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Hunters: Traps and You

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  • Hunters: Traps and You

    As the number of mobs per pull goes up we find ourselves having to continuously trap in order to keep mobs under control. This is a short brief on hunter traps, how to make use of them effectively when playing a hunter or with a hunter, and picking out mobs to trap and the techniques of getting them from trap A to trap B.

    Section 1: The Basics

    We have 5 different traps in our arsenal that last 60 seconds after placement on a 30 second cooldown timer. Traps have never been affected by +spell damage gear, but they can be modified by debuffs that effect resistances and spell class damage.
    Wearing 2 pieces of the D3 Beast Lord armor set drops the cooldowns on traps by 4 seconds.
    Placing talents into Resourcefulness reduces the mana cost of traps by 20/40/60% and the cooldown by 2/4/6 seconds.
    Placing talents into Clever Traps also increases the duration of your freezing and frost traps by 15/30%.
    Lastly placing points into Trap Mastery reduces the chance of trap resist by 5/10% making a survival specced hunter a master of trapping and crowd control.

    Section 2: The Traps

    Immolation Trap: A single target Fire DoT trap. Its an imitation of the Warlock Immolation spell without the damage up front, but more damage in the DoT portion. Immolation traps do not count as an immolation spell for Warlock linked spells such as Incinerate and Conflagrate.

    Immolation Trap 1: 50 mana, 105 fire damage (21 damage every 3 seconds)
    Immolation Trap 2: 90 mana, 215 fire damage (43 damage every 3 seconds)
    Immolation Trap 3: 135 mana, 340 fire damage (68 damage ever 3 seconds)
    Immolation Trap 4: 190 mana, 510 fire damage (102 damage every 3 seconds)
    Immolation Trap 5: 245 mana, 690 fire damage (138 damage every 3 seconds)
    Immolation Trap 6: 305 mana, 985 fire damage (197 damage every 3 seconds)

    Freezing Trap: A single target Frost Crowd Control trap. It works somewhat like an improved version of the Mage Frostbite talent or the Frost Nova spell. The graphic was later improved to keep it from being confused with those two. Oddly enough a mob caught in a frost trap will give a mage the full benefits of their shatter talent.

    Freezing Trap 1: 50 mana, 10 second crowd control
    Freezing Trap 2: 75 mana, 15 second crowd control
    Freezing Trap 3: 100 mana, 20 second crowd control

    Frost Trap: An area target Frost Snare trap. It works like a frost version of the Shaman Earthbind Totem. Most popular with hunters using the ensnare talent because standing in the frost aura will constantly reapply the trap affect making an ensnare likely.

    Frost Trap: X% mana, 30 second 10 yard snare for 60%

    Explosive Trap: An area target Fire AoE trap. An imitation of the Mage Flamestrike spell that does less damage up front and more damage over time. The explosive trap is probably the only trap that should not be laid ahead of time unless you have a tank planning on gathering then running the mobs into it. This is because if you run a line of mobs into the trap from a pull only the first few mobs will get the initial damage leaving.

    Explosive Trap 1: 275 mana, 100-130 fire damage and 150 fire DoT (15 every 2 seconds)
    Explosive Trap 2: 395 mana, 139-187 fire damage and 240 fire DoT (24 every 2 seconds)
    Explosive Trap 3: 520 mana, 201-257 fire damage and 330 fire DoT (33 every 2 seconds)
    Explosive Trap 4: 650 mana, 263-337 fire damage and 450 fire DoT (45 every 2 seconds)

    Snake Trap: OMG SNAKES IN A TRAP! The snake trap is hard to catagorize and does a number of things based on the situation and pure luck. Triggering a snake trap will release 8 snakes that attack every second for 15 seconds. The snakes scale, somewhat, with level and have stats that can be seen with Beast Lore if you're quick about it. There are 4 Vipers (27-37 damage, 6792 armor, 81 hp at level 70) and 4 Venomous Snakes (11-16 damage, 6792 armor, 81 hp at level 70) for a total of 8 snakes per trap. The Venomous Snakes have an 80% chance of applying Deadly poison (90 damage over 12 seconds, stacks to 5 for 75 damage every 2 seconds for 450 damage), 10% chance of Crippling poison (slows movement speed like rogue poison), and 10% chance of Mind-Numbing Poison (increases cast time like rogue poison). The snake trap can be either the most damaging (aproximately 10 physical damage per venomous snake and 20 physical damage per viper every second for 15 seconds for at least 1800 physical damage, 75 damage every 2 seconds for 22 seconds since the poison is constantly reapplied for 825 damage for a grand total of 2625 damage per trap) or the most useless (mob is immune to poison or uses an AoE damage to kill snakes resulting in no/little damage). Snakes are also catagorized as uncontrolled NPC beast pets so they can be feared (which is very very funny to watch) and can break Crowd Control or attack other mobs and critters. If a snake attacks an unaggroed mob the mob will attack the snakes involved and then return to its position unpulled unless it is hit or runs across a party member.

    Snake Trap: 305 mana, 8 snakes for 15 seconds

    Section 3: The Rules

    Never use a damage trap in a group unless you are 100% sure you can damage the mob you are trapping. Dropping an Immolation, Explosive, or Snake trap and having the damage and DoT break crowd control are quick and easy ways to get yourself banned from using traps.

    You can trap melee mobs easily, caster mobs with some difficulty, and ranged mobs with extreme difficulty. If someone asks you to trap a caster or ranged mob then you have the right to refuse on the ground that they're probably stupid, insane, or think too highly of your abilities.

    Abuse your cooldown to the limit. It is a restriction that can be worked around and is not a limitation. If you drop a freezing trap and let it sit on the ground for 30 seconds your trap cooldown will be over. You can then trap the mob you were assigned and drop another freezing trap apart from the trapped mob. 20 seconds later the first trap will break and send the mob into the second trap with 10 seconds left on the cooldown. 10 seconds later you can drop a third trap with 10 seconds left on the second trap. The mob then breaks the second trap to run into the third trap with 20 seconds left on your cooldown timer. Mob then breaks your third trap to run to you as you place a fourth trap on the ground to trap the mob when it reaches you or a few seconds later. Mob is now in a 20 second trap with a 30 second cooldown. Putting yourself far enough away from the mob will ensure that when the fourth trap breaks the mob will run to you and you can then scattershot/intimidate/wyvern sting the mob for a few extra seconds and trap the mob a fifth time. Of course if you wyvern sting the mob you also need to break the sting with scorpid sting so the DoT doesn't break your trap. If you need to trap a sixth time then you better get creative or be prepared to tank the mob for the 10 seconds before your trap cooldown is over. Of course, if you trap a mob five times in a row and need a sixth then you also probably need a new group.

    Crowd control should, ideally, be done in the order of Sap -> Pull -> Polymorph/Banish -> Trap. That means if you intend to be a crowd controller you cannot be a puller as well. The best way of trapping your assigned mob is to have the tank pull and then pull your mob AWAY from the others with distracting shot. This will ensure you don't get extra mobs (all assistance aggro on tank) and the mob you are trapping is fully under your control and will always path towards you when the trap breaks due to aggro.

    Don't fight over mobs and go with the flow. There will be times when the warrior/paladin/druid rushes over in an attempt to regain control of a mob you pulled off the healer and into a trap. If they can stop themselves from breaking the trap then everything is fine. If they can't and break the trap then write that mob off as loose and don't worry about it anymore. Unlike mage polymorphs and warlock banishes, hunter traps have a cooldown which must be respected because it means (barring the readiness talent) once that cooldown is blown we don't get it back. If you break a trap knowingly or unknowingly then it should be understood by all that you did so because you wanted to tank that mob instead. Warlock going DoT crazy? Warlock tank! Mage pyroblasting a trapped mob for shatter? Mage tank! Warlock Felguard planted too close to a trap and cleaving it open? Well...stupid Warlock and Felguard tank. The arguement "X broke the trap" trumps all complaints over trap crowd control when the blame game pops up.

    You are limited to only one trap effect per mob per hunter. That means you can't double trap a mob with immolation and expect there to be two immolation affects on it. You can have two hunters place an immolation trap and get two immolation debuffs though. The same holds true for explosion trap (although you will get the instant damage twice).

    Never place a freezing trap too close to a frozen mob or else the frozen mob will eat your trap and you'll blow your cooldown. Its best to place the next trap away from the mob along a path the mob will take running towards you when the trap breaks. The longer the mob runs the more time passes from your cooldown and the more times you can trap consecutively.

    Freezing traps eat stuns and snares as well. Rogues can't cheap shot a frozen mob and paladins can't stun them either. If you really want to screw with a rogue then always freeze your mob and laugh as they try to cheap shot for no combo points or stun.

    Silencing shot can be used to pull caster mobs towards you. You can also run around a corner or out of range in a 'blind pull' in order to get them to run towards you and into a trap. Range mobs have to be blind pulled in order to get them into a trap and it is hardly worth the effort and loss of hunter DPS to try it.
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    Re: Hunters: Traps and You

    You have no idea how helpful this is...
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      Re: Hunters: Traps and You

      Awesome post T, this should be required reading for everyone in the guild, it takes more than a hunter who knows the above, it also takes a group who understands...




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