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    I wanted to do a little write-up on how the changes from the patch (and the new talents) worked for me during our weekend raids:

    For MC I was damaging for about 95% of the trash mobs (only popped out to heal for a couple OMG aggros). I would also throw shields here and there when I saw someone that really needed it.

    For Bosses I did the following:
    Luci - Decursing/Damage
    Mags - Damage
    Gehennes - Damage
    Garr - Healing
    Geddon - Decursing/Healing
    Shazz - Dispel Shazz Buff
    Golemagg - Damage
    Sulf - Healing/Damage
    Domo - Healing
    Rags - Damage/Healing

    Talent Explanation (for those who are interested that don't already know):
    Vamperic Embrace (Debuff) - Heals party for 30% of all shadow damage I do.
    Vamperic Touch (DoT) - Minimal Damage. Pulls 5% of all shadow damage I do back into party as mana.
    Shadow Weaving (Debuff) - Stacks up to 5 times. 3% Additional Shadow Damage for each Debuff (total of 15% for 5).
    Misery (Debuff) - Causes target to take an additional 5% spell damage from all sources (entire raid).

    With my minimal damage gear I was able to pull back at least 250 mana back for everyone in the group for a typical fight. Giants and firepacks I could get as high as 600-700. Over the course of the night Saturday VT pulled back over 26k mana. And Sunday the number was right at 12k.

    I would try and DoT bosses for the Shadow Weaving and Misery Debuffs even when I was healing. Since healing was my focus for these fights those debuffs were probably not up there for the entire time. Obviously when those Debuffs are up that's a significant amount of damage for Warlocks and a fair increase for mages and Moonkins even if they're not in the same group.

    Overall I think being in a caster group had some serious advantages for the raid. I would like to get some input from others and see what they think. I've also been researching some other shadowpriest party setups. Apparently Pallys have a skill where they convert 10% of the healing given to them into mana. I'm not sure what that skill is or if its something all Pallys have. Also, with Warlock's ability to Lifetap they may gain the most benefit out of VE healing since they can convert that to mana as well.

    I've been pretty excited about the changes. I'm still getting use to playing in a raid this way and getting my sequencing of spells down to get maximum efficiency. I've never been a big fan of the whole damage/healing meters race but since I'm a relative noob at "dealing" and my damage gear is definitely lackluster I was happy to see that I was able to crack the top 10 in damage even when called on to heal for many of the boss fights.

    I've been trying to go back through the blue dungeons and pick up some more +damage and +shadow damage gear. So if anyone has suggestions on items to look for there let me know.
    Gigan - Shaman (Resto)
    Pistos - Semi-retired Shadowpriest
    ...and other distractions of various levels.



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