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  • What do you think

    What team do you think would win in a battle and why?

    Alliance Team:
    Hunter - Team Leader

    Horde Team:
    Mage - Team Leader

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    Re: What do you think

    The team with the pally ftw!
    Lub it on!!!


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      Re: What do you think

      I have too little experience in PvP to speak here...I'm good at the Battlegrounds, just not enough Arena. Sorry


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        Re: What do you think

        Got to get more details.

        With just the classes and not taking racials , talents, or gear into consideration I'd say team 1 has the advantage since they actually have a healer in the form of the Druid.

        Druid can cyclone the warlock. Hunter and warrior can go to town on either the rogue when they pop up or just go after the mage. Both the mage and rogue may try to ninja approach with stealth/invis. But you just need to either go flare hunting or try to LoS them into view by creating a bottle neck. Warrior can intercept the mage to interrupt or intercept the rogue and hamstring to make the rogue relatively useless (if on druid with crippling poison the druid can abolish/shift out and run).

        There are some talent considerations too. If the hunter is MM then they can silencing shot the mage/warlock in addition to purging buffs with arcane shot. Nothing takes the wind out of a AP/PoM mage's sails quite like Silencing them and then purging AP. Of course you could just cyclone them and laugh, but whatever.
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          Re: What do you think

          Warrior-Druid-Hunter, unless they're very bad at their comp, or improperly specced for PvP.

          You're not going to 3-dps down a comp like that with two casters. A good hunter will lock out the mage, you can NS cyclone the rogue and pillar him with entrapment, and the warlock will be dropped by a good warrior no problem.




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