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Announcement: Signature Guidelines

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  • Announcement: Signature Guidelines

    To provide a more consistent and pleasant browsing experience, TacticalGamer has always had limitations on forum signatures. The following, updated signature guidelines will be enforced starting on October 1, 2011.

    1) Signatures may not contain a banner-image larger than 500x100px

    2) Signatures, including all images and text, may not exceed 200px in height.

    The goal of these changes isn't to limit personal expression or creativity; personalization is great, and we genuinely love to see the creativity people put into signatures. Ultimately, though, it's the content of our posts that should be the star of the show.

    The 200px maximum height-restriction was chosen to allow a 'typical' signature: a full-size banner-image (500x100), plus three rows of ribbons (80x23 each), plus a line or two of text; though you're obviously not required to format your signature as such.

    If your signature currently exceeds this size, you'll either need to get creative to fit the same content in a smaller space, or you'll need to decide what content you really want to keep in your signature.

    A couple of quick tips regarding signature creation:

    1) The left-hand column (with your avatar, post-count, etc) happens to be 200px wide, which makes for a handy size-reference. Measure the grey side-bar with your fingers |<------>| thumb, then see if your sig is about the same size.

    2) Try using [IMGL] [/IMGL] and [IMGR] [/IMGR] tags to align images to the left or right of other content

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