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  • Druid Idol Macros

    Below are some macros that I use or will use once I get the appropriate Idols. All macros except the Ravage/Shred use the "?" icon that is the first to choose from. I also just put a space in for the name so the icon doesn't have any text when it is on the action bar.

    How to use: When I am in cat, itemRack automatically starts me out with the [item]Idol of the Wild[/item]. I mangle up the target or shred and such until 5 combo points. When I reach 5 combo points, I quickly hold shift and hit my Ferocious Bite or Maim macros which will equip the [item]Idol of the Claw[/item] because the shift modifier is down and the macro was clicked. Then I click the Ferocious Bite or Maim normally and it will use the spell. This allows me to have the mangle idol on when using mangle, and then I heal myself for 100 if I have 5 combo points on the heals anyone? There are plenty more uses. Do with it as you see fit. The idol swapping works perfectly while waiting on energy to regen since I'm spamming the button anyways...might as well hold shift on one of those clicks and get something of benefit from it.
    • Moonfire/Moon
      #showtooltip Moonfire()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Idol of the Moon
      /cast Moonfire()

    • Rejuv/Broach
      #showtooltip Rejuvenation()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Harold's Rejuvenating Broach
      /cast Rejuvenation()

    • Lifebloom/Everbloom/Tenacity
      #showtooltip Lifebloom()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Idol of the Emerald Queen
      /equip [modifier:ctrl] Idol of Tenacity
      /cast Lifebloom()

    • FB/Claw
      #showtooltip Ferocious Bite()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Idol of the Claw
      /cast Ferocious Bite()

    • Maim/Claw
      #showtooltip Maim()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Idol of the Claw
      /cast Maim()

    • Ravage/Shred/Everbloom
      /cast [nostealth] Shred; [stealth] Ravage
      /equip [modifier:shift] Everbloom Idol

    • Mangle/Wild (Cat)
      #showtooltip Mangle (Cat)()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Idol of the Wild
      /cast Mangle (Cat)()

    • Mangle/Wild (Bear)
      #showtooltip Mangle (Bear)()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Idol of the Wild
      /cast Mangle (Bear)()

    • Swipe/Brutality
      #showtooltip Swipe()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Idol of Brutality
      /cast Swipe()

    • Maul/Brutality
      #showtooltip Maul()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Idol of Brutality
      /cast Maul()

    • Rip/Feral Shadows
      #showtooltip Rip()
      /equip [modifier:shift] Idol of Feral Shadows
      /cast Rip()

    A List of some of the Idols available to us:
    [item]Idol of Tenacity[/item],[item]Idol of the Emerald Queen[/item],[item]Harold's Rejuvenating Broach[/item],[item]Idol of the Claw[/item],[item]Idol of Savagery[/item],
    [item]Idol of the Wild[/item],[item]Idol of Ferocity[/item],[item]Idol of Brutality[/item],[item]Idol of the Moon[/item],[item]Everbloom Idol[/item],[item]Idol of Feral Shadows[/item]
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    Re: Druid Idol Macros

    Is there any way to macro the use of trinkets as well? One of my biggest faults is I never think to use my trinkets until its too late. I could probably increase my DPS by a ton if I popped those +200 AP and haste trinkets every 2 minutes while fighting.

    Barring that one that uses the trinket before using the skill if the cooldown is up or just using the skill if the cooldown is still going.

    You know, if bladefist is avalible use bladefist then cast arcane shot but if bladefist is not avalible just use arcane shot.
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      Re: Druid Idol Macros

      I'd have to look into it, but trinkets are tricky. I think you can use a trinket by slot (ie trinket 1 or 2 which I think are item slots 13 and 14...). AS for trying to use them as they come available, that gets rough.

      I use TrinketMenu and enlarge it just a little. I also have it show cooldowns on the icons. You can Queue up a trinket to switch while in combat and it will switch when you drop combat. That is a really nice feature. With hunters and their Feign Death, it comes in really handy.

      As for working it into macros, I think it isn't allowed since it is 2 actions in one...though, I'll check anyways.

      EDIT: couldn't find anything for macros that would do one thing if a trinket was in cooldown and another if it wasn't...they removed the if/then from macros.




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