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Malygos Dynamic Positioning - Phase 1

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  • Malygos Dynamic Positioning - Phase 1

    (AKA "You want me to do WHAT?!?")

    Here's a baddly drawn paint picture showing the platform that Malygos is fought on.

    Blue = Spark spawn locations at the four points (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest)
    White = Dead zone - Sparks spawn in this zone and stop here during vortex
    Green = Control area - Sparks are managable, but don't stop during vortex
    Yellow = Watch area - Sparks are close to Malygos and in range of raid
    Red = Kill area - Self explainatory

    A team comprised of classes with ranged snares (hunters, mages, druids, and death knights) will be watching and roaming the green area for sparks. Their job is to call out and DPS the sparks till they're somewhere in the 'one shot' range of health.

    The sparks have roughly 12,000 health in the 10 man version and 38,000 health in the 25 man version. When they die they'll do something like 5000-7000 damage to a small area on the ground and give everyone standing in that patch of static a 50% damage buff per static patch. It is possible to get 3 patches to overlap before the first fades away for a total of +150% damage.

    If you haven't noticed the green area is large. VERY large. Its the majority of the platform and so it is entirely possible that the team will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have to run willy nilly around to get in range of sparks. Also be aware that Malygos himself is pretty big and there may be delays in calling out the next spark if his fat body is between the team and the vortex.

    Now roughly 90% of the time the encounter will start and none of this is important because Malygos will vortex and drop the raid in the exact center of the disk (in the red zone) before the spark leaves the dead zone. Once the spark spawns we move to proper positioning.

    After vortex you will be dropped in the exact center of the disk. That means you'll always enter the disk at the exact center and should adjust yourself accordingly since you'll be in the exact center of the disk. Think I'm repeating myself a bit? Well its important so keep it in mind that you'll be at the exact center of the disk.

    In this illustration the spark has spawned to the SE and the raid has positioned itself accordingly.

    After the drop in the exact center of the disk the tank will pull Malygos in the opposite direction of the spark to the NW and the raid will shift itself slightly to the SE to be between Malygos and the spark.

    Brown = Main Tank
    Dark Blue = Malygos
    Light Blue = Melee
    PurplishBlue = Ranged/Healers
    Blue = Spark Spawn

    Notice how clustered melee and ranged DPS are? Yeah...stay that way. During vortex you can cast your spells (you'll be interrupted by the damage, but cast time spells are still usable) and turn yourself so the fact that you drop down in the exact center of the disk is important. Since everyone falls at the same point you can actually point yourself during the vortex so when you hit the ground you can run in the direction you want. Since you drop down in the exact center of the disk and the spark has spawned to the SE it is a good idea to point yourself towards the SE so you can run that way for the positioning.

    Why are you heading SE when the end position is still the center? Because Malygos will one shot anyone except the tank in front of him and you need to give the tank time to pick him up and position properly. You can cluster in any spark patches or in the center of the disk after Malygos has been moved away.

    When the spark enter the green zone the spark team should already be in position to control and start to work on the spark. Ideally the spark should be at 5-10% health by the time it hits the yellow zone, but since they move fairly fast (roughly 80% movement speed) it depends on the DPS and snares of the control team. Once the spark hits the yellow zone it's the duty of the melee and Malygos DPS to watch out for the spark and try to kill it in melee while the spark team moves to the next spark spawn. If the 2nd spark has yet to spawn then the spark team will continue watching the spark and kill it where appropriate.

    Yes, the sparks should be killed in melee. However, while the best case would have all the sparks stacked up there, its better to kill the spark slightly out of melee in an emergency than let it travel all the way to Malygos. If Malygos eats a spark his damage will increase by 50% and possibly kill the tank/raid.

    If the 2nd spark spawns in the same location as the first spark then happily continue on doing what you're doing because positions stay the same and everything is covered in butterflies and rainbows. However there's only a 25% chance of the spark spawning in that potision so 50% of the time we'll go to a hemisphere procedure.

    Here the first spark has spawned in the SE and then a second spark has spawned in the NE. No, the spark won't wait for you to be ready for it before leaving the dead zone. It's just drawn that way because I'm lazy and didn't want to bother with complicated position changes over time with a paint drawing.

    The first spark will be handled as per the rambling set of acts detailed before. The second spark requires deft handling of Malygos by the tank and extra control with the spark team in order to ensure that the spark will be where you want it.

    Because the spark will always travel in a straight line from its current position to Malygos you can control the path of the spark along a heading tangent to its curent position and direction by shifting Malygos properly. So for SE and NE spark spawns the tank will position first to the NW and then shift south till Malygos is moved to the SW position in order to change the spark's movement from NE->NW to NE->SW and thereby having it pass through the yellow and red zones of the disk. Again, while melee is the best place to kill the spark it is better to kill it in the yellow if its close to Malygos than hope for a miracle of inspiration to hit the tank so that it's positioned for the spark to move through the red. Malygos is BIG and its hard for the tank to keep track of sparks behind him.

    This is also where snares and stuns/disorientates play a part with sparks. By slowing down or stopping the spark in its position you buy the tank extra time to manuver so that a better path can be managed.

    In a Nutshell it should be lined up something like this:

    Tank - Malygos - (Static Patch - Raid - Static Patch) - Spark

    The Raid is IN the static patch by the way, not surrounded on either side by them. To form a straight line the tank would have to head south till Malygos is in position and then shift NW to make the line while turning Malygos towards them. However that's obsurdly complicated so its perfectly fine to have Malygos pointed south with the raid to his hind leg as long as the spark is still in line with the raid and Malygos.

    There is a 25% chance of a spark spawning in the perfect place (same direction), 50% chance of the spark spawning in a hemisphere situation (same side either N, S, E, or W), and a 25% chance of getting screwed. Which we shall cover with the following.

    This is normally a bad situation, not the worse, but still bad. In this case the spark has spawned first to the SE and then to the NW. What makes this a bad situation is that the tank will still have Malygos pointed towards the NW for the first spark thereby making the distance between him and the spark very short. The control team will also be on the other side of the disk and unable to get in range of the other spark quickly because of Malygos' position and being unable to get in front of him due to the breath attack of doom.

    In this situation the fast response of the raid (not the control team mostly) and tank will be vital. The spark must be crowd controled by Death Knights (Chains of Ice), Druids (root), and Hunters (Concussion Shot) before it reaches Malygos because the tank must maintain position for the first spark. The control team must also leave off snaring the first spark much so that it can reach the desired position faster instead of at a leisurely and easily controled speed. At this point killing the spark within a stones throw of 'acceptable' is better than letting it travel to melee because of the lack of control. Once the first spark is down the tank must then quickly take Malygos across the disk either to NE or SW (illustration has arrow going SW) and then flip him again to the SE position so that the spark makes a line with the static patch and Malygos again. The more the spark is kept rooted in place the longer the tank has to manuver Malygos and gain ground between the two so the heading isn't at too steep an angle.

    However, you don't have all day to play with the contol of Malygos and sparks. As soon as the spark is in the green zone it remains 'in play' and won't stop during Vortex. That means if any snares or roots run out while you're being vortexed the spark will keep moving towards Malygos while you're helpless in the air. At that point he will almost certainly eat it unless it is killed immediately when you touch down. Yeah, when it gets that bad even thinking about proper positioning is a waste of time because getting it to position properly in melee is rather obsurd.
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