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    Well, we're moving onto regularly scheduled meetings with Onyxia. I guess it's a good idea to make a fresh (post 1.10) post regarding her fight mechanics so that we go in with good knowledge. She's one of my favorite fights thus far, and I've killed her dozens of times, so it's always a lot of fun. The fight is very simple, but I'll break it down here.

    Onyxia is a three phase fight. You enter from the south of the cave and split into two groups. Typically this is odd groups to the left (west) and even groups right (east). Upon entry, you need to watch your aggro on the whelp caves to the southwest and southeast corners. The Main Tank will aggro her and walk her to facing the north part of the cave. This is where the fun starts.

    The first thing regarding Onyxia is that she is moderately touchy regarding aggro. There is no offtanking of Onyxia, so the MT must be alive at all times. Her damage is mostly melee with some decent fire thrown in.

    Phase 1: After entry, the groups position themselves in tight groups near the walls. Onyxia can be melee attacked from a long way out, so there is no need to crawl in close to her. Stand at max melee range. Ideal positioning can be obtained by drawing a line from Odd Group to Even Group directly through her shoulders. This keeps everyone out of her fire breath and away from her tail swipe. You should be standing even with her shoulders in a tight group, simply put.


    Give the main tank about 2% of total damage to build aggro. 5 sunders works just as well, but give him time. No attacks during this phase. At 99 or 98%, start light damage only. This means wands, autoshot and auto-attack. No special moves, no sinister strikes. Click and take a bio, basically. Work it like this to 90%. Slow, steady DPS. Healers need to heal ONLY the main tank. Small rank spells are not only ideal, but mandatory. Healers need to enter phase 3 with over 80% mana.

    No one but the MT should take damage during phase 1. At 65 to 60%, Onyxia enters phase 2.

    Phase 2: Onyxia takes flight. This is not a difficult phase, but it's hard to grasp sometimes.

    The first key is during Phase 2 whelps come out of each cave. They're only level 56 elites and they can be easy solo'd. The ideal setup is to have groups 7 and 8 assigned a warrior, mage and priest to capture the whelps and AOE them down. Paladins should NOT be used as consecrate pullers. Paladins have ZERO capabilities to damage Onyxia during Phase 2 and are the primary sources of healing. Eight or nine whelps come out at first, and are easily handled. More will trickle out.

    During phase two, the entire raid must stay spread out throughout the entirety of the cave. You should not be standing next to anyone. if you're too clustered, she will deep breath and kill most people. Deep breath is to be avoided; if it happens, immediately run to an edge lateral of where she is facing. DB is a direct line of fire ownage from her to the back of the cave.

    Deep Breath can also happen if steady damage is not kept on her. Priests need to SW:P, locks need to use CoA, CoE, Corruption, etc. No Curse of Doom during this phase. The key to Phase 2 is steady DPS. Warriors rend, Rogues can single target loose whelps and do some special moves while she is in flight. Druids can add their DOTs and ranged DPS. Paladins are to keep their groups (evens or odds) topped off at all times. She will randomly do about 1200 fire damage to some people. Bandage out of this damage. Don't wait for a heal. DOTs stop at 42 or 41%. We need to enter phase 3 at 95% raid health and 80% raid mana at a minimum. Phase 3 begins at 42 to 38%.

    Phase 3: Onyxia lands. Aggro is reset. Any damage on her adds you to her aggro table. The Main tank needs to establish quick aggro. All groups reset to their phase 1 positions, but because the MT may not land her perfectly, groups must position themselves near her shoulders. If you stand near her shoulders but not too close, you will NOT take damage from fire breath or tail swipe. Further, you will not get feared into the whelp caves.

    Once 5 sunders go up, slow DPS at first then heavy DPS. She does a ground stop that sends lava up through the cracks in the floor doing 1500-3500 (crit) damage. Ouch. Also, she'll bounce aggro off the tank if he stays feared too long and you get too close. Stay back for melee damage; remember the melee range is quite far.

    Continue this nukage for a while, but all healing classes need to remember that your ONLY healing priority is the main tank. Paladins should watch your priests: they will be the target of any Lay on Hands that you toss out. Keep that tank up and you'll be fine.

    Often, you'll get a few loose whelps or even someone feared into the whelp caves. If this happens, any standing warrior is to pick them up and DPS them down. Single target DPS them down, then switch your focus back to Ony. She doesn't do anything else special during this phase.

    The only hard part of phase 3 is transitioning back to your original position and keeping your healing focus on the MT.

    Phase 4 is get the sweet loot, and then that's that! Good luck guys!

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    Re: Onyxia Mechanics

    in short:

    mt is to damage to 98%
    wands / white damage to 90%
    stack dots at 60% (when she starts to fly away)

    phaze 2:

    keep ranged damage on ony...
    grps 7 and 8 are whelp control.. kill em fast
    watch out for deep breaths...
    stop dots at 42%

    phaze 3:

    MT is to be fear warded until ony is dead
    MT is to damage 1 full percent worth of health
    wands / white damage for 3% health
    full damage after 3% health has been taken
    drop Quel Serrar at 10% BEHIND MT
    at 0% dont forget to loot the body
    skin... rinse... wait 5 days... repeat
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      Re: Onyxia Mechanics

      Good Info


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        Re: Onyxia Mechanics

        Also, I found it very helpful when someone was pinging the minimap for safe spots during Phase 2 because I found that when I try to locate Ony by adjusting my screen took too much time and took away from me doing damage. Maybe we can assign one person to ping the minimap during the fight? I think it would help the whole raid and people could run to the safe spots without guessing where they are. Just a thought.
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          Re: Onyxia Mechanics

          One thing about "safe spots" though: Don't feel safe in a safe spot. If you get there and live, get the heck out right after! You won't be lucky twice!!


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            Re: Onyxia Mechanics

            ark.. safe spots are just that.... safe.. as long as the person pinging the map (i was doing it last week) doesnt mis-ping... they wont get hit by the breath.. the breath hits the center of the map 100% of the time.. no matter where she is positioned.. so CENTER = BAD... but her flanks are the safe spoit ( not uinder or behind)
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              Re: Onyxia Mechanics

              Originally posted by Chair
              ark.. safe spots are just that.... safe.. as long as the person pinging the map (i was doing it last week) doesnt mis-ping... they wont get hit by the breath.. the breath hits the center of the map 100% of the time.. no matter where she is positioned.. so CENTER = BAD... but her flanks are the safe spoit ( not uinder or behind)
              Right, but she moves, and the safe spots change. In theory you can rotate her so the safe spots are in the whelp cave... not safe!




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