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Warlock's abilities, talents, and skills

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  • Warlock's abilities, talents, and skills

    Since no one but warlocks seem to know what warlocks can do and can't do it makes sence to create a thread describing them. I will be putting the more common name in () after each skill, deamon or talent if there is one.

    -Summons- Lets a warlock teleport anyone in his raid (or party if it is 5 or less folks) from where they are to where the warlock is.
    When the portal is created 2 other people need to click once on the portal to summon.
    When the summon is actually accepted it costs one soul shard.
    A Warlock can only summon someone in the same instance as them, unless the warlock is outside, at which point he can summon anyone outside an instnace.
    Warlocks can summon themselves, which helps them get out of bugged spots.
    Summons can be at times oddly buggy and take time both to summon and for the person to arrive so just because a portal dosen't snap open instantly and the person step through does not mean the warlock is not working on it.

    -Soul Shards(shard)- A soul in the form of a non-stackable item.
    One is used in most of the more intresting warlock spells.
    Can be created by killing a mob who would give experince while under the effects of the drain soul spell.

    All stones dissaperar if logged off for more than 15 minutes.

    Soul Stone(SS)- Pre-Raise
    Costs one Soul Shard to create.
    Is used as an item to raise someone from the dead before they die allowing them to instnatly pop up if they do die.
    The spell lasts for 30 minutes.
    A warlock can have one of each type of SS on him at any time, but he can only use one every 30 minutes.

    Health Stone(cookie) -Heals for a preset amount.
    Costs a soul shard to create.
    Not soulbound.
    Anyone can have one of each type at any time.
    There is a talent that increases the amount that each heals by 10% and 20% for the number of points put into it.
    On a seperate timer from potions.
    Can Crit.

    Spell Stone- Acts as off hand item.
    Soul bound and take a soul shard to create.
    After being equiped for 30 seconds can be used to create a shield that absorbs magical damage for a preset amount and removes ALL spells currenlty affecting the warlock.
    There is a talent that increases the amount it can absorb.
    Can only be used for the Shield once.
    Adds +1% chance to crit with spells while equiped.

    Fire Stone- Acts as an off hand item.
    Takes a soul shard to create and is soulbound.
    When equipped gives +fire damage and gives the main hand item a firey weapon enchant(stacks with normal enchants).

    Master Demonoligist(MD) - A talent which cause the currently summoned deamon to give both the warlock and itself a buff based on the type of deamon(all the numbers for MD will be given assuming the points put in are 5/5).
    All deamon spells are taught by tome purchased from a deamon trainer and have multiple ranks. I will be assuming all spells are max level.
    Sacrifice(sac)- A talent given skill that allows you to kill your deamon for a powerful buff. Lasts 30 minutes or until another deamon is summoned. Enslaving a deamon does NOT count as summoning.
    There is a diffrent talent for each deamon (except felhunter) that increases thier abilites by 30% in the appropriate manner. EX-Dmg increased by 30 on damage spells but duration increased by 30% for seduce.
    All deamons are the same level as thier summoning warlocks.

    Does not take a soul shard to summon.
    Very flimsy, easy to kill.
    Can phase shift which makes the imp un-targetable. If the imp attacks he losses his phase shift and can not shift out until combat ends.
    Blood pact- An aura that gives a certain amount of stamina to those in your party. 20 yard range and works through phase shift.
    Affected by a talent that can increase the amount by up to 30%. 42 stamina without talent, 54.6 stamina with talent. Note- The buff icon does NOT show the change due to talent and will read 42 regardless of talent status.
    Fire shield- A spell that the imp casts on those struck by melle attacks which returns 13 fire damage to the attacker. Can cast though phase shift. Increased by up to 30% by talent.
    Fire bolt- 2 second cast, 110 daamge fire bolt spell. The imps only way of attacking. Increased by up to 30% by talent. Can be decreased to 1 second cast by talent.
    MD- gives a 20% threat reduction.
    Sac- Gives +15% to all fire damage

    Void Walker(void, blueberry)-
    Takes a soul shard to summon.
    All spells can be increased by up to 30%
    Heavy armor and large health.
    Torment- An aggro building skill.
    Suffering- An aoe aggro building skill
    Consume Shadows- Self heals a large amount over a short time. Only useable out of combat.
    Sacrifice- Gives a shield that absorbs all damage for a set amount for 30 seconds. Kills Void Walker. With the 30% increase absorbs ~ 2500, without increase ~ 1900.(this is a deamon skill, not the talent given skill)
    MD- Decreases all physical damage taken by 10%.
    Sac- Gives a HP regen buff of +3% of max every 5 seconds. EX- if you had max of 100 hp, you would heal 3 hp every 5 seocnds.

    Takes a soul shard to summon.
    All spells can be increased by up to 30%
    Low health and armor but high dodge and damage.
    Seduce- Channeled CC spell. Only works on humanoids. Lasts for 15 seconds.
    Lash of Pain- 150 shadow damage melee spell. 12 second cooldown.
    Soothing kiss- 5 second cool down. Decreases aggro with single mob.
    Lesser invisability- Last for 5 minutes. Can only be cast out of combat.
    MD- Increases all damage done by 10%
    Sac- Increase all shadow damage by 15%

    Takes a soul shard to summon.
    Decent health and armor. Decent damage. Gains 2 resistnace in all catergorys per 1 level of warlock. At level 60 this is 120 resistnace in all categorys.
    Spell Lock- 30 second cool down. Silnces target for 3 seconds. If it interupts a spell it silences that spell type for 8 seconds.
    Purge- 8 second cool down. dispells one magical debuff on a friendly target or 1 magical buff on an enemey. Gives the felhunter 617 hp every time a spell is dispelled.
    Paranoia-Gives a stealth detection aura.
    Tainted Blood- Gives the Felhunter a buff for one minute. Every time the felhunter is struck the attacker gains a debuff that decreases attack power by ~47 for 15 seconds(the numbers on this one are ballpark, i don't remeber exactly). Stacks up to 5 times.
    MD- gives 1 Resistnace in all categorys per level. At 60 this gives the warlock and felhunter 60 reisitnace in all categorys which means the felhunter has a total resistance in all categorys of 180.
    Sac- Gives the warlock a buff that gives +2% of max mana every 5 seconds. EX - if you had a max of 100 mana you would regen 2 mana every 5 seconds.

    Infernal - Does NOT count as summoning a deamon.
    Immune to fire damage.
    Takes an infernal stone to summon(bought at reagent vendor).
    1 hour cool down on spell.
    When summoned is cast as aoe spell. Stuns all in range for 2 seconds and does 200 damage when it lands.
    Immense health and armor. Hits very hard. Has 30 fire damage every second fire aura.
    Is enslaved instantly at landing for no soul shard. Requires re-enslaving every 5 minutes.

    Doom Gaurd- Does not count as summoning a Deamon.
    Has a chance(something like 5%) of being summoned when a creature dies from Curse of Doom.
    Can be summoned using the Ritual of Doom.
    Has heavy armor and large health. Hits hard.
    War Stomp- Stuns everything in a short radius for a few seconds. (short cooldown but i don't remeber what it is, by short i mean a couple seconds.)
    Cripple- Single target super debuff. Cool down of a few seconds. Lasts one minute. Decreses movment speed by 75%, attack speed by 50% and casting speed by 50%.
    Rain of Fire- AOE spell like the warlock spell rain of fire or the mage blizzard. Casting duration can NOT be altered by damage.

    Enslave Deamon- Deamons controlled with this spell do not count as summoned so a warlock can keep his Sac bonus and have deamon under his control.
    Costs one soul shard to cast.
    Will unsummon and unenslave any deamon you currently have when cast.

    Ritual of Doom- Summons a Doom Gaurd.
    Requires a Demonic Stone(bought at reagent vendor).
    One warlock creates a portal at which point 4 others click on it. Immeditaly after a doom gaurd steps though and one of the summoners is instantly killed(it is randomly chosen so it can be the warlock)(the person killed suffers no durability loss). The doom gaurd is NOT enslaved when it comes though the portal.
    Note- No one in the guild has this spell as the tome to learn it drops off the deamons in the blasted lands in the scar.

    Health Funnel- takes ~75 health every 3 seconds from warlock and gives deamon ~150 health a second.

    -Curses- Can only have one per warlock on a target at a time. All have instant cast. None require soul shards.

    Curse of Agaony(CoA)-
    Does ~ 1000 damage over 21 seconds in increasing increments.
    Damage done can be increased through talents.

    Curse of Shadows(CoS)-
    Decreses resistance to shadow and arcance damage by 75 each and adds +10% to all shadow and arcance damage.

    Curse of Elements(CoE)-
    Decreses resistance to fire and frost damage by 75 each and adds +10% to all fire and frost damage.

    Curse of Exhaustion(CoEX)-
    Given by talent and can be incresed by talent. Decreses move speed by 90%, 70% with full talent.
    Never actually seen it used.

    Curse of Tounges-
    Decreses casting speed by 60%.

    Curse of Doom-
    Sits on the target for one minute, then does 3200 shadow damage.
    If it kills has a chance of summoning a doom gaurd.
    Has a cooldown of one minute meaning a warlock can only have a CoD on one target at a time.
    Can NOT be used in PVP.

    Amplify Curse- Talent given skill
    3 minute cooldown.
    Increases damage done by next CoA by 50% or slowing by CoEX by 20% if cast within 15 seconds of Amplify being cast.

    -Damage spells-
    Shadow Bolt(SB)- Basic nuke spell. A talent affects this that cause it to create a debuff when it crits. The debuff causes the next 4 sources of shadow damage to get +25%.

    Immolate- Fire damage spell that has a DoT attached.

    Searing Pain- Very fast casting fire damage spell. Low mana cost, high damage, but creates large aggro.

    Rain of Fire- Basic fire damage AOE spell. Very high mana cost.

    Hellfire - Self-Centered AOE that does ~212 fire damage a second to all enemeys in range and to the warlock. The warlock can NOT resist the damage. Very high mana cost.
    Note- If the warlock is killed by this spell there is no durability penality thus creating the popular hellfire suicide for whipes.

    Soul Fire- 6 sec cast, 1 min Cooldown. Costs one soul shard. Does ~ 1k fire damage.

    Shadow Burn- Instant cast ~500 shadow damage spell. 15 second cool down. Costs one soul shard to cast. If target dies within 5 seconds of casting, warlock gains one soul shard.

    Death Coil- Instant cast, ~500 shadow daamge spell. 2 minute cool down. Heals warlock for damage done. Fears target for 2 seconds.

    Conflagaration- Instant Cast talent given skill. Uses the DoT part of Immolat to do large amounts of fire damage.(I don't know how much damage or what the cool down is or if it takes a soul shard.)

    -Everything I haven't said anything about yet-

    Life Tap- Drains 412 health and turns it into Mana.
    Can NOT be used to suicide.
    Instant Cast. Only cooldown is Global Cooldown.

    Drain Life - Drains ~100 health a second from target and gives to warlock for 5 seconds.

    Drain Mana - Drains ~150 mana a scond from target and gives to warlock for 5 seconds.

    Sense Deamons- An ability that shows all deamons on the minimap.

    Drain Soul - Channeled, does ~150 shadow damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. If the mob being drained dies and would give EXP the warlock creates a soul shard.

    Siphon Life- Talent Given Skill.
    Instant cast DoT. Drains ~75 health from target every 3 seconds and gives to warlock for 30 seconds.

    Dark Pact - Talent Given Skill.
    Drains 250 mana from the warlock's deamon and gives to the warlock.
    Only global cooldown.

    Ok, i think this is everything. If anyone has any questions or comments or correction or "OMFG that a lot of stuff"s put em in.
    If anyone knows-
    if Doom Gaurds have a dispell (i want to say they do but i don't remeber)
    anything about conflagarte
    anything i missed
    anything i did wrong
    -please post so i can correct this.
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    Re: Warlock's abilities, talents, and skills

    Conflagrate - About 491 to 613 instant fire damage and consumes the Immolate. Doesnt cost a shard.

    A spell that.."Brings the pain!!!"


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      Re: Warlock's abilities, talents, and skills

      Curse of Recklessness:

      Curses the target with recklessness, increasing attack power by 45 but reducing armor by 290 for 2 min. Cursed enemies will not flee and will ignore fear effects.

      When I got that I had no idea what it was good for. It's for controlling runners. I like to use it in the SM chapel (I just turned 40) to keep the runners from waking up the boss. Wait til the mob hits about 15% health and then switch the initial curse (usually Agony) to Recklessness and they won't panic and run away.

      There are higher-ranked versions of this that both increase the attack power buff and the armor debuff, but I only use rank 1.
      Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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        Re: Warlock's abilities, talents, and skills

        I would fix my post but the edit timer is up. Thank you for the corrections though.
        frowning takes 47 muscles, and smiling only take 17, but sitting there with a zombie like stare on your face takes 0, we have a winner.

        The fights are so bitter because the stakes are so small. -watch words of academia


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          Re: Warlock's abilities, talents, and skills

          Curse of Exhaustion reduces run speed TO 90% not by 90%. Its something to slow down runners without the increased AP recklessness gives. Mostly useless but can be useful in PvP to stop flag runners or people running away.

          Ritual of Doom is NOT just a book drop. It is also learned from a book that is the reward for a quest in the blasted lands. From my understanding of the quest (I once helped a guildie finish it) you have to gather materials to build a crystal prison and use it to capture one of the roaming doomguard captains in the blasted land and present it to the quest giver. They hit VERY VERY hard so you better take a hunter with you to freeze trap the mob or else it will be hard to do without dying a lot.

          Of course, this was before the recent immunities to freeze trap were introduced so the difficulty of the quest may have been scaled up significantly if a hunter can no longer help.

          Of course you forgot one of the most important spells of all...


          This spell works on elementals and demons (think MC and all the elementals there) and removes them from the scene for 30 seconds. This cannot be broken and cannot be dispelled because the mob is immune to all spells and affects. I've, personally, also never seen it break short of the full 30 seconds.

          Actually, banish used to be more versitile than it is right now. I remember it used to be castable on undead as well as the elementals and demons. Why and when they changed it is a mystery, but I know some locks who are might miffed about it.
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            Re: Warlock's abilities, talents, and skills

            Originally posted by Cerevox
            I would fix my post but the edit timer is up. Thank you for the corrections though.
            Perhaps all this stuff should go in TG's wiki.
            Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

            snooggums' density principal: "The more dense a population, the more dense a population."

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              Re: Warlock's abilities, talents, and skills

              For all you up and comming locks and anyone thinking of respeccing:

              None, not one of the 31 point talents is worth it. Soullink is such a joke it should removed from the game. Conflagarate is only good for pvp, so unless thats all your going to do, dont bother. Dark Pact, dont make me crash my rawfle copter. The most you should be putting into any tree is 30 points. If anyone has any questions of pvp builds, farm builds, or instance crushing builds, Ive played em all, I know them all, and will be glad to share that info for you.




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