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Mage Specs: Post Patch

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  • Mage Specs: Post Patch

    Ah, the mage review. So far, this is how things are looking. Nothing is set in stone, of course. We won't know everything until the patch itself comes out. But, for now, a good place to fiddle around with specs is:

    They are staying well-updated with all the information that Blizz is releasing about the most likely changes that will occur to mages.

    Keep in mind that the information here is subject to change, ... I'm just too amped to keep all of this in :)

    Some things of note to point out so far:

    Arcane Explosion is now automatically an instant cast spell for all mages. The Imp. AE talent now increases the chance to crit with it. Also, Evocation is a trainer-learned skill available at level 20.

    To check out an outline of some information released by Blizzard about the mage review, click the following link:

    Frosty the Ice Mage:

    This is how I would build my frost mage after the patch-

    For the most part, it's pretty self-explanatory. Increased damage and increased chance to crit with frost spells, improved blizzard and frost nova, and Ice Block. Talents in the Arcane Tree including Arcane Subtlety, Arcane Concentration, Improved Mana Shield, and a new skill, Arcane Resilience, which increases your armor by 50% of your Int. For most mages, this is negligible, a mere 200-250 extra armor. But, it's a one point talent and it gives you another point to be able to get Imp. CS and Imp. Mana Shield.

    Fire Mage:

    Potential fire mage spec after the patch-

    Similar points invested into the Arcane Tree with one extra point into Arcane Focus, just for giggles. Increased fire spell damage from Fire Power, ... also Impact, Ignite, increased chance to crit with Critical Mass, and Combustion which has changed significantly. Combustion now
    allows each fire spell you cast to improve your chance to crit with fire dmg by 10%. This effect will last until you have three crits with fire spells.

    Potential Tri-spec?

    As it seems, with the Elemental Focus and Master of Elements skills seen in the frost and fire trees respectively, it seems Blizz is trying to make the option of a tri-spec more viable for mages. It still doesn't seem like the best idea to me personally, but if I did decide to fool around with it, this is probably what I would choose-

    Personal Spec

    This is the spec that I will most likely be using if this is what the talent trees remain to look like after the patch-

    I still <3 the Arcane Tree. :)

    Comments? Mages, post your specs here, I'll try to keep this thread updated with any changes made to the Talent Trees as I become aware of them.

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    Re: Mage Specs: Post Patch

    Thank you once again!




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