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Gruul's Lair - Gruul the Dragonkiller

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  • Gruul's Lair - Gruul the Dragonkiller

    Information provided by a combination of MMO-Champion and WoWWiki

    Gruul the Dragonkiller

    Attack - 3000 - 3500 on Plate/Dire Bear tanks.
    Growth - Self Buff every 30 seconds. +15% Damage and +10% size per buff to a total of 30 buffs for +450% damage and +300% size.
    Hurtful Strike - Physical attack that occasionally hits the second person on the aggro list in melee range. Does 12350-13650 physical damage. A second tank is needed to tank this. (unsure if damage listed is before or after armor mitigation)
    Cave In - Random AoE damage for 3000 physical damage every 3 seconds. He casts them more frequently as the fight progresses and they can move around a bit. Look like a blizzard with rocks instead of ice.
    Reverberation - Zone wide AoE Silence for 3-4 seconds. Can be resisted with anti-silence item/talents/abilities.

    The Chain
    Ground Slam - First spell in the chain. Knockback of every player in a random direction.
    Gronn Lord's Grasp - Second spell in the chain. Movement speed is reduced 20% every 5 seconds till it stacks to 5 for 100% reduction. In short: You have 25 seconds when you hit the ground to start running. Rogues can Cloak of Shadows out of the Grasp and avoid being stoned/shattered if they're quick.
    Stoned - Third spell in the chain. Everyone is stunned once they get 5 stacks of Grasp.
    Shatter - Final spell in the chain. Gruul shatters the raid and damage it taken based on how far you are from each other. At 15 yards it is roughly 1100 damage and if very close around 6000-7000 damage. Damage can be avoided/mitigated greatly if the raid can spread out during the Grasping stage. The damage cuts through immunities like Divine Shield, Blessing of Sanctuary, and Ice Block, but there is a Line of Sight component to it so you can hide behind something and avoid damage if you're fast.

    • The entire raid should follow behing the main tank as they run in. The doors to the room close as soon as he is aggroed so anyone lagging behind could be left outside.
    • Main tank, hurtful strike tank, and off tanks progress to the center of the room and start generating aggro. Much like Vael it is important to keep the aggro list solid so the first person on the list is always the main tank and the second person in melee on the list is always the hurtful strike tank. If the hurtful strike tank should surpass the main tank in threat, but not pull aggro then your main tank will eat both normal melee attacks and the hurtful strike causing one seriously flattened tank.
    • Healers and Ranged DPS spread out around the room and can begin as soon as they are in position. As long as they do not pull aggro it does not matter where they are on the list since you need to be in melee to take the Hurtful Strikes. Tank aggro generation can be assisted by Hunter misdirections so heavy DPS can go in as soon as possible.
    • Rogues spread out and come in after the tank aggro is set. Remain spread out while doing DPS because Cave Ins typically start in melee before shifting outwards.
    • After everyone is scattered with ground slam it is very important that you either get back in position, hide behind cover, or remove yourself from everyone else to avoid taking as much damage as possible.
    • Two tanks (perferably the main and hurtful strike tanks) must be the first two people into melee with Gruul after a ground slam. If the second person in melee with Gruul is not a tank then they will eat a hateful strike and die a quick and squishy death.

    Additional Information
    • Gruul does no magical attacks so buffing everyone with Amplify Magic will make healing a tad easier.
    • Because all damage is physical is may also be possible to 'save' people from damage with Blessing of Sanctuary which blocks all physical damage.
    • Dreamless sleep potions 'freeze' people in midair after a ground slam if used. However since the radius for shatter is a sphere it should be done at the highest point to avoid people under them.
    • Healers should be careful around Reverberations and Ground Slams because this is when tanks tend to fall over dead. HoTs should be stacked up in preparation and it is also possible for an offtank to Intervene the main tank to keep them up a little longer for the big heals.
    • If the main tank dies then all the off tanks move up a slot on the ladder and the raid can keep fighting. The hateful strike tank is now the main tank and the first off tank is now the hateful strike tank and so on down the line. Rogues and melee DPS should stay out of the 'tank threat' area or they may find themselves 'volunteered' to tank hateful strikes.
    • MOVE! Do not wait for other people to do it for you. If you wipe because you were expecting the guy next to you to move, you're officialy an idiot.
    • If you are caught in a cave in you have exactly 3 seconds to move before you take damage. If you ignore those 3 seconds then you can/will die since the damage stacks up pretty high as the fight progresses and he gets multiple growth buffs.
    • Cover is scattered all over the place and you can hide/catch yourselves on them during ground slam and grasp phases to avoid shatter damage.
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