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Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar

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  • Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar

    Information provided by a combination of MMO-Champion and WoWWiki.

    The Crew

    High King Maulgar
    Tanked By: Warrior/Druid/Paladin, Off tank may be needed in Phase 2

    Attack - Single target damage of around 4000 on plate armor, up to 12000 crushing.
    Arcing Smash - Same as Cleave, hits for 6000 to 12000 dmg on plate.
    Mighty Blow - 6000 to 11000 on plate
    Whirlwind - His whirlwind does 7000 dmg on plate and will probably kill any cloth-wearer on his way. Some bossmods may warn you just a few seconds before he does it but melee DPS should be very cautious here and DPS only after he finished it for about 15 seconds.

    Enrages at 50% and uses:
    AOE Fear - Short range, will probably only affect people in melee and you should have an offtank waiting in the raid to get him back to his spot after he charges.
    Charge - Charge a non-feared target, this is where your offtank is useful, bring him back to the tanking spot before he's got time to whirlwind in the middle of your healers.

    Krosh Firehand (Mage)
    Tanked By: Mage

    Fire Ward Shield - Spellstealable. Reduce fire damages, a Mage has to spellsteal this to tank him. A second healer should be ready to pick up heals as a support in case the spellsteal is resisted.
    Fireball - 9000 damage, he will cast it every 3~5 seconds.
    Blastwave - 7000 damage every 10~15 seconds, 20 yards range. This is the reason you keep him at range from the rest of the raid, the mage tanking him doesn't have to be under 20 yards range and won't get damaged by this spell.

    Olm the Summoner (Warlock)
    Tanked By: 2 Warriors/Druids/Paladins and/or Summoned Felhunter (Warlock)

    Summon Felhunter - Happens every minute. Enslave and taunt Olm with it. You can choose to let him tank if you don't have enough warriors, or just use the taunt and let him die. A warrior is more efficient to tank (he takes less damage) so if you can afford it you should let him die.
    Do not kill him too fast if you don't need it to tank, he can dispell the Dark Decay DoT.
    Death Coil - Same as warlock spell, fear and deals 2000 damage to the main tank, also heal him for 4000 damage. This is where your 2nd tank taunt to get aggro.
    Dark Decay - DoT. 500 dmg every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Not very threatening but if you've got a felhunter enslaved, use it to dispell it and save your healers some mana.

    Blindeye the Seer (Priest)
    Tanked By: Warrior/Druid/Paladin

    Heal - Interruptable. Single target heal, interrupt it.
    Prayer of Healing - Interruptable. AOE Heal. Shield + 30 yards range and heals all his friends for around 33% of their life. He will first cast his shield, and will begin to cast the AOE heal, you've got something like 4 or 5 seconds to DPS him enough to kill the shield and be able to interrupt him (stun, poisons). Try to keep a Curse of Tongues on him.

    Kiggler the Crazed (Shaman)
    Tanked By: 2 Hunters/Shamans or Anyone with high nature resist

    Polymorph - Sheeps the tank. Get 2nd tank to pick it up
    Lighting Bolt - 1000-1500 Nature damage. Chaincasted on highest aggro target.
    AOE Knockback - 2500 Damage, 10 Yards range. Doesn't matter if you're tanking it from 20+ yards.

    The Pull
    This is the most important part of the fight, make sure everyone know where he has to go and why. The mage will run to the guy with the highest aggro and start casting fireball once he reaches him. All the others can be pulled with ranged attacks/misdirection. If you've got everyone in place, you've got 70% chances to kill Maulgar.

    The Fight
    Kill Order: Priest -> Warlock -> Mage -> Shaman -> Maulgar
    • Your first target is the priest (Blindeye the Seer), DPS him as fast as possible, and dps him even more when he casts his shield on himself. At this point you've got a few seconds (a few more if you've got Curses of Tongue on him) to kill the shield, and interrupt his healing. If you don't interrupt the heal, you will probably never kill him, so just keep your stuns and kicks ready.
    • Next is the warlock (Olm the Summoner). He summons a Felhunter that can be used to dispell the DOT he cast. You can also use his taunt ability to tank Olm but it will take a lot more damage than a warrior/druid and waste healer's mana, do it only if you don't have enough tanks. You will have to double tank it because Olm can (and will) death coil the MT, switching his target to the 2nd in the aggro list while the tank is feared.
    • Mage (Krosh Firehand) is the 3rd, you should have plenty of healers available now that the two first adds are dead and keeping the mage who tanks him alive shouldn't be a problem. Just keep in mind that if a Spellsteal resists on him, your mage will take a lot of damage. Rogues shouldn't DPS him and should go on the Shaman instead, the Blast Wave deals way too much damage to waste heal on it when you can just go DPS another add.
    • Last one is the shaman (Kiggler the Crazed) and he will probably have a lot of his life down already if the rogues did a good job while the ranged DPS were on the mage. Just finish him, rogues can go on Maulgar to save even more the mana of the healers (if they're smart enough to not die on the whirlwind, otherwise keep them on Kiggler). In some case, you can just send your rogues on Maulgar once you killed the warlock/priest, especially if your healers are already low on mana. But if you don't have enough ranged DPS killing the mage and the shaman may takes a bit of time.

    Originally posted by WoWWiki - High King Maulgar
    • The key to get into this fight is the pull. Everyone needs to stand in the correct position to minimalize the impact of the area-effect abilities. The typical kill order is Priest, Warlock, Mage, Shaman, and finally Maulgar. Priest and Warlock can both be focus-fired by melee and ranged together, so they go down quickly. Shaman and Mage are ranged-only DPS and die more slowly. Due to many of the ogres having anti-melee damage (fire nova, AE knock-back, maulgar whirlwind), ranged DPS is more of an asset than melee DPS for this specific fight.
    • The mage tanking Krosh Firehand should place himself completely to the right and move straight forward. Just in front of Krosh Firehand there's a slight "clip" and that is where you should stand before the pull takes place. Be sure not to move too close to the "clip" or you will aggro the room. A good reference point can be used just before the clip, there is a portion of the wall to your right that makes a "corner" that is a safe reference point stay at when preparing for the pull. When High King Maulgar gets aggroed you shoot any instant-spell you have (fire blast, PoM pyro) at Krosh Firehand and spellsteal his shield immediately afterwards. Positioning Krosh is easy. When you aggro him, he will run to you until he is right next to you, then he will stay at that point and fireball you. Make sure that you position him in the far right corner so the raid does not have to worry about the flame wave ability. This is easily done by running to the corner after a fireblast and just waiting until he gets to you and then blinking to get out of the range of the flame wave.
    • High King Maulgar gets pulled to the other side of where he's standing. He remains all time of the fight on his position. As for Olm the Summoner, the warriors and the warlocks run straight to him, but beware of the Blastwave of Krosh Firehand. He should be tanked in the back of the room. Kiggler the Crazed can be tanked by a combination of two hunters or two warlocks who are siphon life/drain tanking him. Alternatively he can be tanked by a moonkin druid because of the immunity to polymorph. Blindeye the Seer has to be pulled in the way of the entrance. Warriors and other melee are on the Priest doing damage.
    • It is important that you have enough damage to make Blindeye the Seer's shield disappear. Have someone giving information when the shield is up and then just burst his shield down. If the shield is down, just interrupt his healing ability. Also, make 1 of your rogues apply Mind-numbing Poison on his off-hand, thus greatly increasing your chances to interrupt his healing spells. Another rogue should use Wound Poison (even use shiv to be sure it is stacked 5 times the whole fight) so that even if the priest manages to cast a healing spell on him it will only heal him for 50% of the amount. You should only have to deal with two or three shields while damaging him down, then all the melee should go to Olm the Summoner while all ranged DPS concentrates on Krosh Firehand. While you walk to those two encounters, make sure to avoid Krosh Firehand's Blastwave. Stay calm, be cautious, and bring those two adds down. Once Olm the Summoner is down, Krosh Firehand should follow right after. Finally everyone ranged DPSes Kiggler the Crazed down.
    • After all 4 adds are down, ensure your healers have enough mana. All free healers should recover some mana before entering the fight against High King Maulgar. Same goes for caster-DPS. High King Maulgar hits very hard, but his damage can be mitigated by around 30% if Curse of Weakness is kept up on him by a warlock. Melees don't enter the fight right away, they have to wait until High King Maulgar does his first Whirlwind. When the Whirlwind vanishes you can enter the fight for about 25-35 seconds, then you should move away to prevent his Whirlwind from hitting you!
    • At 50% High King Maulgar enters Phase 2. In this phase he will charge random party members. He will also cast Intimidating Shout on the main tank which will incapacitate him for 4 seconds and fear everyone around him. To deal with intimidating shout, have a second tank taunt Maulgar after all the other adds are down (the MT should immediately taunt him back) and then run out of range of the fear and wait. When Maulgar Intimidating Shouts the melee, his aggro will switch to the off tank until Intimidating Shout breaks. Once Intimidating Shout breaks, the off tank can intervene the MT to get Maulgar back in position. His whirlwinds can be dangerous in this phase if he begins one while the main tank is feared or right after a charge so keeping tabs on the whirlwinds and spreading out are very important. If you have 20 or more people still up once the 4 adds are dead, you should have no trouble getting Maulgar down. Be prepared and spread out for Phase 2.
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    Re: Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar

    This is a mad crazy fight, you'll need to be on your A game and then some. It's really intense, healers need to watch 2 and 3 main heal targets, as well as throwing around some spot heals. Key is pay attention at all times to leadership and be ready to change quickly if leader calls it.


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      Re: Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar

      We allocate specific healers to specific tanks (be they warrior, druid or mage) because the burst damage is very high and you are likely to get a 'dead spot' in healing if all healers are looking around at hwo they shoudl heal next. Maulgar himself can pump out about 22-23k damage in 2 seconds for example. However once you have the pull sorted then it is actually a pretty simple fight from there on.

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        Re: Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar

        The information here is correct, but the positioning is sub-optimal.

        Positioning like this would require motion from the MT healers on the pull. And with the capability of 17k incoming damage on the MT, you cannot afford the delay. Further, the tanking on Olm gets squirrely with the Deathcoil, and this positioning lends itself to the tank on Olm getting deathcoiled into Krosh's fireblast.

        Also, using a felhunter on the warlock add is kind of unneeded, and in fact problematic. It's best to run two tanks on Olm because you can easily communicate when the DOT stacks too high for a taunt-off, and it's easier to heal a player than a fel stalker. Plus, the fel stalkers do obscene damage.


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          Re: Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar

          Also, I cannot stress enough how important the pull is. It's like, the entire fight.

          The best way to do it is to have an arcane spec mage POM frostbolt/fireball Krosh after a hunter sends in his pet to die. Hunters need to misdirect Maulgar and Olm at the least. Blindeye hits like a wet noodle so no one really cares about him.

          Kiggler needs two tanks at the start. He will eventually de-aggro both of those tanks. However, this won't happen until well after Blindeye is down and ranged is pelting away at him, so just make sure your Kiggler healers are watching their ToT windows.

          When you get all the adds down, spread out in an arc around Maulgar. Your melee can go in, just make sure they're ready to bust out whenever he whirlwinds. He's actually FAR easier to tank during his enrage.

          Your tanks need to be ready to taunt him back to the MT during any fear or whirlwind. Have your offtanks standing ready in the group, spread out on the left, center and right portions of the arc and ready to taunt/intervene.


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            Re: Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar

            Bumping for people to review.
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              Re: Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar

              I agree with all of the posts indicating that Olm should be double-tanked by players. These don't have to be true tanks; DPS warriors are fine, for instance. The trick with him, especially when there aren't many warlocks in the raid, is to efficiently get rid of his Fel Stalkers. The few times I fought Maulgar, we found the best thing is to enslave them and send them against Krosh. The Fel Stalker will do a lot of damage to him, and then draw aggro and get one-shotted by the mage. Win-win. :) With this strategy, we never had more than one Fel Stalker up at once, and only one warlock required to be on enslavement duty. This means remaining warlocks can provide an imp to support the MT/OT and mage tank groups.

              Another little trick on the pull is for the warlock on enslavement duty to send in a voidwalker ahead of the player tanks. The VW will take the first Death Coil, giving the two tanks better opportunity to gain aggro and position Olm wherever you want him. This also means that you don't need a hunter to misdirect on Olm, since misdirects are often in short supply.

              I think this is well-known and buried in the strategy at the top of this thread, but: Locks should also be assigned to put Curse of Weakness on Maulgar, and Curse of Tongues on Blindeye. The other guys are immune.

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