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Warlock aggro creaton calculation!

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  • Warlock aggro creaton calculation!

    hi. i have a question about aggrogeneration with a warlock.

    you know my guild is now clearly near the twin emperors in AQ, and I wanna and will tank the caster twin. i scanned the net for calculations about hatepoints of searing pain. i wanna know the base-hatepoints of this spell ignoring spelldmg or spec. anyone has maybe some infos for me ? :D

    depending on the answers here we can go more detail and also involve spelldmg and spec and their dependency on aggrocreation :)

    thx for your help :)

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    Re: Warlock aggro creaton calculation!

    I dont know any of the stats on searing pain, nor do I know that particular fight very well but here is my 2c.

    SP generates a lot of hate, making it a good taunt ability. It also has a speedy cast time, making it easy to spam that hate. Spam is good, and SP would be my spell of choice if I had to MT. Insta cast dots work well to hold aggro as well. (if you have them)

    I know you dont want to go into builds but if you have the right talents the crit effect also generates a bit more threat, and if you are affliction an insta nightfall crit tends to pull a bit.

    This is probably a given but make sure your imp is put away for that fight if you need to tank it and you have MD (you really shouldnt be tanking a boss without a bunch of Demo anyway) pull out the blueberry for the 10% dmg reduction and sheild.

    Again, I know you did not want to go into spec, but Ideally I think a Soul Link/nightfall build would be the best to tank a boss with.

    Sorry I didnt have the numbers, but I hope this helps all the same!

    -Hold onto the pin, throw the other part


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      Re: Warlock aggro creaton calculation!

      k small spec info of mine :D

      0/30/21 - demo is the one and only raid spec in my opinion :) but i refused to spec the searing pain skill, because never use it. i have to tank good old vek'lor, caster twin, so i will chooce the dog for more resistance. i only wanted to know the ground hate points of searing pain to calculate whether i have to skill searing pain crit or not. :)
      but to increase aggro styling i think i will do :)


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        Re: Warlock aggro creaton calculation!

        i cant tell u of the top of my head, or if i dig in for the matter, BUT there is a mod called KLHthreat meter... u could dig into the lua file and see what the multiplyer for searing pain is and that will be a good ballpark starting point
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