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TBC: Hellfire Citadel - Ramparts and Blood Furnace Boss Info

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  • TBC: Hellfire Citadel - Ramparts and Blood Furnace Boss Info

    Ok this is info I gained by running these instances in Beta. The obviously could change slightly, but its at least a start for everyone.

    Hellfire Citadel - The Ramparts
    Watchkeeper Gargolmar
    Dual Wielding Warrior, Hits for 200ish against Warrior (Bear was my tank)
    Has 2 priest henchmen that should be CCed or killed before you deal with him.

    Omar the Unscarred
    250-450 against Tank. Summons Felhounds. Curse causes you to be the center of a PBAoE (aka spread out). Drain Life

    Vazruden the Herald/Nazon (mount)
    Nazon - Fireball - 900, Cone of Fire (1400), Fireblaze (300). Nazon throws fireballs through the fight with Vazruden, then lands and fights alone afterwards. Vazruden is mostly a melee mob didn't hit that hard, but did have one ability, but never was able to get it documented.

    Hellfire Citadel - The Blood Furnace
    The Maker
    Hits hard (600-800) and Mind Controls. Basic Tank and Spank.

    4 Waves of orcs (3-4 each wave), clear waves then boss comes. Broggok creates poison clouds (nature damage) so have to move him around.

    Keli'dan the Breaker
    Kill adds first, then kill boss. Warlock. Multi-target Shadowbolt, massive Fire AoE that he announces (tells you to come closer, so run :)), Corruption.
    Sajaman/|TG-Irr|Sajier - WoW Resto Shaman, BF2/BF2142 Assault/Medic

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