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  • Last MC Boss Strategies

    From Wowwiki


    Shazzrah is usually pulled to Garr's room for an easier fight. The raid group is typically set up into 4 large groups that create a circle around Shazzrah. There should be at least one tank in each group, excluding the main tank.

    Because of Shazzrah's AOE the only person in melee range should be the MT.

    All rogues, warriors, etc should thus be using their ranged weapons. any attempts to melee Shazzrah will result in death.

    The curse and self buff need to be dispelled as soon as possible. A Mage should cast Detect Magic on Shazzrah so the self buff is visible. Typically one person is assigned the sole or primary job of keeping Shazzrah's self buff dispelled, one person dedicated to keeping the MT dispelled, and one per each of the four groups dedicated to keeping their group dispelled.

    When Shazzrah blinks the warrior whose group she teleports to should taunt her and run her back to the MT. This allows the main tank to stay in the center, otherwise she will run through the group and the AOE can quickly kill the entire group. It is also important that DPS stops and healing at a bare minimum until the tank regains agro.


    The main tank will need a lot of Fire Resist to resist the magma splash other wise the DOTs will stack up extremely quickly. Two offtanks should fight the core ragers far away from Golemagg. The dogs can't die so there is no reason to DPS them, just keep them occupied. When they are out of range of Golemagg's buff their horns will stop glowing red.

    When golemagg gets to 10% life the melee should leave and he should be killed by ranged. It is often a good idea to have two tanks on Golemagg. If the main tank gets too many DOTs on him it will be simply impossible to keep him up. The second tank can either be ready to take over when the main tank dies, or when the DOTs start getting too high on the main tank the second tank can take over and let the main tank recover.


    the Guards need to be seperated. The guards can have their spells interrupted so warriors and rogues should be kicking and shield bashing. There will need to be 5 tanks, one for Sulfuron and one for each guard. Mortal strike will also help ensure that if they get a heal off it wil be reduced.

    The guards are all tanked in the same place and one at a time they are led away to be destroyed by the DPS. This can be an easier strategy because the tanks can share healers if one goes down or runs out of mana. OR

    Have the four guards seperated into different corners of the room, while the DPS goes from one guard to another until they are all down and then to focus on Sulfuron. This strategy, however, requires five strong tanks and the healers to keep them up.

    Majordomo Executus

    Majordomo is not the target of this encounter, to win you must kill all his guards.

    You can sheep the healers, however you can only keep them "chain-sheeped" for the beginning of the battle, but sheeping is disabled after 4 of the adds die. Use Stun and Counterspell when bringing down the healers. This is important for stopping spell casting and bringing them down fast.


    The MT, a hunter, and a paladin will engage Majordomo. The paladin will pull with divine shield. This paladin will attempt to stand closer to domo than the MT throughout the fight; Majordomo usually teleports the closest player to him to the fire pit. The hunter distracting shots domo whenever he charges off so that the tank can regain aggro. Majordomo is immune to Taunt and likes to randomly wander away from the MT and into the main raid.

    Alternatively you can use a fifth Mage using Ice Block, or hunter pet to pull Majordomo.


    Mages will pull their adds from the group with Counterspell and then sheep them. Hunters will pull their adds to the Tanks. From a mage point of view, while sheeping, it is critical to drink a Fire protection potion 2 minutes prior to the fight. As well, while sheeping, you should ALWAYS have Mana Shield / Fire Ward up, as well as detect magic on the sheep. Never lose your target unless you are far away from all other sheeps and you keep your eye on it. Bandage right after casting a new polymorph. Do NOT Polymorph while magic reflection is up. Sheeping is fine with damage reflection. At the pull, mages should have fire ward/mana shield up. Get within max distance of Counterspell and use it to pull aggro, and immediately sheep.

    Be sure to keep notice of which shields are up on the mobs. White means that casters should take a break from hurling DPS, and purple means that melee classes should stay back (aside from the tank, who should be keeping agro). We have mods which will give notification when the shields go up and down.

    Each Paladin, except the portal bitch, is assigned to a mage. If the healer unsheeps while shield is up or the mage dies, pally needs to stun or off tank till shield is down. Alternatively you could use a hunter for this.


    Every so and then Majordomo will give his helpers a shield. the shields last for 10 seconds and either have a 50% chance of reflecting magic attacks, or reflect up to 100 melee damage when hit. Keep an eye on raid chat for these.

    Killing the adds

    The 4 Flamewalker Elites are (usually) killed first, while the mages chain-sheep the healers. When the 4th elite is almost dead the unoccupied tanks need to move to the sheep to be ready to grab them.

    When 4 adds have been killed all the Flamewalker Healers will become unsheeped. When it is time to kill the healers, the targeted one is pulled down the ramp and killed out of range of his buddies' heal spells.

    Once the 7th guard is dead, the 8th and final will enter "Uber" mode. In this mode he grows roughly 50% in size and hits far harder.

    Once all 8 adds are down, Majordomo will submit to you.

    An alternate strategy, however, is the 1-4-3 approach. This is where the Elites are offtanked and the Healers are sheeped. An elite is killed first, then all 4 healers one by one. After the 4 healers are killed, then the last 3 elites are then killed one by one.

    A third option: 2 Elites are killed, and the remaining 2 are taken down to ~25% health, but left alive and kited by the off-tanks to the back of the platform so they will be out of the Healers' range. 2 of the Healers are then killed, one at a time. At this point the last 2 Healers will break out of poly, and all damage is focused on the remaining Elites, who should already be down to 5-10% health. The Elites will go down fairly quickly, leaving just 2 Healers to be cleaned up. The key is coordination: Making sure that everyone knows to not kill the second pair of Elites, and getting them to turn off the damage at the right point.


    This battle is a test of the mana efficiency of the healers, who should bring as many Major Mana Potions as possible. Other raid members should be liberal in their use of fire and shadow protection potions, healing potions, and bandages.

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    Re: Last MC Boss Strategies

    Each Paladin, except the portal bitch, is assigned to a mage. If the healer unsheeps while shield is up or the mage dies, pally needs to stun or off tank till shield is down. Alternatively you could use a hunter for this.
    Err...portal bitch?

    Anyhow, with Spriggan barking commands the 3rd option for taking down domo seemed to work the best for us. We seriously cleaned house on our attempt.
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      Re: Last MC Boss Strategies

      MT doesn't need any fire resist on golemagg.... just healing.


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        Re: Last MC Boss Strategies

        When you guys are ready for Ragnaros let me know... I plan on being there with you, AND i have a strat to use.

        I'm planning on respeccing to Irritation pretty soon. Granted, I'll lose the burst DPS from Pissing People Off Outright, but I'll get DoT's and higher damage through AoE's.




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