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  • Priest ui addon / mods

    I've decided to roll a priest on Thunderhorn. Kazi already has a 10 mage going. I've noticed a few of you are lvl 60 priests in your sigs, and I was wondering what priest specific addon / mods you run? After some research, I plan on trying out Serenity, Decursive, and Healbot. Are they any you up priests can recommend I try?

    One mod that I mainly ran, that I can't remember the name of or seem to find for that fact, was a group bar mod. It showed green bars for overall health and allowed the priest, or healer, to one click the members name in the bar for the best heal required. Status effect icons were also listed under each member's bar. Anyone happen to ever use this?

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    Re: Priest ui addon / mods

    Since that patch changed the way mods can "select" spells and individuals for spells without user input (ie. decursive, benecast, emergency monitor, etc.) I've been running with less mods myself. I've been meaning to spend some time checking out a few so I'm hoping this thread will shine some light on what everyone is running with.

    Currently I'm using:
    General UI: Bongos, Fubar (with various plugins), Ace2, Outfitter, Cartographer, Grid

    Grid is about the only one that really has any impact on how I heal. Orion turned me onto it and helped me get it setup. Its very customizable and very small. I have it setup to show just the debuffs that I can remove (magic and disease), to show when a person doesn't have fort, to show when they have a heal incoming, to show when a person has aggro, and to show health. In a 5man its great in a raid its even better. It won't select the spell for you, but it will show you who needs attention and, in the case of our pyroblasting mage friends, who needs a bubble before the mob even has done damage to them.

    I really liked Serenity and need to see if they have an updated version. Sajier uses Cliqheal (not sure if the spelling is correct). Either way -- looking forward to this thread.
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      Re: Priest ui addon / mods

      Decursive is worthless now, it only serves to tell you when someone has a debuff, where it used to let you clean it with a single button.

      Serenity is dead as a priest mod, it has been converted to something else that isn't worth the time, from what I can remember.

      I haven't run healbot.

      There are no longer any mod that will smartly select the right healing spell to use. That was prevented with the release of version 2.0 where they made a lot of those type of things private class members so mods don't have access to do it.

      As far as what mods I use for my priestly duties, the primary one is Clique. Clique allows you to bind spells to different combinations of buttons and clicks. So, for example, I have the following key binds:

      Third Button - Binding Heal

      cntl left click - Flash Heal
      cntl right click - GH
      cntl third button - Prayer of Mending

      alt left click - Renew
      alt right click - Shield
      alt third button - Prayer of Healing

      Shift Left Click - Dispel
      Shift Right Click - Abolish Disease
      Shift Third Button - Mass Dispel

      It works very well for me.
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        Re: Priest ui addon / mods

        I use the working decurse on Iliana and Naliani. Not as user friendly as it was but it serves it's purpose for what I need it for. I don't have to click on the person to decurse them, just need to know which side of the mouse to click on Ili.

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          Re: Priest ui addon / mods

          Originally posted by Sajier View Post
          There are no longer any mod that will smartly select the right healing spell to use.
          *cough* Not exactly true... *innocent whistle*

          I can hook you up with the good stuff tonight if you want to try it out. :D




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