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Gruul Strat: Pre-assigned positions

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  • Gruul Strat: Pre-assigned positions

    I was discussing the Gruul fight with a coworker from a guild that has downed him multiple times. They were having problems with the ground slam and subsequent shatter. They switched to this strategy and shortly afterwards they downed him.

    From the article below:

    "The key to dealing with Ground Slam and Shatter for all 25 members of the raid to each have a pre-determined location to be in before the Shatter occurs. After a Ground Slam, it is every player's responsibility to get to his spot within the five seconds alotted."

    ... and...

    "Generally, a Ground Slam will not launch you if you are standing on a rock, or if you standing behind a post/pillar and out of line-of-sight. Avoiding the knockback allows for much easier and more organized positioning before a Shatter."

    (I am still not at 15 posts, so if someone else can re-link this without the space, please do.)

    http : // www

    For positioning, please refer to the diagram, from the above linked page:

    http : // www

    They normally put their MT healers on 22, 23, 25 and 5.

    Initially, they thought that the additional moving around to position would lower DPS to the point of not having enough damage to down him before the growths are unhealable. While the DPS did go down, they managed to survive longer, allowing them to kill Gruul.

    We brought him down to 3% on our best attempt and I believe we had a little bit of time to spare. He was at around the 13th growth, if I recall correctly. And we can potentially heal through around 18 total. That gives us over two more minutes of additional DPS. And if we have most or all of the raid still alive, that should not be a problem.


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    Re: Gruul Strat: Pre-assigned positions

    With the MT healers positioned at 22, 23, 25 and 5, they do not have to move. And some of the ranged DPS can remain by the rock, minimizing their movement.

    Basically, 2 are assigned per rock/pillar, except for one which has 3. Then, only one of them moves forward after the ground slam and before the shatter.


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      Re: Gruul Strat: Pre-assigned positions

      theres the links, u might want to tell Gaviin and Sajier about this in game just in case they dont see this, im sure at this point they are completly open to suggestions!
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        Re: Gruul Strat: Pre-assigned positions

        Thanks Xy! I will post a reference to this thread on the Resurgent forum.


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          Re: Gruul Strat: Pre-assigned positions

          I have seen it, I watch the forums very closely. I like the idea and will talk to Gaviin about it.
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            Re: Gruul Strat: Pre-assigned positions

            C&P is so much easier...

            Gruul the Dragonkiller can be found in Gruul's Lair, a 25-man raid dungeon in northern Blade's Edge Mountains. He is the second and final boss, after High King Maulgar. There is no attunement required to reach him, and he is one-half of the Serpentshrine Caverns attunement quest, obtained in Heroic Slave Pens.

            :: Raid Composition ::

            Gruul requires two well-geared tanks. The Main Tank should be a Warrior, and the Off Tank can be a Warrior or Druid. This fight is light on healing and favors a DPS-heavy group. Ranged DPS is favored over melee DPS, due to positioning issues. Here is an example of an optimal Gruul raid.

            -3 Warriors (2 Protection, 1 DPS)
            -4 Priests (2 Healing, 2 DPS)
            -4 Mages
            -4 Warlocks
            -2 Paladins (Healing)
            -2 Druids (Healing)
            -2 Shaman (Healing)
            -2 Rogues
            -2 Hunter

            :: Abilities ::

            Every 30 seconds, Gruul increases in size and strength. His damage dealt is increased by 15% per stack. As a result, the fight becomes increasingly difficult as time progresses. This adds a race-against-time element to the fight and makes the encounter a battle of attrition. Taking too long to defeat him will eventually result in the raid being unable to withstand with Gruul's overwhelming damage. A successful Gruul kill will normally take no longer than 16-17 stacks (eight to nine minutes).

            -Hurtful Strike
            Gruul hits the player with the second-highest threat within melee range. This occurs once every eight seconds. The best solution is to have two tanks on Gruul: one to take his regular melee attacks and one to take Hurtful Strikes. It is important for the off-tank to generate enough aggro to maintain secondary aggro. Against an appropriately geared tank, Hurtful Strikes deal approximately 5000 damage per hit and this damage will increase as Gruul grows. If there are no other melee targets in range, Gruul will hit the Main Tank instead.

            Rocks fall from above upon a random target, dealing physical damage within a five yard radius. The damage is mitigated by armor. On a cloth-wearer, Cave In will deal roughly 2000 damage every three seconds and this damage will increase as Gruul grows. All players must be fully aware and ready to move out when a Cave-In occurs. It is difficult but very possible to escape a Cave In before it damages you.

            The entire raid is silenced for four seconds. This occurs infrequently (once every minute or so), but can be potentially hazardous to the tank. Keep the tank's health high at all times, to avoid accidents. Tanks should use Healing Potions and Healthstones here when necessary, and conserve Last Stand and Shield Wall for Reverberations at the latter stages of the fight, when Gruul is hitting much harder.

            -Ground Slam/Shatter
            Gruul slams the ground, causing each player to be thrown in the air, in a random direction. The raid will then receive a stacking debuff, reducing their movement speed by 20% per second for five seconds, eventually rendering them unable to move. Once five seconds have elapsed and everyone is turned to stone, Gruul casts 'Shatter', causing each player to deal damage to other players within 20 yards of them. The amount of damage ranges from 2000 to 9000, depending on how close the players are to each other. It is imperative for the raid to be spread out evenly thoughout the room before the Shatter casts. Thus, an intricate strategy and a defined set of rules must be established, in order to mitigate the effects of this ability. There are several terrain features along the walls of the room that prevent players from being launched from a Ground Slam. Identify and strategically use them to spread the raid throughout the room for Shatters.

            :: Healing ::

            Assign most of your healers to your Main Tank, and about three to the Off Tank. The raid should be positioned so that each player is in range of at least one healer at all times, even when spread out. Healers should focus on their assigned tank, while patch healing nearby allies from Cave In and Shatter damage. Keep the entire raid high on HP before Shatters and during the late stages of the fight when Cave Ins become lethal.

            :: Tanking ::

            Gruul should be tanked in the center of the room, shifted slightly to the northeast quadrant (there are more safe spots in the north and east). The tank and offtank should be positioned in a way so that they are in range of their healers. It is relatively easy to hold aggro as the Main Tank. However, the Off Tank needs to be extra careful. He cannot surpass the Main Tank in threat, but he must main tain more threat than the melee DPS. He should also have secondary aggro secured, to salvage an attempt if the MT goes down in the latter stages of the fight. Holding aggro is not an easy task, since the Off Tank has limited rage compared to the Main Tank. Consecutive dodges and parries on Hurtful Strike could really hinder the OT's rage generation. Use Mighty Rage Potions, or if necessary, stand under a Cave In for extra rage. Rogues should Vanish early if the Off Tank is having trouble securing aggro.

            Since Gruul gradually hits harder as the fight progresses, tanks should conserve their Last Stand and Shield Wall for until Gruul has reached 12 or more stacks of Growth. They should be ready to use potions and healthstones when their health is low during a Reverberation.

            :: Dealing with Ground Slam and Shatter ::

            This encounter is won or lost with the raid's ability to deal with Ground Slams and Shatters. Minimizing losses to Shatter is imperative to a successful Gruul kill. You should be able to consistently withstand Shatters without losing a single player. Here is a list of important things to know about Ground Slam/Shatter:

            -Shatter damage can no longer be prevented by Immune effects, such as Ice Block, Divine Shield and Lesser Invulnerability Potions. Previously, this was not the case. Invulnerability Potions used to be the preferred method to kill Gruul, but a recent hotfix rendered this strategy ineffective.

            -It is natural for players to take Shatter damage and it is nearly impossible for all 25 players to avoid taking damage completely. As long as everyone survives, it is perfectly fine for a few players to take a few thousand damage per Shatter. Focus on surviving rather than trying to avoid Shatter damage altogether.

            -The first Ground Slam occurs roughly 40 seconds into the fight. Every following Ground Slam occurs between 70 to 100seconds since the last. When formulating a strategy, always assume that the next Ground Slam will occur as soon as the ~70 second cooldown has elapsed. I would recommend using a timer mod, such as Natur Enemy Cast Bar and having a raid leader broadcast audible warnings over Ventrilo. Death Wish uses a 63 second timer that starts immediately after a Shatter occurs. By the time the timer expires, everyone should recognize that a Ground Slam is imminent and should be in their safe-spots.

            -There are several specific terrain features, aka 'safe-spots', in the room where a player can stand and will not be thrown into the air by Ground Slam. Generally, a Ground Slam will not launch you if you are standing on a rock, or if you standing behind a post/pillar and out of line-of-sight. Avoiding the knockback allows for much easier and more organized positioning before a Shatter. This prevents the possibilty of three or more players being thrown onto the same spot. Since the tanks are unable to avoid knockbacks, they should be ready to use Intercept/Feral Charge to get back into position as soon as they are knocked back. There should be room for one more melee to use the same method to relocate himself after a knockback. Here are the 'safe-spots' that Death Wish uses.


            The key to dealing with Ground Slam and Shatter for all 25 members of the raid to each have a pre-determined location to be in before the Shatter occurs. After a Ground Slam, it is every player's responsibility to get to his spot within the five seconds alotted. As mentioned before, Warriors and Feral Druids (two tanks and one DPS) are able to Intercept back into melee range as soon as they get knocked back by Ground Slam. These three should collaborate with each other to make sure that they remain spread out for the Shatter.

            The remaining 22 members of the raid should find a safe-spot to stand in and not be affected by the Ground Slam knockback, while being fully able to reach their assigned location in time for Shatter. When the raid leader announces that Gruul's Ground Slam cooldown is ready, each player should flee to a safe-spot to await the next Ground Slam. Once the Ground Slam goes off, each player should move to their own designated location before the Shatter. Here is a diagram of how a raid-leader may assign 25 positions, as well as how to reach these positions from a safe-spot.

            Make sure to place Healers in places where they can still reach their tanks from their safe-spot. Place Mages in places with few safe-spots, such as the Northwest and Southeast, since they can blink to safety when in danger. Using this technique more-or-less removes the "randomness" factor out of Gruul kills, and drastically reduces the chances of multiple players being thrown into one area.

            :: Have a Contingency Plan ::

            There will be instances in which a player is unable to reach his designated safe spot, due to a Cave In. For starters, safe-spots should be kept clear when Ground Slam is on cooldown, to avoid blocking them with Cave In. If a Cave In occurs on top of a safe-spot, each player should have a backup safe-spot, in which they can still reach their designated location before Shatter goes off. In the event that a player gets launched, all players should be on the lookout for teammates getting thrown into their vicnity. Establish a set of rules on what to do when this occurs. For example, the launched player may be instructed to focus only shifting away from the person closest to him. Meanwhile all other players in his vicinity can anticipate his movement and attempt to shift away from him, giving him some room and a chance to survive. As long as Ground Slam knockbacks are kept to a minimum, being able to deal with a 1-3 knockbacks is very reasonably possible.

            :: Summary ::
            -Tank him in the middle of the room, shifted slightly towards the northeast. Have two tanks building aggro, one for melee attacks and one for Hurtful Strikes.
            -Move out of Cave-Ins.
            -The first Ground Slam occurs 40 seconds into the fight. Each following Ground Slam can occur as early as 70 seconds since the last Ground Slam (or ~63 seconds since the last Shatter). Set a timer for 40 seconds from the pull and 63 seconds since the last Shatter.
            -When a Ground Slam is imminent, all players should move to their safe-spots until the Ground Slam occurs. Once it does, they should move from their safe-spots to their predeterimined designated location, spreading out for Shatter.
            -Keep DPS as high as possible to shorten the fight. Be more liberal on heals towards the latter stages.
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