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    Good job with Hakkar, guys. Now that we've tasted his blood, here's some more details that I'd like everyone to read over so we can continue to one shot him. Hakkar is one of the first fights we can encounter that's not simply "tank and spank."

    Hakkar is unique in that he locks his aggro table when the fight starts. You need at least two tanks on him at all times, for reasons I will explain in a moment. But it's easiest with three.

    Because Hakkar locks down his aggro table, you need the warriors to be the first in. Hakkar can Mind Control up to one player at a time, and he starts with the top of his aggro list. He can Mind Control a second person, the next in line. But doing this releases the Mind Control of the first tank, and his aggro switches back.

    Hakkar's aggro table cannot be changed without a written act of congress. It is imperative to keep at least two tanks up at all times, so that when one is Mind Controlled, he does not aggro down this list onto the healers and DPSers..

    If you only have one warrior up, when that warrior gets Mind Controlled, he will attack the next on his aggro list, usually a rogue or hunter. This spells wipe. This leads to a near requirement that all tanks stay above 20% health.

    Once two sunders go up, full damage can be started. FULL damage. You're not going to over aggro once you get locked in. It's imperative that you kill Hakkar in 10 minutes, or he's impossible.

    When the Blood Siphon hits, you can redo the debuffs on him. You want to use Damage over Time debuffs rather than support debuffs, because support debuffs get prioritized and won't knock off with the Blood Siphon. However, since 1.9.3 Blood Siphon doesn't hurt him as much if you're poisoned. So worse comes to worst, if only 10-12 people get the Siphon, the remainder are free to heal and DPS. However, we wanna try to keep the priority debuffs to Hunters Mark and Sunder Armor.

    As long as we keep focus on healing the tanks and keep them up AT ALL TIMES, then we will not have any issues with Hakkar whatsoever. The key is to keep the warriors up and healed and focus on the aggro swap so that we can keep them platies up over 20%.

    We did this perfectly last time, let's keep it up!

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    Re: Hakkar Mechanics

    Good Hakkar info, thanks.


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      Re: Hakkar Mechanics

      Update: The corrupted blood debuff seems to be somewhat directional. Spreading out means less people get hit, and less people need heals, making it easier on us.




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