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TBC: Karazhan Crowd Control

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  • TBC: Karazhan Crowd Control

    I will try to update this as we learn more on our explorations, this is the data I could find at the moment on

    The Grand Ballroom/The Banquet Hall
    • Shackle: Phantom Attendant(vuln), Skeletal Waiter(vuln), Phantom Valet(immune), Spectral Retainer(immune), Ghostly Steward(immune)
    • Unknown Status: Phantom Guest

    The Servant's Quarters
    • Hibernate: Coldmist Widow
    • Unknown Status:
      • Polymorph - Coldmist Widow, Coldmist Stalker, Shadowbat, Greater Shadowbat, Vampiric Shadowbat
      • Banish - Phase Hound, Dreadbeast, Shadowbeast

    The Guest Chambers
    • Shackle: Wanton Hostess(vuln), Phantom Valet(immune)
    • Banish: Concubine
    • Unknown Status: Phantom Guardsman, Phantom Hound, Spectral Sentry, Spectral Servant, Night Mistress, Phantom Valet, Skeletal Usher

    The Scullery
    • Unknown Status: Spectral Chef, Spectral Baker
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    Re: TBC: Karazhan Crowd Control

    Most spiders, bats can be polyed.


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      Re: TBC: Karazhan Crowd Control

      We actually confirmed on Friday that all spiders can be polymorphed. All demon dogs can also be banished or enslaved. Spiders, dogs, and bats can all be ice trapped as well, however because the spiders all have 109 frost resist (beast lore information) they will break ice traps early frequently.

      Spectral Servants, Spectral Sentry, and Phantom Guardsman can all be shacked and ice trapped. Phantom Hounds can be ice trapped, but fade after a short while when the guardsman are dead. Well...guardsman or sentry, couldn't recall which was the hunter type mob.

      Concubines can also be ice trapped. Night Mistress can be counter spelled or silenced with silencing shot, but we never really crowd controled one since they were first to die.

      You have Phantom Valet listed 3 times. Twice under immune and once under unknown. Valets are immune to all crowd controls, snares, and disorientes. Unsure if they can be stunned, you'd need to talk to a warrior, paladin, or rogue for that since concussion is the only stun I have and they're immune to snares.
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