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  • Utgarde Keep on Project Lore

    If you didn't notice, Project Lore with WoWHead did Utgarde Keep back in September. Granted, the talents and abilities they talk about have changed (or been removed) since then, but watching the videos on the trash and boss pulls is quite informative.

    Could do without the snarky commentary, bad singing, and class misinformation/stupidity that makes me cry though. -_- have a mage, 2 shamans, and a warrior and no one interrupts? You wait for the mage to spellsteal without using purge or shield slam? *facepalm*

    Trash and First Boss
    Trash and Second Boss
    Trash and Third Boss
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    Re: Utgarde Keep on Project Lore

    Those guys are annoying. I couldn't watch more than 1 video. Maybe it's just because it's the new content, but they seem to be nubs.
    "Uhhhh.... Try this HOT and let me know how it goes."




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