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    Nalorakk - Bear Avatar, 1st boss:

    2 Phases:
    First phase - Human form:
    He does a random charge.
    Mangle - Increases damage done by bleeds by 100%.

    Second phase - Bear form:
    Applies 2 different bleed effects.
    Raid wide Silence - 4-5 seconds long, does approx 1k damage.

    Phase 1 is simply tank and spank. Make sure to heal the random person charged.

    Phase 2 have the 2nd tank taunt the boss and be careful of the cleave so make sure the raid is not next to where the 2nd tank is bringing the boss.

    When he goes back to human form, have the first tank taunt it, repeat until he is dead.

    Akil'zon - Eagle Avatar, 2nd boss:

    Roughly every 60 seconds he will cast the his Storm on a random person with an emote. This player is raised up in the air and a cloud appears above them, simply everyone find this person and run under him and you will take no damage. The boss channels this spell so feel free to keep attacking at ranged unless you are lucky enough to have him target a melee next to him, just be carteful not to over-aggro the MT.

    This is a basic tank and spank fight with a small twist. Also during the storm have ranged/casters target the eagles in the air and dot/attack them to give you more time on dpsing the boss, the melee just concentrate on the boss himself. A very easy fight, might take a wipe or 2 to understand what is going on.

    Halazzi - Lynx Avatar, 3rd boss:

    This boss has a tiny amount of hp, roughly 600k. This is a 2 phase encounter that rotates (similar to Nightbane) every 25%.

    Phase 1 -

    He hits quite hard and also does a Mother Shahraz type of ability like Saber Lash that if it hits more than 1 person the damage received by each person is much less than if it were to hit only 1. Once you get him to 75 % he will go into phase 2.

    Phase 2 -

    During this phase he will transform back into his Shaman form and spawn a Spirit of the Lynx that has approx 200k hp. Also during this phase he will drop a nasty totem known as: Corrupted Lightning Totem that does chain lightning for approx 5k, maybe some nat res is not a bad idea, but not a necessity. The last ability of this phase is a Flame Shock that he will do randomly to 1 target.

    Basically tank and spank in phase 1. When phase 2 occurs, 1 tank stays on the Shaman and the other tank takes the Spirit. You need to dps down the Spirit as fast as possible so you will not stay in phase 2, too long because of the nasty totems.

    Kill the totems when they spawn (similar to Tidvalas during the Fathom Lord Karathress encounter in SSC), cleanse people if needed. Rinse and repeat till dead.

    Jan'alai - Dragonhawk Avatar, 4th boss:

    Coming soon... when we get a suitable tatic.

    Hex Lord Malacrass, 5th Boss: (in-complete info)

    He starts with 4 random adds. Possible known adds:

    Ogre - Melee add, Sheep him.
    Imp - Fireball Spam, possible banish or kill quickly.
    Dragonkin - Flamebreath & Thunderclap, sleep him/kill quickly, if you get this add, preferrably killing is a good option.
    Undead - melee and instant casts, shackle him.
    Blood Elf - Heals. Interupt heals/Kill quickly.
    Serpent - Posion bolts. Sleep it / kill quickly, like the Dragonkin, killing it is preferred due to your druid does not have to shapeshift.

    People seem to kill 1 or 2 of the adds before focusing on the boss.


    Does a nasty dot that lasts for approx 15 sec and deals roughly 300-400dmg per tick.

    During the fight randomly he will Soul Drain 1 random person, he will take on 2-3 abilites of that persons class. He will continue to use these new abilities till he Soul Drains another victim and repeats a new cycle of attacks.

    Every minute or so he will drain everyone of their power by 1% and giving it to himself, thus increasing his size and his damage by 10%.

    Tank and spank and deal with the new abilities he may gain.

    Possible Soul Drains:

    Druid- Thorns & Lifebloom (big heal!!!)
    Hunter- Traps
    Mage- Frost Nova & Firebolt/Frostbolt
    Paladin- Consecrate & Holy Light
    Priest- Heal & Mind Control.
    Rogue- SnD & Blind.
    Shaman- Fire Nova Totem & Healing Wave
    Warlock- ? ?
    Warrior- Whirlwind & Spell reflect.

    Zul'jin - The Final Boss:

    This is already mentioned by Hephaustus and Renew, credits to both, it is bang on and solid so no need to write our own.

    Every phase change he does do a threat wipe, when he turns into an Eagle you do not need to worry about a threat list though as explained below. He changes phases every 20%.

    Phase 1:
    Watch out for his whirlwind (melee range). He also casts a debuff similar to the one in Slave Pens that does a dd and then ticks until the player is topped off. Seems like it was only around 2500-3000 damage, so if you are good at assist healing you can downrank accordingly to top them off just enough so they do not take any ticks.

    Phase 2:
    As soon as he starts this phase you will notice everyone gets a Paralysis debuff. Dispell it off the main tank and yourself, then other healers if time (or the tank doesn't need a heal). DPS etc do not need it dispelled. After 5 seconds of having the debuff, you will become stunned and take a little damage, assign someone to top people off before the next. He can hit decently hard, so keep the tank topped.

    Phase 3:
    Stay away from the tornados that spawn and move around the room. They knock you back and deal around 1k damage. If you are a caster (yes healers included) everytime you cast you will get hit for about 1250 damage. The key thing to do in this phase is not get cornered by tornados and stay alive. Heal over time spells really make this phase much easier. Melee need to try and burn him down as quick as they can as they get no punishment for doing damage.

    Phase 4:
    Lynx form he melees fairly weak all around. He also will fixate upon a random player in the raid and melee them. Intervene near the end of the 10 second or so phase to help out squishy people. Also does a weak version of the whirlwind Leotheras / end boss of Shattered Halls. I think it also places a debuff on people that will make them take more damage, it's either this or the fixate. Watch debuffs and note that that person will need extra heals.

    Phase 5:
    As stated above, you will get a buffet like debuff put on you every so often. He will choose random people throughout the raid and place a beam of fire on them. If they are not topped they will probably die due to the debuff. It's a simple phase if people are good at staying out of void zones.

    Any additional comments / suggestions or helping me compile a decent Dragonhawk tactic or the full list of CCable ways / drain soul of classes on Malacrass would be appreciated.
    Sajaman/|TG-Irr|Sajier - WoW Resto Shaman, BF2/BF2142 Assault/Medic

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    Re: Current ZA Info

    Sounds like its gonna be hella fun
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      Re: Current ZA Info

      Information from MMO-Champion is as follows:

      Originally posted by MMO-Champion
      When you enter the instance, you can start an event by talking to a NPC called "Harisson John". A 20 minutes countdown will start, the first boss will yell ... guess what ? You've got 20 minutes to kill him.

      Kill order (If you're not doing the event, you don't have to kill them in this order)
      1. Nalorakk (Bear god)
      2. Akil'zon (Eagle god)
      3. Jan'alai (Dragonhawk god)
      4. Halazzi (Lynx god)
      5. Malacrass (Big warlock troll)
      6. Zul'jin (Bad guy)

      Best case
      If you kill the boss in time, you will free a prisonner and get an epic loot as a reward. (The prisoner will open a chest or some kind of other container, a bit like Majordomo).
      Once the boss is killed, you get 20 more minutes to kill the next one, and 20 more minutes after the 2nd kill, etc ...

      Worst case
      If you wipe on a boss, you can't try it again before the end of the timer, it won't respawn.
      Also, if you fail the event at some point, you won't get the 20 minutes countdown back after the kill. If you couldn't kill the first boss in time, you won't get any of the "bonus" loot for the following bosses.

      The quest reward for Blood of Zul'jin is 10 more badges, you get 2 badges from each boss, and 3 from Malacrass and Zul'jin. That's a total of 14 Badges, with 10 more if you get the quest item. This quest is not repeatable
      What that tells me is that ZA is created to be able to fully clear in 120 minutes flat spending only 20 minutes on each boss.

      And of course the Elitist jerk's thread which they update with strats.
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        Re: Current ZA Info

        I'm sure 120 minutes flat is well geared and already been through the bosses a few times..., I am aiming for about 3 hours give or take a few atfirst--then we pound it down from there :). Also this is a 7 day Reset timer isn't it?
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          Re: Current ZA Info

          They have said this wil be on a faster respawn than 7 days. They haven't said for sure what yet though, rumor is 4 or 5.

          Here is a link to the map of ZA from MMO
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            Re: Current ZA Info

            Well i havn't heard of a 4 - 5 day--i bet it will be 3--but that almost be too fast for as easy as this instance "Can Become" for free epics badges etc....aight thanks sajier--and keep us posted
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              Re: Current ZA Info

              Updated Info:

              Nalorakk - Bear Avatar:
              Very simple (and kind of boring) for my part. The fight is very long, even for our gear. I would say a 10-15% reduction in his hp would be reasonable, but since this should be tuned around people in full-karazhan gear and I was neither healing nor tanking, nor were we at that level of gear, I don't believe I can speak definitively on the tuning numbers.

              I do know that we got a taunt resist + challenging shout resist + mocking blow finally landed, followed by another taunt resist on the next mangle, which led to some pretty nasty spikes on our tanks based on what I was hearing on vent. It seems unreasonable to expect a kara-level group to deal with that unless the healers/tanks were exaggerating. Something should be done to prevent "lolRNG" wipes from taunt resists if the spikes are really that big.

              Akil'zon - Eagle Avatar:
              Pretty fun fight on the whole, but there are some things that need to be fixed. The boss does a random toss up into the air that makes you crater for about 4k. The toss can be cast immediately before the storm cloud, meaning that you can get tossed, the storm ticks, you crater for 45% of your hp, and then take another storm tick and basically get gibbed if you don't have an immunity effect or slow fall of some sort, especially if you have the +nature debuff. I can't imagine that is intended.

              This ability combo could be fixed by either creating a minimum amount of time between the two abilities, or by making the storm damage start low and ramp up, similar to the now-fixed fatal attraction damage. I'd find the latter to be the more elegant solution.

              Jan'alai - Dragonhawk Avatar:
              Probably my favorite fight in the zone, I don't really have any complaints here. Not really sure why this is regarded as one of the harder fights, it seemed pretty well tuned (that is, easy for our gear), but as stated before, our gear isn't ideal for fine-tuning difficulty here.

              Halazzi - Lynx Avatar:
              Pretty straightforward. We lost a couple people near the very end because totems weren't dying fast enough and we didn't spread ranged well enough to minimize damage from chain lightning, but I believe that was player error. The encounter seems pretty well done on the whole.

              Hex Lord Malacrass:
              We got the ogre, dragonkin, nature elemental (his ability was volatile infection, dispellable disease that ticks AE damage on friendlies for ~1.5k), and undead ghost.

              The spell pushback from his power drain ability is obnoxious and seems unnecessary. The damage is fine, I'd just like to see the pushback removed. Without a paladin for concentration aura, it could make the fight significantly more difficult, especially for a lesser geared group. The AE fear and mind controls from his priest-stolen abilities were harder to deal with than any of the other abilities (although the mind control is dispellable) mostly because they disrupted CC on the adds we left alive. At one point our paladin got MC'd, dispelled poly, then consecrated on top of both CC'd adds, then MC expired and the consecrate continued to tick and broke both poly (again) and shackle.

              Zul'jin - Final Boss:
              Phase 1: Troll - Whirlwind and top-off dot
              Easy and straightforward.

              Phase 2: Bear - Paralysis debuff
              Again, quite easy. We had ranged clump up off to the side. Every time he cast the debuff, I'd mass dispel all 5 in the caster group and the paladin would get the tanks. Can't really speak about healing difficulty or tank spikes.

              Phase 3: Eagle - Tornados and spellcast damage penalty
              Probably the hardest phase for us. It seemed like I did better damage and took less damage when I focused more on dodging the tornados staying away from other people, and less on squeezing out an extra spell completion. Melee complained about constant knockbacks from tornados and said that the claims that melee do the vast majority of the damage in this phase due to the lack of spellcasting penalty were probably exaggerated.

              Phase 4: Lynx - Fixate with stacking damage debuff and whirlwind
              Damage seemed high on fixate. Maybe our tanks weren't spamming intervene on the fixated target for the last few hits or HOTs weren't being put up fast enough or something, but intervene shouldn't be a requirement unless you want mandatory warrior tanks. His damage on fixated targets should probably be reduced a bit. It was healable in our gear, but we have considerably more hp than someone in karazhan gear. I can only imagine how fast I would've died with ~8k hp in frozen shadoweave. I don't think anyone in our raid was below about 11k buffed hp and one of our squishiest targets was in full arena gear.

              Phase 5: Dragonhawk - Moving fire-beam-voidzones and buffet
              Easy and straightforward, durr don't stand in fire.

              Overall the zone seems very well done, I just don't think its completely tuned for its intended audience. I would just like to see those few changes made to the bear hp, toss+cloud on eagle, pushback on malacrass, and fixate damage on zuljin's lynx phase. I'd also prefer to see the timed event timers start from when the prisoner NPC is done with his script, not from when the boss dies, although that's pretty minor and more of an annoyance.
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                Re: Current ZA Info

                Originally posted by Gaiaghost07 View Post
                Well i havn't heard of a 4 - 5 day--i bet it will be 3--but that almost be too fast for as easy as this instance "Can Become" for free epics badges etc....aight thanks sajier--and keep us posted
                *moment of discovery/weakness*

                So even with my acount down for the count, outa curiosity i tried the PTR servers and it turns out i can still tinker around in there a bit. >.> /sigh

                So I tried out ZA a bit and it turns out it's on a 30-36ish hour cycle. I got in there one night and when I checked the raid status the next day it said 23 hours left on ZA. :) Innnnnnnnteresting no?

                :EDIT NOTE: This of course IS the PTR server so the reset time may be much quicker there than it ever would be in the real realms....


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                  Re: Current ZA Info

                  At the moment on PTR is a 24 hour cooldown, that is just for testing purposes.
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                    Re: Current ZA Info

                    Originally posted by Sajier View Post
                    At the moment on PTR is a 24 hour cooldown, that is just for testing purposes.
                    bah. >.< ... Just imagine the chaos that yall could have wrecked upon ZA if it was on such a short reset though :D




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