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LFM class-specic After Action Reports on KZ

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  • LFM class-specic After Action Reports on KZ

    Forgive the new guy, but I'm nothing if not full of suggestions.

    I'd love to see class-specific AAR's go up after Kara runs. Maybe start a thread for each class, with the current KZ squads posting short AARs about each encounter from their class POV.

    For example, a priest knows he'll be shackling this or that add at this or that point in the fight. But he'd be more prepared if he knew what to look for ahead of big damage spikes to the MT or what mobs always seem to resist Fade or when is the best time to cease casting to regen mana. Basically, all the button mashing in between the strategy guide bullet points.
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    Re: LFM class-specic After Action Reports on KZ

    nice idea...hope some take this up...I can only speak for druids...and tanking druids at guess it's more from just a tasnking PoV...but I may try to put up some "choke points" from within Karazhan...some is common sense, but at these choke points, you have to react quick.




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