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Attention Mages! Need some info.

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  • Attention Mages! Need some info.

    Now that Vondoom and I have become the class officers, one of our first duties is to make sure we know what page we're on in terms of Fire Resist pieces, Onyxia Scale Cloaks, T2 Helms and Legs and ZG enchants.

    Please, post me with the above information. I'll use my own as an example. Once you replace a piece, please try to keep it updated here, so we can see whom most needs upgrades (particularly for FR gear), and who's doing alright at the moment.

    Onyxia Scale Cloak : No
    T2 Helm : Yes
    T2 Legs: No
    ZG Enchants: No

    For Fire Resist pieces, please post any pieces that provide a significant bonus, and those that you wear when we need the fire resist. If you're still using Wizardweave greens, or the like, on a regular basis, please inform us. 110 is about the goal you'll be shooting for, so we need to know what you're wearing to hit 110. We'll likely be trying to get you geared beyond those, as the better fire resist gear has stats and some damage..and the more damage we can wear, the faster the boss goes down, and the better off the whole raid is. By knowing which pieces of your Resist set contributes the least besides resist, we'll know which peices to replace, or empty slots to fill, in the gearing up rotational.

    FR Gear:
    Mage Armor Self Buff
    Arcanist Gloves (Hands)
    Dragonslayer's Ring (Finger)
    Hyper Radiant Flame Reflector (Trinket)
    Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas (Trinket)
    Drakefire Amulet (Neck)
    Cloak Enchant +5 (Back Enchant)
    Flameweave Cuffs of the Owl (Wrists)
    Wizardweave Leggings (Legs)

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    Re: Attention Mages! Need some info.

    Ony cloak: no
    T2 legs and head: yes with Dire enchant on head and ZG on legs

    The usual FR gear, in addition i use a +15 FR to cloak enchant, +15 FR buff from winterspring, and +50 resist to all pot that last 3min, so can be easily be + 110FR, but mostly keep dmg gear on and use buffs,.....,


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      Re: Attention Mages! Need some info.

      Ony Cloak: Yes
      T2 head no enchant (working on ZG Enchant, but my dice suck)
      Rags will be giving up his pants soon

      FR Gear:
      +15 Mage armor Buff
      Wizardweave: +18 Head, +18 Chest, +18 legs
      +10 Arcanist Gloves
      +10 Wand
      +10 Tidal Loop Ring
      +15 Mageflame cloak
      +15 Drakefire Amulet
      +8 Elemental Ward Trinket
      +5 Shoulder Enchant from AD

      Thats 142 un-buffed

      Im at work atm. These are the ones I could think of. Ill update this more later.
      "Uhhhh.... Try this HOT and let me know how it goes."


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        Re: Attention Mages! Need some info.

        Onyxia Scale Cloak : yes
        T2 Helm : no
        T2 Legs: No
        ZG Enchants: No

        cant get in right now and i cant remeber all my FR gear
        spikepunk 60 Gnome Mage.




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