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Almost at endgame, what next?

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  • Almost at endgame, what next?

    So my Hunter's level 67, I have no doubt he'll be level 70 within a week...I know level 70 isn't the end, as there's still plenty of gearing up and raiding to do, but I'm going to want to have an alt to level when I get bored with that, and I'm having trouble deciding which class to play.

    Right now I have all the classes, a 20 Rogue, 16 Pally, 13 Warrior, 13 Warlock, 12 Priest, 10 Mage, 1 Druid, 1 Shaman and of course my Hunter.

    I think I want to level a tank or a healer [or both] to help out any guild I happen to be in, and they're in high demand in the LFG channel. I could play a druid or a paladin and be able to choose between the two, but I'd rather have a more concentrated version of each. So I've decided on either:
    1. Prot Pally
    2. Holy Pally
    3. Prot Warr
    4. Holy Priest

    But I get bored kinda quickly leveling any one of them [The Warrior is currently specced Fury, the Paladin Prot, and the Priest Shadow, for leveling purposes], and I dunno what to do about that.

    As I'm typing this I'm playing the Warlock a bit, and it seems to be pretty fun [maybe I just like pet classes], but I don't know how much demand there is for Locks.

    Any advice on picking a class, playing a class, dealing with the boredom?

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    Re: Almost at endgame, what next?

    Well locks are in High demand--no offense about warrior tanks, but unless you know your class VERY well, being a tank end game its hard to generate that much needed fast threat--if i were going to tank out of the 2 you chose, i would chose pally--but those are also rough to level, druids are fun and fill multi roles, but of course thats comming from me which my main is a druid--healer i would go pally or priest, pally healers are in high demand, so thats your options from my point of view, Good luck

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      Re: Almost at endgame, what next?

      Actually, I believe paladins are rather balanced when it comes to leveling. Up to level 60 the damage of paladins scales rather well because of the way your skills progress and the mobs you face. It was the late 50's and level 60 endgame that turned paladins into craptastic damage dealers because there simply wasn't the gear for it.

      Now with TBC you have new 'DPS gear' that will help you level solo and better tank/healing gear for instancing. However, yet again, the endgame DPS gear borders around the 'craptastic' range unless you want to try and mix Elemental Shaman damage gear with Enhancement shaman/Fury Warrior damage gear. I believe a lot of the problem stems from proc based DPS that is derived from a combination of melee and spell stats as opposed to the elemental shaman's pure spell or enhancement shaman's pure melee stats.
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        Re: Almost at endgame, what next?

        @gaia - Yeah, I did hear from my guild that locks are needed, so that might be a viable route if I don't feel like taking on responsibility for my whole group [as a tank or healer], and I mean I'm already used to the whole "let pet tank, shoot stuff at bad guys" thing.

        @tarenth - That's part of the draw of a paladin -- the amount of gear for them in BC is sickening to my hunter. Add to that the fact that all the mail armor seems destined for Shammies, and I don't even know why I'm still playing poor Felwrathe. =/

        So I guess I might take a Lock and a Pally [role to be determined] and see where the game takes me. Thanks for the input you two, and if anyone has more, feel free.




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