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  • Shaman and you.

    With the coming of the Burning Crusade, the alliance received not only a new race, but a previously horde-only class: the shaman. Shaman are "the only true hybrid class in wow" (quoting blizzard on that one), and can be an invaluable asset to any raid or party. Many members in TG have had shaman alts on the horde, and even more made a draenei counterpart. I decided I'd throw together a quick little thread to inform people on what a shaman does, and what to expect out of them.

    The shaman have three varying talent trees: elemental, enhancement, and restoration. I'll try to give you guys a brief summary of all three.

    Elemental: "The caster shaman". These guys pack quite a punch, using lightning and shocks to quickly obliterate things. People give them a stereotype of constantly being oom, but most I've talked to have had no problem with it.

    Enhancement: "The melee shaman". Enhancement shaman tend to be melee, and also pack quite a punch, using melee weapons as well as shocks. Enhancement shaman mostly utilize Windfury, a "temporary weapon enchant" that adds extra hits with bonus attack power. With the right gear, they can eat things up.

    Restoration: "The healy shaman". All shaman have the opportunity to heal. Resto shaman heal much better than the other trees, thanks to a variety of talents and spells to help keep the raid alive as long as possible. I'm not expert on healers, but a restoration shaman can definitely be a huge benefit to a group.

    Now, keep in mind I'm not a complete whiz on the shaman class, so feel free to correct me.

    Now lets talk about totems :D. Totems are the "core" of the shaman class. Most of our totems buff the party, and paired with paladin blessings, can really make a world of difference. We have agility totems, strength totems, hp/mana regen totems, and even spell damage totems. A shaman who can utilize totems correctly is a powerful asset to anyone. The problem is most totems have a very short timer, meaning in a way they're like a blessing, but they dont move, and tend to fade relatively fast.

    Now then, you're probably asking yourself, "Why take a shaman over a paladin? We've gone this long without them." Even if you're not, pretend you are. The main difference between a shaman and paladin is that shaman are an "offensive hybrid" and paladins are a "defensive hybrid". Shaman deal much much more damage than a paladin, but can't tank or heal as well. Paladin are much better with mana efficiency (shaman are horrible with it), but can't keep up with the damage output of a shaman. Pairing them together is something that can take a group far. As for one or the other, you really have to think about the situation.

    Well, I hope I gave you a quick glimpse at the shaman class, feel free to correct anything you see needs correcting.

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