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Warriors and the Burning Crusade

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    Hey gang, you probably know by know that on Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited into the Burning Crusade beta. I've already rolled a Dranei Shaman and out of curiousity a Blood Elf Paladin. The Dranei have a pretty neat story line and both starting areas look pretty polished already. I will say this, the male blood elves are more feminine and "elfish" than their Alliance counterparts :)

    I've transferred over my warrior with the sole intention of experimenting and learning what dps and tanking is going to be like. I'd be more than happy to answer or try to answer any questions re" our favorite class. According to the Transfer screen it will take a couple of days for him to get there but as soon as he does I'll start working.

    My goal is to test the following builds:
    1. DPS (MS and Fury if I can)
    2. Full Prot
    3. Hybrid Prot/DPS

    I'll also give you a full report on how the gear seems to scale for us.

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