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    With the content patch getting throw out on the servers eventually I'm curious how people are going to change their current builds to work in the new mechanics and talents that are being reworked.

    Pretty much run up MMO-Champion's talent calculator or the WoWHead one and then provide a link of the build you create and explain why.

    I'll go first. ^_^


    I started MM and I think I'll die MM. My build is actually pretty similar to what I have now, except I've axed all the BM points I had before to go deeper in MM and Survival.

    Combat Experience is worth it again with the 6% increase to agility and intellect because it weaves nicely with Careful Aim giving 100% intellect as RAP. It roughly another 10% RAP increase with high agility/intel builds.

    Improved Hunter's Mark got axed in favor of Improved Stings because its now a crappy talent and stings will be more important to MM Hunters for Chimera Shot synergy providing more Serpent Sting burst and Viper Sting mana regen.

    Of the new MM Talents I passed over Wild Quiver and Piercing shot because they just don't seem worth it at this time. Piercing Shot will give a 6% armor penetration on 2 abilities and I just can't quantify how powerful that'll be so I'm avoiding it. Wild Quiver is also proced based and uncontrollable so I'm leaving it at the wayside for now.

    What I am snapping up of the new talents are Improved Steady Shot, Marked for Death, Chimera Shot, Improved Tracking, and Survival Instincts.

    ISS is synergistic with Chimera Shot. Marked for Death is a 5% damage bump for marked targets. Chimera Shot has a great deal of utility and damage potential now, and Improved Tracking is another 5% damage bump.

    Survival Insitncts was a tough one to think of because if I salvaged points from it I could switch to the BM side and get Improved Aspects which will give an additional 150 RAP from AotH at level 80. However Survival Instincts will scale better with gear since it provides a percent increase instead of a flat bonus.

    All in all I went for numberical superiority and sacrificed some of the proc/chance based talents.

    Flat damage would increase by 15% (5% Ranged Weapon Spec, 5% Marked for Death, 5% Imp Track)
    RAP would increase by around 34% (10% TSA, 10% Careful Aim/Combat Experience, 10% Master Marksman, 4% Survival Instincts

    Just for kicks here is a possible BM hunter build, but they'd have to give us the ability to tame dragons or something before I give it a shot.
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    Re: New Talent Build Discussions

    I'll go next!

    So all the trees for warriors have been tampered with, some more than others. Prot is now very viable for pvp, arms now has a lot of synergy within itself and some raid synergy, fury can now be used to pvp as well as dish out a lot of damage.

    Yet as it stands, according to videos I have watched, an arms dual wield (yes, I mean two weapons) is just around the best pure dps spec. Now its not set in stone, the talents are (and hopefully) will be changed as well has who knows what the damage would be like in a raid setting (the videos were tests run on target dummies, level one mobs with no armor).

    But anyways, for the builds I have collected..... (I am only posting PvE builds)


    3/52/6.... With this build I lose impale but I gain the major dps talents later in the fury tree. The three in arms is for improved HS, the 6 in prot is to reach incite (passive 5/10/5 % increased crit on cleave, HS, and thunderclap) but I was only able to get one point. I could get 2/3 incite but I wanted heroic leap for ****s and giggles. This is the build I will most likely be for raids and pve... granted they change the dual wield ms crap

    Arms (two hander)-

    Being that I don't use HS while being two-handed ms, there was no point in getting incite or anything in prot. The Arms tree is filled with cool, combo like talents most of which are centered around enabling the use of overpower. Hopefully bliz will add in a talent that allows the use of overpower in any stance, and if not my two handed arms spec will change to more into proc due to stance dancing. But, mace spec now has passive arp which is sexy, I have the normal pve talents but improved MS is a bit lacking... so I'm weary about going all 5/5 in it.

    DW MS-


    At the moment I'm unsure how a DW ms spec should look... because the concept itself is silly. Hopefully I won't have to think about it... and spec it. But at this moment, with the talents as they are, this is a rough build about how it would look. The rage generation through dual wielding, stacked with all the arp on gear and the mace spec, would allow for huge execute hits/crits when sudden death did proc.... which would be the basis of most of the damage.

    Now I'm hoping I can just spec fury, like always, and not have to worry about this DW ms crap.... but who knows.
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