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  • Ice mage

    Well, as you all know my mage is about to reach level 60 and end-game spec is what I want to focus.

    Iíve seen a lot of discussions fire x ice and I do believe fire is awesome for PvP and minor end-game instances but not in MC/BwL and Ony wich will become a priority as soon as we all get our gear and master the 20 man instances.

    Iíve asked around hardcore end-game mages and reading the WoW forums, itís not an easy choice since there are many different builds and this could be and endless discussion...

    Enough talk. Considering the Ice barrier skill and the survival ability inherent to the frost tree, my decision is to respec ice / arcane instead of arcane / ice.

    Here is my build:

    Note: Since Iīm actually at level 57 I did not take the 3 last points in Arcane concentration.

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    Re: Ice mage

    better talent calc that loads 100x faster than blizzards

    And good idea getting ice block...I know if you dont draw aggro you dont need an escape spell, but sometimes you just draw happens.

    -Hold onto the pin, throw the other part


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      Re: Ice mage

      Check it out:

      Arcane talents: 18 points

      - Improved arcane missiles -> 5 points
      - Arcane concentration -> 5 points
      - Improved arcane explosion -> 5 points
      - Evocation -> 1 point
      - Improved counterspell -> 2 points

      Frost talents: 33 points

      - Improved frostbolt -> 5 points
      - Ice shards -> 5 points
      - Improved frost nova -> 2 points
      - Cold snap -> 1 point
      - Improved blizzard -> 3 points
      - Artic reach -> 2 points
      - Shatter -> 5 points
      - Ice block -> 1 point
      - Improved cone of cold -> 3 points
      - Frosbite -> 5 points
      - Ice barrier -> 1 point


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        Re: Ice mage

        If you're gonna go ice, that's a great way to do it.

        I don't know if I could live without 21 points in Arcane to get Presence of Mind, but when you're a frost build, you don't really need it.

        Just be careful if you ever PvP that your Ice Barrier can be dispelled. (Which is really stupid lame, btw)

        If I went Frost, I'd probably go something similar to this.


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          Re: Ice mage

          Thanks for the tip Addy, didn’t know that Ice barrier could be dispelled, unfair isn´t it?

          Well, hopefully I never PvP. I prefer doing something where I can get money/drops/reputation with an ally (TB/CH/AD...).

          Presence of mind is great, was a tough choice, but the survival inherent to ice worth it. The worst thing, IMO, was loosing +/- 600 mana since I could not spend points in "Arcane mind" which increases your max mana by 8%.

          Overall, I feel that build gives me a lot of survival abilities. Usually, in a 20 man raid (never been in a 40 with this toon yet), I’m the last mage standing alive.


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            Re: Ice mage

            ice block being dispelled is wont help in pvp anyway.

            when a mage ice blocks in pvp I say "thank you for crowd controlling yourself for me" and kill the warrior first.

            -Hold onto the pin, throw the other part




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