damage to all enemy targets within 10 yards and healing all party members within 10 yards for 302 to 350. These effects cause no threat.

    Blessed Recovery - Rank 3/3
    After being struck by a melee or ranged critical hit, heal 25% of the damage taken over 6 sec.

    Inspiration - Rank 3/3
    Increases your target's armor by 25% for 15 sec after getting a critical effect from your Flash Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, or Prayer of Healing spell.

    Improved Healing - Rank 3/3
    Reduces the Mana cost of your Lesser Heal, Heal, and Greater Heal spells by 15%.

    Spirit of Redemption - Rank 1/1
    Upon death, the priest becomes the Spirit of Redemption for 10 sec. The Spirit of Redemption cannot move, attack, be attacked or targeted by any spells or effects. While in this form, the priest can cast any healing spell free of cost. When the effect ends, the priest dies.

    Spiritual Guidance - Rank 4/5
    Increases spell damage and healing by up to 20% of your total Spirit.

    Shadow (0 points)


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