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  • Magtheridon

    Just for kicks I went and looked up the information for this encounter. All information is provided by MMO-Champion since WoWwiki seems to be lacking in that department.

    • Cleave - Same as always. Physical damage in front of him, melee DPS should stay behind him.
    • Blast Nova - 2 seconds cast time. Magtheridon does this ability roughly every minute. It deals 2188-2812 fire damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds to everyone in the room. This ability has to be interrupted by channelling the 5 cubes in the room. Magtheridon will do an emote when starting to cast this ability.
    • Quake - Tosses everyone around the room for about 5-10 seconds but does no damage. Quake never happens at the same time as Blast Nova.
    • Conflagration - A piece of the floor starts burning at a random location in the room. Deals a small amount of fire damage if stepped into.

    • Dark Mending - Heals for 27750 to 32250, 2 second cast time. 60 yard range. Will only be used when a channeler in range is at ~50% health or lower. Has to be interrupted every time, no exception. Keep the channelers away from each other (for example at their respective cube) to prevent them from healing each other.
    • Burning Abyssal - Summons a fearable / stunnable / banishable infernal at a random target. 60 yard range. Will also do 2625-3375 fire damage in a 10 yard radius around the target. Despawns after roughly 30 seconds.
    • Shadow Bolt Volley - Deals around 1500 shadow damage to everyone in 40 yard range. 1,5 - 2 seconds cast time. Needs to be interrupted when a lot of people are in range.
    • Soul Transfer - Damage and casting speed increased by 30%. This undispelable buff is given to all the remaining channelers in the room each time a channeler is killed. This ability stacks, meaning that when four channelers have been killed the remaining channeler will have 120% increased damage and casting speed.
    • Fear - Fears the closest target that is not tanking the channeler. Around 40 yard range.

    The Fight
    Inside the room you will find Magtheridon and five channelers. The channelers are keeping Magtheridon banished by channeling five cubes (located at position 1 to 5 in the picture). You are free to move around in the room, the channelers will only aggro once you attack them. Since the channelers can banish Magtheridon shouldn't it be possible for us to do the same? It is, but only for a couple of seconds! In fact, it's one of the key elements of phase 2 of the fight.
    During phase 2, anyone can click a cube and channel the same spell as the channelers do. If all five cubes are being channeled at the same time Magtheridon will get banished and take extra damage (this also stops and prevents Magtheridon from casting any spell while he’s banished). You take 800 damage per second while channelling and at the end of the channelling you also get a debuff preventing you from clicking the cube again for three minutes.
    Phase 1 starts when you attack a channeler. Magtheridon will remain banished but after two minutes he will break free and phase 2 will start. Phase 2 involves the remaining channelers you haven't killed (hopefully not more than two), Magtheridon himself and a lot of clicking. This is how you do it :

    • You need one tank for each channeler. Assign one healer to each tank. Have the remaining healers help out on healing all the tanks and the rest of the raid. Tanks will need more healing as more channelers get killed due to the Soul Transfer ability.
    • Create four teams of five people each. Put as many Hunters and Warlocks as possible in the first two teams since there won’t be many Infernals up at this stage of the fight. Five people in the raid will act as backups. In each group assign each member to a cube in the room. These four teams will take turns and click all the cubes in the room just as Magtheridon begins to cast Blast Nova. Yes, this is what phase 2 is all about.
    • All Warlocks and Hunters are on Infernal duty. As the Infernals spawn during the fight they will be a great source of annoyance and random deaths if not dealt with properly. The Hunters can kite them and the Warlocks can fear and banish them.
    • Position your dps at the entrance. The killorder is: 1 > 5 > 2 > 3 > 4. Have the tanks at cube 5 and 2 move their channeler to the entrance when it's time to kill their respective target. When the time has come to kill the channelers at cube 3 and 4 it's safer to move the raid to them.

    • Kill the first two channelers at the same time (bring the channelers at cube 1 and 5 to the entrance) and make sure that the Infernals are handled correctly. Once two channelers have been killed have one of the now free tanks get ready to pick up Magtheridon when the banish breaks.
    • Next in line is killing the channeler at cube 2. The channeler should die around the same time as Magtheridon breaks free. You now have about a minute left before Magtheridon does his first Blast Nova.
    • Have the members of the first team move to their respective cubes. Make sure they’re at the right position and awaiting the Blast Wave emote. As soon as the emote comes they click the cube and channel it until Magtheridon gets banished.
    • While awaiting the first Blast Wave you need to kill the two remaining channelers (that now have 90% more damage and faster casting speed). You may have trouble keeping your tanks alive when Magtheridon casts a quake. Just make sure you’ve got tons of HOT on them.
    • Magtheridon will keep casting his Quake and his Blast Nova (around every minute) until he’s killed, just rotate the four teams to have one of them click their cubes each time he casts his nova.
    • When Magtheridon reaches 30% health he’ll stun and deal 5000 damage to everyone in the room. Make sure it doesn’t happen just before a Blast Nova. There might also be some pices of the ceiling falling down at random locations in the room, just move away from them and you'll be fine.

    • Magtheridon hits about as hard as a channeler.
    • Have a Warlock keep Curse of Tongues up on all the channelers; it makes it much easier to interrupt their spells.
    • You can stun and fear the Infernals, as a healer this might be a lifesaver.
    • Have someone stand in melee range to the channeler at cube 4 when the first Blast Nova is being cast. This prevents the person assigned to clicking cube 4 from getting feared.
    • Make sure the Shadow Bolt Volley is interrupted when there’s a lot of people in range of it or the healing will be too intense.
    • The Dark Mending should always be interrupted. By clever positioning you can make sure that the channelers don’t heal each other.
    • Reaching the point of being able to interrupt the first Blast Nova cast by Magtheridon is a major breakthrough. The hard part of the fight is the first three minutes and later on coordinating all the clicking.

    Note: This information is from MMO-Champion and is not an original production

    Personal Observations
    • Magtheridon's lair seems to be much like Onyxia with just the boss and some trash in the way
    • Its a toss up if you want Shadow Resist (Shadow Bolt Volley) or Fire Resist (Infernals and Blast Wave ticks). Since the channelers are 'supposed' to go down it might be that you'll want all your tanks and some of the melee DPS to go full tilt with Fire Resist.
    • It does not mention what kind of damage doing the channeling give you and if you can reduce it with resist.
    • It does not mention if mind-numbing poison or silence affects work on the channelers.
    • It does not mention if 'undispellable' means just purge/dispell or mass dispell as well. Futhermore it does not mention if the buff can be spell stolen instead. Pretty sure mages would love +30% casting speed buff that can stack to 120%
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    Re: Magtheridon

    Magi is fun, a real gear check like Hydross, harder on tanks, but easier on DPS than say Hydross.

    Vanilla cleared in vanilla. TBC cleared in TBC.
    Heroic WotLK cleared. Awaiting Cataclysm.


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      Re: Magtheridon

      bumpity bump bump bump
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        Re: Magtheridon

        Bump... OF DOOOM
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          Re: Magtheridon

          Additional Info:

          Hellfire Channelers:
          • Each channeler has roughly 240,000 hitpoints.
          • Cast Shadow Volley, a 1-second cast which hits all targets within 30 yards for roughly 1800 damage. It is interruptible.
          • Cast Dark Mending, a 2-second cast that heals a Hellfire Channeler for 69375 to 80625. Interruptible
          • Vulnerable to Mind-numbing Poison and Curse of Tongues. One of these should be applied by rogues/warlocks to help with the above spell interrupts
          • Summon Abyssal infernals. Each channeler may not summon more than 2 infernals at a time. Infernals despawn after one minute.
          • Gain a Soul Transfer buff as you kill each Channeler. This buff increases their size by 20% and damage and casting speed by 30%, and stacks as you kill each Hellfire Channeler.

          Burning Abyssals:
          • Deal 2625 to 3375 with a 10-yard range to the player on which it lands.
          • Cast Fire Blast, which does 3300 damage in a 20-yard range.
          • May be frost nova'd, banished, feared, stunned, or trapped.

          • Has approximately 4,750,000 health. (Patch 2.0.12)
          • Hits 6-7k basic melee on a well-geared tank.
          • Casts Quake, a knockback that hits every player every second for 7 seconds. The first cast occurs 40 seconds after Magtheridon activates. Interrupts spells and is on a 50- to 60-second cooldown.
          • Casts Blast Nova, which deals roughly 2,500 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds to every player in the lair. The first cast occurs 1 minute after Magtheridon activates, on a 60-second cooldown. Will result in a wipe if he's allowed to cast it.
          • Cleave: Standard cleave, can hit for 8k+ on tank. Similar to Doom Lord Kazzak.

          Manticron Cubes:
          • Deal 800 damage per second to a player channeling it. If all 5 cubes are clicked at once, the Blast Nova is interrupted and Magtheridon does not attempt to cast it for another minute.
          • Apply Mind Exhaustion on the player, preventing that player from clicking it again for another 1 1/2 minutes. Magtheridon takes 300% damage while all 5 cubes are active.

          Phase 1:
          • At the beginning of the fight, 5 Hellfire Channelers are distributed around the room next to Manticron Cubes. They will not proximity aggro and respond only to hostile actions.
          • Each channeler must be tanked and focus-fired down. It is recommended to spread them around the room so their shadow volleys do not overlap.
          • Five tanks are recommended, but it is possible to have one tank holding two at once.
          • Whenever a Hellfire Channeler dies, the others will gain a Soul Transfer buff that increases their damage and spell casting speed. Therefore it is necessary to have very well-geared tanks on the last two mobs to die.
          • Magtheridon will be banished for all of phase 1.
          • Phase 1 lasts two minutes. A well-coordinated raid should be able to kill at least 3 channelers before he becomes active.

          Phase 2:
          • After 2 minutes Magtheridon will no longer be banished and phase 2 will start.
          • You can attack him immediately when he breaks the banish, but his threat table doesn't start until he actually targets someone. Often tanks and hunters with misdirect make the mistake of unloading into him as soon as he breaks the banish then wonder why they lost aggro to a healer. Wait till you see something in your target of target to build threat on him.
          • One minute into Phase 2 he will cast Blast Nova, which is on a 60-second cooldown. To interrupt the cast, all 5 Manticron cubes must be clicked simultaneously. Because of Mind Exhaustion will prevent those 5 players from clicking on the cubes again for 90 seconds, assign two teams of 5 players to rotate on the cubes.
          • While the cubes are clicked, Magtheridon will take 300% damage. Some groups with healing abilities far beyond Magtheridon are able to heal through the 800dmg/tick however it is not recommended.

          Phase 3:
          • At 30% Magtheridon shatters the walls of his lair, causing the roof to crash down on the entire raid. This deals 5250-6750 physical damage to every member of the raid.
          • It is recommended to time the blast nova such that it will not coincide with the beginning of phase 3, similar to waiting for a favorable class call on Nefarian.
          • For the remainder of the fight, the ceiling randomly caves in on players, dealing 87,500 to 112,500 damage to players standing underneath an 8-yard radius of the cave-in. There is a cave-in animation shortly preceding it so players will be able to safely move out of the way.

          • Be sure to avoid Collapse when clicking on your Manticron cube, since that will likely result in a wipe.
          • The cube can be clicked from any direction, so an aware player will be able to activate it and channel from a safe location.
          • Stand several yards from your cube while waiting for the next Blast Nova.
          • Do not stand on a cube. If Collapse targets you while you are on a cube, this may block the cube from being accessed.
          • Magtheridon has a 20 minute enrage timer, (22 minutes from the start of the fight).
          • During Phase 2, it is very important click all the Manticron cubes within the 2-second cast timer after the raid warning "Magtheridon Begins to Cast Blast Nova" is shown. If you click before that time, the 5 clickers will take 800 dmg per tick resulting in unnecessary healing. This method will work for a while, but in the end it results in an almost certain wipe.
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            Re: Magtheridon

            Video of Last Resort killing Magtheridon (mage PoV)

            Gnopaine - Level 70 Warlock (Affliction)
            Scarpia (aka Edbane) - Level 70 Paladin (Holy)
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              Re: Magtheridon

              A couple of comments from Henceforth Joe (name slightly altered to preserve anonymity) or HJ for short, my source for raid advice.

              1. Set 3 "click groups" to have better coverage for clicking the cubes, especially while learning the fight, since more people are expected to be dead.

              2. Have all 3 clickers move to their respective cube around 30 seconds before the Blast Nova cast. And have all 3 attempt to click the cube. Only one should "get" the cube, the rest will get "item in use." The redundancy is good, especially while learning the fight as it will raise the chances of a successfully timed click and also get people into the habit of moving to their positions on time. It may decrease DPS due to having more people moving, but they still manage to down him.

              3. Assign melee to cubes closer to where Mag is being tanked. Range should be assigned to the farther cubes. I know, I know... master of the obvious.




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