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    Ok, so I guess I'm up. Beep and Manny have led the charge in providing info on the Warrior and Paladin tanking strategies, respectively. Now it's time for the tanking Druid.

    "Sum Durids r tanks..." (WoW Forums)

    Yes, some druids are tanks. Not all have the specs or the skills to do it, but all can adapt and learn. Druid tanking is a little more about gear than other classes. We lack the parry and block. We make up for this in needing less defense when compared to warriors (Warriors=490, Druids=415 with 3 points in "Survival of the Fittest" Talent). We also need a good amount of dodge to make up for a warrior's shield block, which has a chance of pushing Crushing Blows off the hit table. Crushing Blows are done by bosses, ignore armor, and hit for 1.5x damage.

    Druid Aggro:
    Druids gather aggro by hitting hard. If there is anything you can do to lower a target's armor or increase my damage, by all means, do it. You'll be increasing my threat if you do. When a druid approaches a target at the start of a pull, threat isn't automatic. We hit hard, but we don't hit often. The first hit or two aren't always instant. Count to 2 before hitting our main target, count to 5 before hitting anything that is an off target that we are also holding. We need this time to build rage and start swiping. General rule, if you see the Mangle (Bear) debuff, you can hit them. And rogues, carful on the double target attacks early in the pull, that can get nasty.

    When not to stun:
    Don't stun when we are moving the mob into position at the initial part of the pull. It's just frustrating. Feel free to stun anything going away from us if your reflexes are faster than ours.

    If you have aggro (Melee):
    Step back a couple paces and we'll notice the mob we thought was on us is now on you. We'll grab it. If we don't, get another tank.

    If you have aggro (ranged/healers):
    Don't run backwards, if anything, meet the tank in the middle. If you start kiting, we might just let you kite for awhile because we can't run as fast as you.

    Feral Charge:
    If a mob resists the stun component of feral charge, we end up charging them and then standing in place as the mob runs away. We are temporarily locked to the floor, so be careful when running from a druid tank with bosses and such.



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